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Masterpiece / Feodum
Masterpiece.jpg Feodum.jpg
Set(s) Guilds / Dark Ages
Type Alt VP

MasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg and FeodumFeodum.jpg are a combo that can lead to very high scores. Masterpiece can fill your deck with Silvers very quickly, both increasing the point total of your FeodumsFeodum.jpg, and making it easier to buy them, as well as ProvincesProvince.jpg.

[edit] Article

At a high level, simply buy (and overpay for) MasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg when you have $6 or more, and FeodumFeodum.jpg at $4 or $5, and SilverSilver.jpg otherwise. The high amount of SilversSilver.jpg in your deck will also make it very easy to buy ProvincesProvince.jpg. If all the MasterpiecesMasterpiece.jpg are bought, it is highly likely the SilverSilver.jpg pile will be emptied as well, leading to a three-pile ending when all the FeodumsFeodum.jpg are gone.

It can be helpful to remember some of the following numbers when using these two cards, especially when contested.

  • Paying $6 or more for a Masterpiece immediately raises the point value of each of your FeodumsFeodum.jpg by at least 1 VP.
  • If you are able to gain all of the SilversSilver.jpg, your FeodumsFeodum.jpg will be worth 13 VP, significantly more than ProvinceProvince.jpg. With all 8 FeodumsFeodum.jpg, this would be a total of 108 VP.
  • Realistically, your opponents will contest at least one of either SilverSilver.jpg or FeodumFeodum.jpg, but even with half of each, your four FeodumsFeodum.jpg will still each be worth as much as ProvinceProvince.jpg. Generally, it's far more important to aim to win the SilverSilver.jpg split than the FeodumFeodum.jpg split, as more SilversSilver.jpg early will lead to larger MasterpiecesMasterpiece.jpg later, and your individual FeodumsFeodum.jpg will be worth more in the long run.

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