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As of March 2021, there is a concerted effort to improve the wiki over on the Dominion Discord server. Come join us: -- we have improved 479/774 articles in the project.


[edit] To Dos


  1. Figure out exact edit process
  2. Generate list of pages to edit, prioritize
  3. Figure out template for said pages.

Wiki content:

  1. Benchmarks page

Wiki formatting/structure:

  1. pages with lists of cards to have visual spoilers for them
  2. front page to link to the category pages like "village"
  3. Better card art scans

[edit] Style guidelines

These guidelines borrow from the Wikipedia Manual of Style.

[edit] Retain existing styles

When you encounter a situation where more than one style is appropriate, prefer the one already in use. Do not simply edit something to change between acceptable styles. Do edit from an incorrect style to a correct style.

[edit] Page titles

Use the most recognizable and descriptive name for that topic. For official items like cards, tokens, and concepts, use the names as defined in the rulebooks. Capitalize the initial letter and otherwise follow sentence case, except where capitalization is used in Dominion text. For example, use “Three-pile ending” and not “Three-Pile Ending”

[edit] Section organization

Each page should begin with a concise introductory summary. Infoboxes, images, and other related content should be right-aligned. Infoboxes and banners should be included before the introductory text. Tables of contents are inserted automatically. Navboxes should appear after the main body.

[edit] Section headings

Follow the guidance for page titles. Use equals signs around a section heading: ==Heading==. Do not skip heading levels. Spaces around the title are optional: == Heading ==.

Section headings should not:

  • Be repeated within a page.
  • Contain links (whether external or internal).
  • Images or icons.
  • Templates (which use curly braces {{like this}}).
  • Use colors, italics, or other formatting.
  • Include manual line breaks.
  • Refer to the page title or a high-lever heading. For example, use “FAQ” instead of “FAQ for Village”.
  • Be numbered or lettered like a list.
  • Be phrased as a question. For example, use “Strategy” instead of “What is the strategy for Smithy?”.

It is possible to link directly to a section title. So before changing any headings, consider whether it may break existing links.

[edit] Varieties of English

The Dominion Strategy Wiki is written in English. American English is the default, but other varieties are allowed; be consistent within a page. Use terms universal to all English varieties when possible, instead of regional terms.

[edit] Capitalization

Do not capitalize the in the middle of a sentence. For example, use “follow the Penultimate Province Rule” and not “follow The Penultimate Province Rule”.

Follow the same capitalization styles for Dominion terms as used in the rulebooks. For example, always capitalize:

  • Expansions.
  • Card and landscape names.
  • Card and landscape types.
  • Groups of cards such as Supply, Kingdom cards, and Base cards.
  • Mats, except the Trash mat when not accompanied by mat or pile: “the Trash mat”, “the Trash pile”, “the trash”.
  • Tokens but not the word token, for example “Debt token”.
  • Phases but not the word phase, for example “Clean-up phase”.
  • Amounts with pluses, such as +Cards, +Buys, and +Coffers.

And for example do not capitalize:

  • Some zones of cards such as play area, discard pile, and set aside.
  • Most defined Dominion actions such as play, gain, and reveal.
  • Words that are Dominion terms, but aren't being used in their specific Dominion sense. For example, "gain an advantage" and "attack your opponent".

For unofficial terms, do not capitalize general concepts such as “engine” and “pile out”. Do capitalize names of specific concepts such as “Big Money” and “the Penultimate Province Rule”.

Capitalize real names of real people. Capitalize usernames as the person chose to create them. For example, “Donald X. Vaccarino” and “LastFootnote”.

[edit] Abbreviations

Abbreviations here includes initialisms and acronyms. In general avoid abbreviations. Never abbreviate official Dominion terms; for example, always use “Ill-Gotten Gains” instead of “IGG” and “turn 3” instead of “T3”.

When using abbreviations, write out the full version and the abbreviation the first time it is used in a page. Follow normal capitalization rules for the unabbreviated terms. Avoid using periods in abbreviations; for example, use “PPR” instead of “P.P.R.”.

[edit] Grammar

  • Possessives: For plural nouns ending in s, add an apostrophe. In all other cases, including names, add ’s. For example, “both cards’ opportunity costs are low” and “Gardens’s illustration is by Matthias Catrein”.
  • First person: Never refer to the writers or readers using I, my, we, us, or similar forms.
  • Second person: All strategy and rules information should prefer referring to the reader using you, your, or similar forms.
  • Third person: All strategy and rules information should prefer referring to the reader’s player opponents using they, their, or similar forms. Some strategy information may be suitable to use third person forms to convey generalized advice, but use second form when possible.
  • Verb tense: By default, write pages in the present tense, including those covering removed cards. Generally, do not use past tense except when referencing removed cards or rules that have been superseded by errata.

[edit] Vocabulary

  • Use generally-neutral language. For example, use the singular they instead of he or she. An exception to this is when using names of things from Dominion (for example, Night WatchmanNight Watchman.jpg).
  • Avoid words that are exceedingly informal or opinionated. Strategy advice is often opinion-based, but prefer statements that are commonly accepted. Do not editorialize.
  • When providing examples, use cards from the Base gameDominion.jpg if possible as more players are familiar with those.

[edit] Official terminology

Freely use Dominion terminology defined and used in the rulebook. In particular, note the following:

  • Amounts with pluses are given and gotten, using the words “give” or “get”. For example, use “MilitiaMilitia.jpg gives +$2” instead of “MilitiaMilitia.jpg generates $2”.
  • A single Coffers token still uses the plural Coffers.

[edit] Jargon

Avoid excessively using unofficial community jargon. If you do use jargon, link to the page explaining it and if it’s a page relating to the base game, consider including a brief definition. For example:

  • Base: consider "Dominion" (the official term), "Base set", or "Base game".
  • Draw deck: consider “draw your deck” instead.
  • Pile pressure: consider “threaten a three-pile ending” instead.
  • Pop: consider “trash”, “activate”, or something more specific.
  • When-gain: consider “a ‘when you gain’ ability” instead.
  • Topdeck: consider “put onto your deck” instead. (Take special note that some games use this term differently than Dominion, so it is clearer to avoid it.)
  • Vanilla bonus: consider “+Cards, +Actions, +Buys, or +$” instead.

Note that when “hand size” is used an adjective it is customarily written as one word.

Try to refer to costs using the same conventions as Dominion cards. For example:

  • Use “$4 or more” instead of “more than $3”.
  • Use “a card costing $5” instead of “a $5-cost card”.
  • Use “costing from $3 to $6” instead of “costing $3$6”.

[edit] Bulleted and numbered lists

Do not use lists if a passage is read easily as plain paragraphs. Do not leave blank lines between items in lists. Only use numbered lists when necessary; prefer bulleted lists by default.

Use the same grammatical form for all items in a list. For example, do not mix full sentences and sentence fragments.

[edit] Links

[edit] Wikilinks

Make links only where they are relevant and helpful in context. Only link to a page the first time it is relevant in each section of the page.

Only capitalize the first letter if it would be normally capitalized. Wikilinks are not required to begin with a capital letter like the page itself.

Link to a specific section of a page with a hash sign. For example, [[Dominion#Awards]] links to the Awards section of the Dominion page.

[edit] External links

External links should usually be collected into a section. Use a descriptive phrase for the text of the link. Do not bait the reader with phrases like “click here”.

[edit] Templates

Make use of the custom Dominion templates when possible. In particular, use the following instead of wikilinks:

  • {{Card}}, {{Event}}, {{Landmark}}, etc for every appearance of a Dominion card-shaped thing.
  • {{Set}} for every appearance of a Dominion set

Use Dominion symbols when referring to those concepts. Avoid using symbols in conjunction with punctuation. For example, use “the value of P” instead of “P’s value”.

  • $: Use this symbol to refer to amounts of this currency, instead of “coins”, “money”, or “$”. If you need to refer to a general amount of $, you may use $ with no value or say “economy”, “money”, etc.
  • P: Use this symbol to refer to this currency. Only write out the word PotionPotion.jpg when referring to the card.
  • D: Use this symbol to refer to amounts of this token resource. Refer to the token as a “Debt token”.
  • VP: Use this symbol to victory points and victory point tokens. Do not use “VP”.
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