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There are currently 15 DominionDominion.jpg expansions; each introduces a particular gameplay concept or mechanism to the game, or focuses on a different aspect of gameplay.

[edit] List of Expansions

Expansion Release date Size Mechanics Notes
IntrigueIntrigue2.jpg July 2009Intrigue.jpg
October 20162E
25 Kingdom cards
26 Kingdom cards2E
Multi-typed Victory cards, and cards that allow a player to choose between multiple effects. The first edition of Intrigue was also a standalone game and came with its own set of Basic cards. Second Edition removed the Basic cards, and replaced six Kingdom cards with seven new ones.
SeasideSeaside2.jpg October 2009Seaside.jpg
June 20222E
26 Kingdom cards
27 Kingdom cards2E
Duration cards and other cards that can have effects on turns other than when they're played. Second Edition replaced eight Kingdom cards and most blank cards with nine new ones.
AlchemyAlchemy.jpg May 2010 12 Kingdom cards PotionPotion.jpg and P–cost cards.  
ProsperityProsperity2.jpg October 2010Prosperity.jpg
June 20222E
25 Kingdom cards PlatinumPlatinum.jpg and ColonyColony.jpg, expensive cards, VP tokens, and Treasure cards with effects. Second Edition replaced nine Kingdom cards with nine new ones.
CornucopiaCornucopia.jpg June 2011 13 Kingdom cards Cards that reward or increase diversity in players' hands and decks. Since June 2015, Cornucopia has been sold as one set with Guilds as "Guilds & CornucopiaGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg".
HinterlandsHinterlands2.jpg October 2011Hinterlands.jpg
July 20222E
26 Kingdom cards Cards with when-gain or when-buy effects, filtering, and Reaction cards. Second Edition replaced nine Kingdom cards with nine new ones.
Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg August 2012 35 Kingdom cards Trashing, when-trash effects, Shelters, and Ruins.  
GuildsGuilds.jpg June 2013 13 Kingdom cards Coffers and overpaying. Since June 2015, Guilds has been sold as one set with Cornucopia as "Guilds & Cornucopia".
AdventuresAdventures.jpg April 2015 30 Kingdom cards Reserve cards, Events, bonus tokens, Travellers, and Duration cards. Following the reintroduction of Duration cards in Adventures, every expansion since has also included them.
EmpiresEmpires.jpg June 2016 24 Kingdom cards Debt, split piles, Landmarks, Gathering cards, Events, and VP tokens.  
NocturneNocturne.jpg November 2017 33 Kingdom cards Night cards, Heirlooms, Boons, Hexes, and non-Kingdom cards.  
RenaissanceRenaissance.jpg November 2018 25 Kingdom cards Villagers, Projects, Artifacts, and Coffers.  
MenagerieMenagerie (expansion).jpg March 2020 30 Kingdom cards Exile, Horses, Ways, alternative costs, and Events.  
AlliesAllies.jpg March 2022 31 Kingdom cards Favors and rotating split piles.  
PlunderPlunder (expansion).jpg December 2022 40 Kingdom cards Traits, Loot, Events, Treasures, and Duration cards.[1]
Rising Sun March 2024?  

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Different total numbers of cards

Jay would just repeat to me (if I asked), that I should make the expansion as good as it can be and then he'll deal with what cost or whatever that means. But I do nevertheless take into account the tokens/mats; they're an extra cost, and it's nice if the expansions are the same price.

There's no special time I decide the size. I work on the set and gradually have more cards and more of an idea of what tokens/mats/landscapes/non-supply cards are in it. At some point I feel like, this wants to be this many cards. These days the size tends to be as large as it can be while including the other components.

There have also been several promotional cards released for conventions or to commemorate other games.

[edit] Promotional Cards

There are currently 11 promotional releases, including one split pile and one Event:

Main article: Promo

[edit] References

  1. Rio Grande Games, Dominion Plunder, retrieved 28 August 2022

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