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Temple, a Gathering card.

Gathering is a card type introduced in Empires. Gathering cards collect VP tokens on their Supply piles, which can be taken after a certain condition is met. Since the VP Gathered on Gathering card piles is a communal resource, all Gathering cards are also non-Attack interaction cards. The Gathering type acts as a reference point for Defiled ShrineDefiled Shrine.jpg.


[edit] List of Gathering cards

[edit] Official Rules

  • A few Action cards have the type Gathering; this has no special functionality, but groups cards that add VP tokens to their Supply pile.
  • VP tokens on a pile stay there until an ability specifically removes them; when gaining a card from that pile, slide the VP tokens off onto the next card.
  • VP tokens can be on a pile even if no cards are left in the pile (players may use the randomizer cards to mark them).

[edit] Additional rules clarifications

If a Gathering card is bought from the Black MarketBlack Market.jpg deck, its supply pile is not present in that game, and so its Gathering abilities are ineffective.

[edit] Card gallery

Farmers' Market.jpgTemple.jpgWild Hunt.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: Verzamel (lit. "collect")
  • Finnish: Keräävä (lit. one that gathers)
  • German: Sammlung (lit. collection)
  • Polish: Gromadzenie (lit. collection)
  • Russian: Скопление (pron. skoplyeniye, lit. accumulation)

[edit] Will Gathering return?

For me Gathering cards want to be things that Defiled ShrineDefiled Shrine.jpg is specifically dodging putting tokens on. So, cards that put VP tokens on their pile. "Gathering with coin tokens" runs into the problem of interacting with Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg, but that aside, would get a different type if it happened.

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