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For the Heirloom card with a similar name, see Haunted MirrorHaunted Mirror.jpg.

A mirror is a game, typically between two players, where both players pursue the same strategy. This occurs most often when one strategy is obviously dominant, such as a GoonsGoons.jpg or RebuildRebuild.jpg strategy or a GardensGardens.jpg rush.

Many strategies need to be altered depending on whether or not they are mirrored or not. For example, when playing a Workshop/Gardens mirror, it's crucial to win the Gardens split, and so you should switch from buying/gaining Workshops to buying/gaining Gardens as soon as you have two Workshops; on the other hand, when playing against a Big Money deck, you want to invest in a few more Workshops before greening.

In general, if a strategy requires close to half (or more than half) of any supply pile, then it will play very differently in a mirror. Denying your opponent key cards becomes extremely straightforward, since those cards also fit well into your own deck. Since both players are buying from the same supply piles, it is important to watch out for three-pile endings.

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