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Nomad Camp, a card that invokes the No Visiting rule.

The "No Visiting" rule is a rule dictating that when a card is gained to a place other than the discard pile (such as to the top of a player's deck), that card does not "visit" the discard pile; in other words, the card is not put into the discard pile before going to its final destination, but goes directly to where it is being gained to. This is important when used in conjunction with the stop-moving rule; cards that are gained to a location other than the discard pile can be moved away from their gain location by an effect looking for a gained card.

However, in other cases a card might not be gained directly to a place other than the discard pile, but rather gained to the discard pile and then subsequently moved. In these cases the stop-moving rule can interfere.

Example 1: If you SummonSummon.jpg a Nomad CampNomad Camp.jpg, even though the Nomad Camp is not in the discard pile (because it was gained directly to the top of your deck), Summon will still be able to set it aside. In contrast, if you SummonSummon.jpg a NomadsNomads.jpg, and then use Travelling FairTravelling Fair.jpg to move it onto your deck, that will cause SummonSummon.jpg to fail to set aside the NomadsNomads.jpg.

Example 2: If you gain a card with WorkshopWorkshop.jpg, and then move it onto your deck with WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg, that will cause GatekeeperGatekeeper.jpg to fail to exile the card. In contrast, if you gain a card with ArmoryArmory.jpg, it will be exiled by GatekeeperGatekeeper.jpg.


[edit] Official Rules

  • When a card is gained to a location other than a discard pile, it does not "visit" the discard pile – it goes directly to where it was gained. For example ArmoryArmory.jpg gains cards directly to the top of a deck.

[edit] Directly gaining a card

Cards in italics have been removed. Cards with an asterisk (*) apply to themselves instead of a card that's been gained.

[edit] Gains to hand

[edit] Gains onto deck

[edit] Gains to set aside

[edit] Moving a card when you gain it

These are cards that can move gained cards, but are worded in such a way that the gained card is moved after it is gained, not while it is gained, so the card does indeed visit the discard pile.

[T]here is a difference between "gain onto your deck" and "gain… put it onto your deck." the former changes the gain-location of the card; the latter moves it after gaining it to the discard pile.

[edit] Topdeck the card

[edit] Put into your hand

[edit] Trash the card

[edit] Exchange the card

[edit] Play the card

[edit] Exile the card

[edit] Set aside the card

[edit] Moving a card after it's gained

The following cards gain you a card, and then after you resolve all when-gain effects for it, they instruct you to move the card (if it hasn't been lost already).

IronworksIronworks.jpg, TournamentTournament.jpg, and GroomGroom.jpg don't directly move the cards they gain, but their bonuses still take place after gaining.

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