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Laboratory, a non-terminal draw card.

Cards that can increase your handsize without depleting your number of available Actions are referred to as non-terminal draw cards. They make a welcome addition to almost any engine strategy, in which large handsizes allow you to find and line up your key engine components.

The simplest vanilla non-terminal draw card is LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg; cards that have similar effects are therefore sometimes referred to as Lab variants.

Non-terminal draw is closely related to duration draw: playing a duration-draw card on one turn provides an effect similar to playing a non-terminal draw card on your next turn.


[edit] List of non-terminal draw cards

These draw a specified number of cards—typically a total of +2 Cards, occasionally more—and can draw any card. Cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] Conditional effects

These cards are restricted by only being able to increase handsize in certain circumstances; if the condition is not met, most will be simple cantrips, or even reduce handsize.

[edit] Specific-card drawers

A subset of conditional non-terminal draw. These non-terminal cards only draw cards of a specific type or other category, and increase handsize if they find such cards.

[edit] Non-terminal duration draw

These non-terminal cards increase handsize on future turns, not immediately.

[edit] Unreliable non-terminal draw

These cards are not usually considered Lab variants, but can play that role in some decks:

  • IronmongerIronmonger.jpg can act as Lab variants depending on what card is on top of your deck.
  • Shanty TownShanty Town.jpg acts as a Lab variant if you have no Action cards in hand, but otherwise decreases handsize.
  • DiplomatDiplomat.jpg acts as a Lab variant if your handsize is small, but otherwise is terminal.
  • Native VillageNative Village.jpg hides away cards, rather than drawing them, but can non-terminally add them to your hand.
  • Trusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg and CourserCourser.jpg are difficult to gain and you can generally only get one copy of them, so they're hard to use as the basis of an engine.
  • CrossroadsCrossroads.jpg provides non-terminal draw the first time you play it on a turn, if there are multiple Victory cards in your hand.
  • CultistCultist.jpg is technically terminal, but will allow you to play additional Cultists after it.
  • ImpImp.jpg allows you to play an Action that you don't yet have a copy of in play, which can make it non-terminal if the other Action you play also is.
  • AvantoAvanto.jpg allows you to play a cantrip SaunaSauna.jpg if you have one in your hand after drawing, giving you back the Action you used to play Avanto.
  • SheepdogSheepdog.jpg can provide draw without using up an Action if you gain a card while you have it in hand.
  • GoatherdGoatherd.jpg provides non-terminal draw if your opponent trashed multiple cards on their last turn.
  • EmissaryEmissary.jpg is only non-terminal if it makes you shuffle while drawing.

[edit] Related cards

These cards draw multiple cards but overall only maintain handsize rather than increasing it.

  • Secret PassageSecret Passage.jpg is a non-terminal source of +2 Cards, but then you return a card to your deck, so it maintains handsize rather than increasing it.
  • FugitiveFugitive.jpg and FerrymanFerryman.jpg are non-terminal sources of +2 Cards, but its required discard means it maintains handsize, rather than increasing it.
  • ForumForum.jpg is a non-terminal source of +3 Cards, but its required discard means it maintains handsize, rather than increasing it.
  • RecruiterRecruiter.jpg gives you Villagers if you trash a card with a non-zero coin cost, allowing you to recover the Action you used to play it if you want to. However, since trashing is mandatory, this doesn't actually increase handsize.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Unconditional

Archive.jpgAdvisor.jpgAlchemist.jpgCaravan.jpgDen of Sin.jpgDestrier.jpgDistant Shore.jpgEncampment.jpgExperiment.jpgGovernor.jpgHorse.jpgLaboratory.jpgLich.jpgLost City.jpgMadman.jpgSibyl.jpgStables.jpgWay of the Horse.jpg

[edit] Conditional

Apprentice.jpgBattle Plan.jpgCapital City.jpgCity.jpgCity Quarter.jpgCursed Village.jpgMenagerie.jpgStoryteller.jpgTeacher.jpgTide Pools.jpgWishing Well.jpgLost Arts.jpgPathfinding.jpg

[edit] Only specific cards

Apothecary.jpgBustling Village.jpgHunter.jpgHunting Party.jpgMagpie.jpgPatrician.jpgScrying Pool.jpgSea Chart.jpgSeer.jpgSettlers.jpgVagrant.jpgWill-o'-Wisp.jpg

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