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The English-language side of the Spielbox Dominion play mat, uncut.

The Dominion Play Mat is a double-sided player board for Dominion that was included Spielbox Magazine, issues 1/2010 and 2/2010.[1] One side of the board includes writing in English while the opposite is written in German. Each magazine included two player mats that had to be cut apart with scissors resulting in a total of four player mats between the magazine issues. The mats were printed on magazine cover-quality glossy paper.

The player mats are designed specifically for use with the base game and are oriented toward instruction. They include a space on the left for the Draw Pile and a space on the right for the Discard Pile. In the space between, there is a small Play Area that includes an instructional breakdown of a phase: +1 Action, +1 Buy, discard all cards, and draw 5 cards.

[edit] References

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