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If you use Band of Misfits as a Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg (from Dominion), King's CourtKing's Court.jpg (from Prosperity), or ProcessionProcession.jpg, and use that effect to play a duration card, Band of Misfits will similarly stay in play.

    1. If you use Throne Room, King's Court, or Procession to play a Band of Misfits card multiple times, you only pick what to play it as the first time; the other times it is still copying the same card.

Can you King's Court a Band of Misfits?? Cost is more than 5!!

Ok, Ferry is a solution 😚

  • Ferry still can't let you play Band of Misfits as King's Court. Donald has said there used to be a card that could make KC cost less than BoM, which is why the stipulation ended up in the FAQ. Werothegreat (talk) 09:32, 29 February 2016 (EST)

[edit] Conflicting and confusing information

As this is one of those overly complex cards and a lot of things about it have changed over the years, there needs to be some additional clarification that might not otherwise be needed.

1. The "Prior version" information (Official FAQ and Other Rules Clarifications) should really be moved to some other place, either off the page or to the bottom, so that it doesn't confuse people wanting to know how the card is supposed to work RIGHT NOW. These contain contradictory information to the Unofficial FAQ due to ruling changes, but might be thought to be correct due to the "unofficial" nature of the current FAQ.

2. The Strategy article contains outdated information based on old rules, and just plain always wrong information, specifically that you can use BoM for Treasure Map, a card which SPECIFICALLY says you must trash two Treasure Maps to gain the benefit. (So, yes, you can emulate a Treasure Map, but all you will do is trash BoM and maybe a Treasure Map; you will gain NO Gold, and Treasure Map makes this very clear from day 1.) I'm not sure of the etiquette surrounding correcting a quoted article.

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