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[edit] Main Page

I think the Main Page needs to be more friendly to new people before it is released to the public. We should probably include common wiki front page things, such as a more obvious welcome message / general info section, an area of important and frequently accessed pages, and maybe a featured article. Other things such as the To Do list and maybe the Dominion card template and the external links should probably be moved elsewhere. I think an external links section at the end of the front page would be appropriate, but not in a spot of importance at the top of the page. I'd be happy if the Dominion card box is not on the front page - as long as there are links to cards at hand, it is always available on those pages. I'd love to hear others' thoughts on main page material, and plan on working on it some (feel free to help!). --Schneau (talk) 20:29, 30 October 2012 (EDT)

How about moving the ToDos to DominionStrategy_Wiki:Community_portal? My thought about the Main Page is to provide links as entry points to all categories. I will add several categories later. --Qvist (talk) 09:15, 31 October 2012 (EDT)
Done. Should we keep the "Featured Links" box around? I feel like those can be linked from their respective pages within the wiki. Under the box at the top of the page, I'd love to have a "important pages" box and a "featured article" box. --Schneau (talk) 09:36, 31 October 2012 (EDT)

[edit] Cascading Protection

You might consider Cascade Protecting the main page so that the templates are not changeable by non-admins. 15:49, 6 November 2015 (EST)

[edit] Card back image

I stole the Dominion card back image Card back.jpg from the internet, which is probably bad style. If someone wants to upload better images for this and the back of a randomizer card, that would be great. --Schneau (talk) 15:28, 31 October 2012 (EDT)

We should also include the randomizer blue back as well. And the back for stash. Though I don't have the files for these.--Jonts (talk) 20:25, 31 October 2012 (EDT)

[edit] DYK for Main Page

What if we had a section on the Main Page similar to "Did you know?" on Wikipedia, but with snippets from Donald X.'s "Secret Histories"? A potential problem is that if we list too many at once we'd probably run out, even if we only changed them every week or so. -Thirtyseven (talk) 01:35, 4 November 2012 (EDT)

(moved this discussion to Main Page section). I really like this idea. But, we could space things out more by only posting one factoid per update, but make it longer than Wikipedia DYKs. These could be larger snippets (or the whole thing) from secret histories. Good idea! --Schneau (talk) 07:34, 4 November 2012 (EST)
Thanks Schneau! Just this morning I was also thinking we could have a section (maybe the same section, just making the scope broader) to include Dominion haiku! (Crediting the authors of course.) Are there any other creative ideas from the forum we could tap into? -Thirtyseven (talk) 09:30, 4 November 2012 (EST)
There's also Dominion limericks, and What you think you've done vs. what you've actually done. -Thirtyseven (talk) 10:11, 4 November 2012 (EST)
The haiku (and related Limericks) are cool, but they're not really encyclopedia material IMHO. But, maybe if others' like it.--Schneau (talk) 10:15, 4 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] General Discussion

Post general discussion and comments about the wiki here.

[edit] Direct Quotes

With both flavor texts of expansions and secret histories of cards, I think it would be good to somehow indicate that the text is a direct quote and not just something somebody added. Can we put these in block quotes or something indicating that they are from those sources? --Schneau (talk) 17:14, 26 October 2012 (EDT)

I created Template:Quote. I will style it later.--Qvist (talk) 17:42, 26 October 2012 (EDT)
I have really no idea how to style this. Is it better? Any suggestions? --Qvist (talk) 19:14, 5 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] Citations

How should we handle citations? I tried <ref> ... </ref> like on Wikipedia, and it didn't work.--Schneau (talk) 07:32, 31 October 2012 (EDT)

It seems that I have to enable that specificly. I look at that later --Qvist (talk) 09:15, 31 October 2012 (EDT)
I just installed the Cite extension. If you add <ref></ref> and add at the end of the article <references /> you have the desired outcome.

[edit] Forum Articles

There have been some inconsistencies about citing articles which appear on the forum, but not the blog. A lot of them are certainly about front page quality, so we should make use of them. I propose we keep it consistent with the wording for the blog articles, but it might be a little trickier if we want to start incorporating significant modifications from other posts. Something like 'Original forum post by ..., with contributions from ... and ...' might be good. Anyway, that's what I'll go with unless anyone objects. --Jonts (talk) 22:25, 4 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] Common Cards

For cards which are not set specific, i.e. copper, curse, province etc. what should we list as the 'set.' Base seems wrong since that implies that they are only in the base set. I was thinking something like 'common.' And then non-supply cards not in every game (shelters, plats, potions) can be listed in their appropriate expansion? Any objections? --Jonts (talk) 20:30, 31 October 2012 (EDT) I'd prefer common cards in front of basic cards. Also, shouldn't Spoils be moved to Dark ages? --Hks (talk) 18:49, 3 November 2012 (EDT)

[edit] Coin symbol templates

It would be great to have small, text-sized coin symbols that could be used in-line with text. So, instead of putting +$4, you could put {{Coin4}}, and it would print the Dominion coin symbol with a 4 in it. These would be useful in a lot of places, and would look really nice. We could also have one without a number in it (that could be used in place of +Coins or +$ (like on Salvager), and one with a Potion symbol for Potion costs. I think I could make the templates if I had the coin images - if anyone has access to them and could upload them, that would be great!

Use {{Coin|4}} for Coin symbols now. The will eventually be changed. And Potion is also still missing. --Qvist (talk) 19:14, 5 November 2012 (EST)
We have $4 and P now! 13:31, 17 August 2015 (EDT)

[edit] Opening

I just created an article called Opening which covers both openings and openers. Be sure to link to the article whenever you see it or use it in other articles, and help flesh out the article some more. Thanks! -Thirtyseven (talk) 13:24, 4 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] Card box template

We need to somehow add flexibility to Template:Cardbox because for cards with two different designs (almost all the Basic cards), there are two different illustrators. Either we have to un-link the illustrators and put the double brackets in manually (in order to have "Artist Name (top), Another Name (bottom)"), or we need a separate "Illustrator2" field (which would look weird), or we need to make a separate, slightly different template altogether. Thoughts? -Thirtyseven (talk) 15:16, 5 November 2012 (EST)

Do you know the Illustrators of the original art? They aren't mentioned are they? --Qvist (talk) 19:14, 5 November 2012 (EST)
Oops, didn't realize it was just Potion that has an (different) illustrator name on the old card. We should still figure out what to do in that case. -Thirtyseven (talk) 19:22, 5 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] Qvist ranking?

Also, would you support or oppose adding "Qvist ranking" to the template in order for the reader to quickly gauge how relatively strong or weak the card is? -Thirtyseven (talk) 16:26, 5 November 2012 (EST)

This isn't high priority IMHO and I'm still not sure if it should go there. Maybe let's wait until the next ranking so that Dark Ages are included!? --Qvist (talk) 19:14, 5 November 2012 (EST)
You're right, not high priority but I thought I'd ask since it popped into my head. I like the idea of waiting. -Thirtyseven (talk) 19:22, 5 November 2012 (EST)
But now we have Adventures to deal with before we do this. 11:37, 19 August 2015 (EDT)
I like this idea... However I would prefer win percentile ranking over the Qvist ranking in my humble opinion -BishopAndKnights

[edit] Wanted pages

The "Wanted pages" section right now is dominated by artists, because every piece of art they've done is a request for their page.

On a related note, is there somewhere I can find a sort of 'to do' list on what the priorities for the wiki are?

We kinda had a rough "to do" list on the help page (one of the links to the left) but that's gone now... we don't really have that sort of thing... what little "meta-discussion" we have about the wiki is either here or on the f.ds subforum for this wiki (which you might not know about since it's at least as new as the wiki itself). Eventually we should start something similar to a Wikipedia WikiProject, but until then you can do general/random edits. We have all the card articles at a decent level now (picture, intro paragraph...) and the other crucial things (e.g. template creation, bots, dealing with vandalism) have been taken care of already.
As for the artist pages, I started working on the article List of illustrators and I will redirect all artist links to that page (we don't need an article for every illustrator!). Help is more than welcome. -Thirtyseven (talk) 19:43, 25 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] Promos

We need a promo page

We do -- see Promo. You may have tried Promos which I just created to redirect to Promo. -Thirtyseven (talk) 23:06, 29 November 2012 (EST)

[edit] Update external recourses

Some changes should be made to the external recourses to keep them up-to-date:

  • Remove isotropic
  • Remove "Beta" from Goko description
  • Change forum link to [1]
  • Maybe link the blog already to [2]

Florrat (talk) 20:38, 3 April 2013 (EDT)

[edit] coooooolllll!! strategy that will blow the bank,+ a little twist for play

here's a strategy I don't think people have noticed: counting house + Bank + lots and lots of copper gains and buys= huge money!!!! also, for a little twist, I created a pick-and-pass version of dominion. you simply add another phase to the play sequence: a.all players pick one card to keep, laying it face down in front of them b.all players pass their hands to the next player c.repeat a and b until there are no more cards to pass d.continue play

there are a few tweaks to be made, but it's still something to think about.

[edit] Front Page, Accessories, and Complete Dominion Companion

Two things: I've noticed that in the past week nothing on the front page has really changed. Who is in charge of altering front page content and how often is it changed? I think a card a week is the least that should happen, as well as maybe a "Did you know?" taken from the secret histories and a "Strategy" section.

Also, I've added all the Accessories to Dominion that I could find. As an historian, I want to keep a record of these since Hans im Gl├╝ck no longer distributes the game and most of these were via it. To facilitate it, I've already rearranged entirely the Template:Navbox Sets to really be more of a "Products" navbox for all the official Dominion products. I've separated it out into "Sets", "Collections", and "Accessories", moving the Promos to the former and the Base Cards to the latter. I think this will make sense to people viewing the site. I've also mined the web for photos of everything, though I still have a few more I plan to post before I'm done. If there's anything I've missed, let me know and I'll add it.

Lastly, I'm just about done with the latest update for the Complete Dominion Companion .pdf rules document and I'm interested in posting a reference page to it here, but I wanted to get some approval first. The rules are permitted by Rio Grande and Donald X even though they aren't official. They are an aggregate of all official rules, secret histories, DominionForum clarifications, tournament rules, and FAQs. I'd like the rules to get a little more presence than they currently have on BGG.
Darius von Whaleyland, Great Khan of the Barbarian Horde 21:41, 10 June 2015 (EDT)

[edit] Link to current online version

The link on the Main Page is still to the old Goko page, can we change that to ConMan (talk) 22:15, 7 January 2016 (EST)

[edit] Link to All_Cards on the main page

There should be a link to on the main page, above the list of expansions. spazard1 (talk) 21:36, 30 October 2016 (CST)

[edit] Allies has been released

In the "Did you know?" section, the word "announced" should be changed to "released" in the mention of Allies. Also, The coming of the second edition of Seaside should also be mentioned. Ems57fcva (talk) 20:12, 15 March 2022 (EDT)

Done and done. --Tick Tock (talk) 12:06, 25 April 2022 (EDT)
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