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Courtyard, a top decker card.

A top decker is a card which causes a card (sometimes itself, sometimes a different card) to be placed on top of the deck rather than somewhere else (often the discard pile).

Top deckers come in four general types:

  • on gain: You place a gained card on your deck rather than in the discard pile giving quicker access to the card and sometimes allowing gain-and-play.
  • from hand: This is typically a drawback or Attack effect that reduces handsize but can sometimes be used to set up your next turn.
  • from play: enables you to reuse the played card on your next turn.
  • from your discard pile: enables you to play a card more quickly without having to wait for a reshuffle.


[edit] List of top deckers

Cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] On gain

[edit] Optional

These abilities offer you the option of putting a gained card on your deck.

[edit] Mandatory

These abilities specifically instruct you to put a gained card on top of your deck, even if you don't want it there.

[edit] From hand

These cards place a card (or cards) from your hand on top of your deck.

These cards force players to top-deck from their hands as a way of reducing handsize while slowing cycling.

[edit] From play

These cards allow you to place one or more of the cards you have in play on top of your deck rather than being discarded.

These cards allow you to top-deck themselves.

[edit] From discard pile

[edit] Related

  • Secret PassageSecret Passage.jpg tells you to put a card from your hand anywhere in your deck.
  • StashStash.jpg can be put anywhere in your deck when you shuffle.
  • SibylSibyl.jpg makes you topdeck a card but also put a card on the bottom of your deck.

[edit] Removed

[edit] Gallery

[edit] On-gain

Armory.jpgArtificer.jpgBag of Gold.jpgBauble.jpgBeggar.jpgBureaucrat.jpgDevelop.jpgFool's Gold.jpgGraverobber.jpgInsignia.jpgReplace.jpgRocks.jpgSleigh.jpgSupplies.jpgTaxman.jpgTiara.jpgTournament.jpgTracker.jpgTreasure Map.jpgWatchtower.jpgDemand.jpgGreed.jpgStampede.jpgTrappers' Lodge.jpgTravelling Fair.jpgWay of the Seal.jpg

[edit] From Hand

Artisan.jpgBureaucrat.jpgClerk.jpgCount.jpgCourtyard.jpgHaunted Castle.jpgHaunted Woods.jpgSibyl.jpgCity Gate.jpgHaunting.jpg

[edit] From Play

Alchemist.jpgBorder Guard.jpgHerbalist.jpgMerchant Camp.jpgScheme.jpgStudent.jpgTent.jpgTreasury.jpgWalled Village.jpgTireless.jpg

[edit] From the discard pile

Harbinger.jpgHerald.jpgScavenger.jpgBad Omens.jpgOrder of Astrologers.jpgStar Chart.jpgThe Moon's Gift.jpg

[edit] Related

Secret Passage.jpgSibyl.jpgStash.jpg

[edit] Removed

Ghost Ship.jpgMandarin.jpgNomad Camp.jpgRoyal Seal.jpgSea Hag.jpgSecret Chamber.jpg

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