Turn-worsening attack

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Enchantress, a turn-worsening attack card.

Turn-worsening attacks are Attacks that directly affect the turns of other players. Handsize attacks are the main way to do this, but the term is typically used for attacks that do not fit any other category of Attack.

[edit] List of turn-worsening attacks

Hexes listed function as the relevant Attack when revealed by an Attack-Doom card.

[edit] Gallery

Bridge Troll.jpgEnchantress.jpgHighwayman.jpgRelic.jpgWarlord.jpg Delusion.jpgEnvy.jpg

Attacks Attack immunityCurserDeck inspection attackDeck order attackHandsize attackJunking attackTrashing attackTurn-worsening attack
Buy/Money +BuyCost-reducerDisappearing moneyOverpayPeddler variantTerminal silverVirtual coinVirtual +Buy
Cycling Deck discarderDeck inspectorDiggingDiscard for benefitSifter
Terminality CantripNon-terminalNon-terminal drawSoft terminalTerminalTerminal drawThrone Room variantVillageConditional non-terminal
Other Alt-VPBasic cardsDuration drawCommand variantGainerLuck-basedNon-Attack interactionOne-shotRemodelerSplit pileTop deckerTrasherVanillaExtra turn
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