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Witch, a junking attack card.

A junking attack or junker is an Attack card that puts undesirable cards—i.e., "junk"—into an opponent's deck, thus weakening the average strength of their hands and usually slowing cycling. The undesirable card par excellence is the CurseCurse.jpg, and most junking attacks are cursers.

Some cards distribute undesirable cards other than Curse (cards in italics have been removed):

  • MountebankMountebank.jpg (is also a curser), Noble BrigandNoble Brigand.jpg and GreedGreed.jpg distribute CopperCopper.jpg.
  • MarauderMarauder.jpg and CultistCultist.jpg distribute Ruins.
  • SwindlerSwindler.jpg, AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg, MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg, and JesterJester.jpg can distribute a wide variety of junk cards, depending on cards they are collided with or that are revealed from your opponent's deck.
  • LocustsLocusts.jpg and BarbarianBarbarian.jpg can let the victim choose what card to gain, subject to certain cost and type restrictions; if there are no desirable cards available meeting those criteria, they may be forced to gain a junk card.
  • MessengerMessenger.jpg can act as a junker, depending on what you choose for everyone to gain.
  • EmbassyEmbassy.jpg and GovernorGovernor.jpg are not attacks but distribute SilverSilver.jpg to opponents. This can often have a negative impact on deck control, but is generally less harmful than the other cards that are distributed by junking attacks.
  • ShamanShaman.jpg can put cards in the trash, and forces everyone to gain from the trash. Thus if you trash a junk card from your deck, your opponent may be forced to gain it on their next turn.




For a gallery of cursing attacks, see here.

Other junkers


Removed cards

Ambassador.jpgEmbassy.jpgMountebank.jpgNoble Brigand.jpg

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