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Dominion Strategy Forum
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The Dominion Strategy Forum are the forums linked to the Dominion Strategy blog. Long the online hub for English-language Dominion discussion, they have in recent years been overtaken by the Dominion Discord in this regard.


[edit] Popular Forum Threads

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Really Bad Card Ideas - Bad, terrible, and downright awful ideas for Dominion cards mixed with commentary and occasional humor.
  • Greatest Isotropic Moments of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 - "A collection of great Isotropic moments of all kinds — funny, incredible, unlucky, and epic fails."
  • Dear My Opponent, I Am Sorry - A thread dedicated to games that made you feel sorry for your opponent. The thread is meant to showcase (and apologize for) incredible luck, excessive attacks, or tough/long games to sit through. The thread is not a place to brag about a superior strategy.
  • Mini Set Design Contest- Recently moved to its own subforum, the contest is a project (headed by Rinkworks) aiming to create a mini expansion based entirely off of user submitted and user voted cards.

[edit] Regularly Repeated Threads

  • What Expansion Should I Buy Next? - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

[edit] Reference

These threads compile and organize useful information on a subject.

  • Fan Card Creation Guide - An excellent article by rinkworks about the creation and testing of fan designed cards.
  • Card Article List- A handy compilation of all of the strategy articles (and their forum discussion) which can be found on the blog and forum.
  • The Dominion Card List - User voted rankings of the best cards. Lists are broken down by card costs with separate threads for each discussion.

[edit] Dominion Play, Ethics, and Conventions

  • Decline of Civility on Isotropic - Currently locked because of an escalation in language, this is one of the biggest threads on the forum. It discusses many aspects of ethical issues while playing on isotropic. Inappropriate language, resigning, gl/gg, keeping score, and a variety of other topics are discussed (and frequently repeated). As a friendly reminder, you can always mute your opponent on Isotropic in the chat box.
  • Is Consulting a Simulator Cheating? - A discussion on whether or not consulting a dominion simulator before or during an isotropic game is cheating. Discussion extends to whether reading strategy articles or consulting a list of the best/worst openings is appropriate.
  • Shuffle Definition - A lengthy discussion on what appropriate shuffling should look like when playing Dominion IRL.
  • Veto mode - There is a lot of discussion on veto mode. Similar discussion continued

here, here, and here. Others asked about veto statistics, something dougz responded to early in the life of veto mode.

[edit] Other

Some less popular threads touching on similar ideas include:

[edit] Using The Forum / Forum Basics

[edit] Useful Links

  • Forum Member Map - An interactive map allowing users to mark down where they live. Useful for attempts to organize meetups and events.
  • How To Search - A post from the mods explaining the forum search feature.

[edit] Managing Your Account

  • Dominion Card Avatars - There is a lot of interest in using Dominion card images as your forum avatar. In respect to the Isotropic server, many users in this thread sought (and found!) the images to create avatars based off of Isotropic's placeholder images.[/li]

[edit] Posting How-To

  • Adding a Link To Text - To add a link to your text, use the following format: [url=yourlinkhere]yourtexthere[/url] Simply swap in the appropriate link and text.
  • Link Directly To A Post (not just a thread) - To link directly to a post, click on the subject/title line of the post you are interested in. For example, if you wanted to link directly to this post click on the text "Re: Frequently Asked Questions". Clicking on that line will bring you to a URL dedicated to that specific post which you can easily copy from your browser. Alternately, you can right click on the link and copy the link address.
  • Adding Pictures To Your Post - If you would like to add an image to your post, paste a direct link to the image itself's web address within the img tags. Be sure to link directly to the image's source, and not to a page which is displaying the image. If the image is on your personal machine, you can easily upload it to an image hosting site to generate a web address. Imgur is a great option, as it is both free and easy to use. If you are trying to use a Quickmeme image, remember that the 't' at the start of the link indicates that the image is a thumbnail, and the image will appear smaller in your post. For a full sized image, simply change the 't' to an 'i'. As an example, you can just copy the text at the end of this sentence, swapping in your image number for the 3pwx53 shown below. [img][/img]

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