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Here are some posting guidelines:

  • If you link to a card or other concept, please be sure that you link to the singular version of it by enclosing it in double square brackets, like [[Workshop]]. If the word is in plural, then just write [[Duchy|Duchies]] for example. This is a general rule, not only for card article names. We could add redirects, but not for all the cards.
    • For cards in particular, please use the card template: {{Card|Curse}} becomes CurseCurse.jpg, producing a hover image.
    • Events and Landmarks have their own templates; please use them. {{Event|Expedition}} and {{Landmark|Tomb}} become ExpeditionExpedition.jpg and TombTomb.jpg, respectively. If you use the card template for an Event or Landmark, the hover image will be too small: {{Card|Expedition}} becomes ExpeditionExpedition.jpg. This is because the hover image is set to a fixed width, and since Events and Landmarks are in landscape orientation, they need a larger width to present at the same size as cards.
  • You could also help fixing links by going to Special:WantedPages. You can use this page as base by creating new pages or finding broken links that should direct to another page.
  • There is Template:Stub with respective category. Other boxes could be created by using Template:Messagebox.
  • You can add redirects to sections of an article to remove dead links. Later the section might be big enough to get its own article, but until then... just add redirects.
  • To add your signature when commenting on a discussion page, type four tildes, like so: ~~~~ and it'll look like: Ftl ftw (talk) 21:52, 4 December 2012 (EST)
  • Please do not make pages for fan cards or fan expansions; this is a wiki for strategy using official cards. If you feel certain fan cards or fan expansions are notable, there is a page specifically for them.

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