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In an engine deck, a dud hand is one in which the player has no opportunity to activate the engine. For instance, a dud turn might be one on which the five-card starting hand includes only stop cards, giving the player no opportunity to draw, or contains only terminal Action cards, preventing the player from accomplishing more than one Action. Sometimes a turn may dud as a result of sheer bad luck: if the deck contains five or more stop cards, there is always a possibility that they may all be drawn in the same hand. But in some decks, the likelihood of a dud turn may be increased by badly-timed reshuffles. Duration draw can reduce the likelihood of a dud by increasing the number of cards in hand at the start of a turn, and cards like SchemeScheme.jpg and ScavengerScavenger.jpg can prevent dud turns by strategically top-decking a useful Action to start the engine.

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