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|Source=[http://forum.dominionstrategy.com/index.php?topic=4318.0 The Secret History of the Dark Ages Cards]
|Source=[http://forum.dominionstrategy.com/index.php?topic=4318.0 The Secret History of the Dark Ages Cards]
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Dame Molly
Dame Molly.jpg
Cost $
Type(s) Action - Attack - Knight
Kingdom card? Yes
Set Dark AgesDark Ages icon.png
Illustrator(s) Lynell Ingram
Card text
+2 Actions
Each other player reveals the top 2 cards of his deck, trashes one of them costing from $3 to $6, and discards the rest. If a Knight is trashed by this, trash this card.

Dame Molly is one of the ten Knight cards from Dark Ages. Like the other Knights, she is an ActionAttack that trashes other players' cards. She is also one of the Villages since she gives +2 Actions.



Official FAQ

Full FAQ on the Knights page. The points specific to Dame Josephine are reproduced below.

Other Rules clarifications

  • The ability Knights have in common is that each other player reveals the top 2 cards of his deck, trashes one of them that he chooses that costs from $3 to $6, and discards the rest; then, if a Knight was trashed, you trash the Knight you played that caused this trashing. Resolve this ability in turn order, starting with the player to your left.
  • Cards with PotionPotion.jpg in the cost (from Alchemy) do not cost from $3 to $6.
  • The player losing a card only gets a choice if both cards revealed cost from $3 to $6; if they both do and one is a Knight but the player picks the other card, that will not cause the played Knight to be trashed.

Strategy Article

General Knights strategy is on the Knights page.

Dame Molly fits in best in engines, especially ones with Watchtower or Library. She is not a very good Village, but can be a good buy if there are no other Villages in the Kingdom.




Secret History

How about a pile where every card is different? To keep from being too much to remember, they could be variations on a theme. Thus was my thinking back when, and the 2007 version of the set had a pile of Knights. They each had "Each other player trashes the top card of his deck," which was my standard trashing attack in those days, plus a bonus that varied by Knight. At that time kingdom card piles were 12 cards, and exactly 12 people had played Dominion when I made the first version of the expansion, so I had a Knight for each of them.

When the top-card-trashing attacks all died their deserved deaths, I had to find a way to fix up the Knights. I settled on trashing cards in the range $3$6. I tried other ranges, man, don't think I didn't. If the lower limit is $4, you always buy Silver over $4's, which makes the game less fun. If the top limit is $5, you always buy Gold over $5's, which makes the game less fun. $3$6 is the range that does not actually stop you from building a deck with actions, while not helping your opponents by trashing junk, and not being so swingy as to trash Provinces. I could have gone $3$7 but decided to let the $7's be excitingly immune to Knights.

The Knights slowed down the game, and needed some penalty to mildly keep them in check. They still slow down the game, but you know, not quite as much. They are for the people who like this kind of thing, and well some people adore them, slower game and all. Some people are all, my cards, my precious cards, and well there are plenty of other cards in the set for those guys. Sometimes someone else's cool fun thing trashes your cards, that's just the way it is. Anyway where was I. A penalty. I let them Moat each other, which was okay, and also tried letting any attack Moat them. I think Bill Barksdale suggested having them kill each other. It's a good penalty because it means if people go heavy into Knights, they kill each other off and then there are not as many of them.

The 12-card pile had a few abilities that have not survived. There were a few that scaled with the number of players in a way that I sometimes am okay with but which wasn't great. Like, +$1 per treasure trashed. There was one that attacked the turn you got it: the Hinterlands Knight. And all of the original resource abilities were weaker—it was +1 Card etc. rather than +2 Cards etc. The Knights needed to be better, and improving the bonuses was more fun than improving the attack.

The Knights are still all named after real people, so hey let's meet them! Some of them are even illustrated on the cards, although two declined, two are small children, and some of the remaining six resemble the actual person more than others.

Dame Josephine / Dame Natalie / Dame Sylvia: My wife and daughters.

Dame Molly / Sir Destry: Two friends who were in the first game of Dominion, along with me and Dame Josephine. For you Prosperity fans, Dame Molly is the one who suggested "spendy" as an expansion theme.

Sir Martin / Dame Anna: A friend who would have been in that game, but he'd moved away some months earlier, and his girlfriend.

Sir Bailey: Dame Molly's boyfriend, and the second person to have a copy of Dominion. He was also the first person to make homemade cards, if mine don't count, and he made Courtyard.

Sir Vander / Sir Michael: My e-friend who suffered through endless conversations about Dominion but did not playtest much, and another e-friend who playtested a bunch.

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