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Jack of all Trades / Jack of all Trades
Jack of All Trades.jpg Jack of All Trades.jpg
Set(s) Hinterlands

DoubleJack is a Big Money strategy which involves buying two copies of Jack of all TradesJack of All Trades.jpg and no other kingdom cards. It is the only Big Money strategy that shrugs off many attacks: the draw-to-X feature nullifies discard attacks, and the trashing ability defends against cursing and most junking attacks. The fact that Jack gains you SilverSilver.jpg is what makes it fast, faster than SmithySmithy.jpg or EnvoyEnvoy.jpg.

It is not unbeatable; Jack+WitchWitch.jpg, for example, has an edge against simple DoubleJack, and engines which consistently play an Attack every turn will be able to thwart Jack's defense. However, it does mean that you have to carefully consider how quickly your engine will be able to become consistent, since if the attack is played less consistently, DoubleJack will shrug it off with ease.

DoubleJack is one of several strategies whose true power was not really known until the simulator data enlightened the community.

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