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Piledriving occurs when one player buys or gains all the cards in a supply pile (esp. ProvincesProvince.jpg and ColoniesColony.jpg, signifying an avalanche victory of one player). Piledriving is more likely to happen when only one player is pursuing a certain card and wants as many possible copies of the card in their deck, or a player executes a megaturn such as King's Court-King's Court-Bridge-Bridge-Bridge to deplete the Provinces or Colonies pile before any other player can get even one. If a player has a big enough lead, they may even piledrive CursesCurse.jpg to get a three-pile ending.

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Strategic concepts CollisionCounterCyclingDeadDuchy dancingEndgameGreeningMegaturnMirrorOpeningOpportunity costPenultimate Province RulePayloadPinPiledrivingReshuffleSilver testStop cardSplit advantageStrictly betterSynergyTerminalityThree-pile endingTurn advantageVictory pointVillage idiot
Rules Blue dog ruleCostDeckGameplayLose Track ruleMaterialsNo Visiting ruleSupply (Kingdom) • Triggered effectsTurn
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