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The object of Dominion is to have the most victory points (VP.png) at the end of the game. These are chiefly obtained by having Victory cards in one's deck at the end of the game. CurseCurse.jpg cards are worth negative victory points. Several cards, Events and Landmarks from Prosperity and Empires produce victory point tokens, which are also worth victory points and don't take up space in the deck themselves, while other Landmarks provide bonus or penalty victory points at the end of the game based on various criteria. Sources of victory points excluding basic cards are called alt-VP.


[edit] Victory point sources

[edit] -4 VP.png

[edit] -2 VP.png

[edit] -1 VP.png

[edit] 0 VP.png

[edit] 1 VP.png

[edit] 2 VP.png

[edit] 3 VP.png

[edit] 4 VP.png

[edit] 5 VP.png

[edit] 6 VP.png

[edit] 10 VP.png

[edit] 15 VP.png

  • FountainFountain.jpg (if you have 10 or more Coppers in your deck)

[edit] Variable

Variable VP cards typically give VP.png based on the cards in your own deck, always rounded down if they count in multiples larger than 1. Many of them benefit from large decks. Bandit Fort, Wolf Den and Wall are the only means of receiving negative victory points other than Curses.

[edit] Victory point tokens

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