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Dominion is a deck building card game created by Donald X. Vaccarino originally published in October of 2008 by Rio Grande Games. It consists of the original base set Dominion and several expansions.


[edit] Gameplay

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In Dominion, all players starts with an identical deck and have access to the same set of cards, called the supply. Each card has a unique ability which can either help the player, hurt opponents or count towards the end game winning condition. The goal is to have the most Victory points by the end of the game. Normally, the supply consists of 3 stacks of Victory cards, 3 stacks of basic Treasure cards, a stack of Curses and 10 stacks of Kingdom cards. Some Kingdom cards add other stacks to the set up as well. The 10 Kingdom cards can be selected by players or chosen randomly for a unique experience.

Each turn, play proceeds in three phases for each player sequentially.

  • Action - The player is able to play one action card from his hand. Some Action cards provide additional Actions allowing for more actions to be played this turn. They may also provide Coin.png or buys which can be used in the Buy phase. The phase ends when the player is unable or chooses not to play any additional actions.
  • Buy - The player may play as many Treasure cards as he wishes in any order. Most Treasures generate Coin.png, though some have other abilities. The player is given the ability to purchase one card from the supply up to the total amount of Coin.png he has accumulated this turn. Actions and Treasures which grant +buy allow the player to purchase multiple cards per turn. When a player buys a card, the bought card is placed in the players discard pile.
  • Clean-up - All cards in play and in the players hand are discarded and a new hand of 5 cards is immediately drawn from his deck. If at any time the player needs to draw a card but the draw deck is empty, he immediately shuffles his discard pile to make a new draw pile.

The game ends at the end of the turn whenever one of three conditions is met.

  • The Province pile is empty.
  • If playing with Colonies from Prosperity, the Colony pile is empty.
  • Any three supply piles are empty

When the game ends, each player counts the total number of Victory points in their entire decks. Whoever has the most is declared the winner. If two players tie for the most Victory points, whichever player had the fewer number of turns is the winner. If they are still tied they rejoice in their shared victory.

[edit] Releases

[edit] Awards

  • 2008 Meeples Choice Awards
  • 2009 Spiel des Jahres
  • 2009 Deutscher Spiele Preis
  • 2009 Mensa Select
  • 2009 Golden Geek Award (Game of the Year & Card Game of the Year)
  • 2009 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming
  • 2009 Origins Award, best card game of the year
  • 2009 (Russia), Best Card Game of the Year
  • 2009, best game of the year

[edit] Reviews

Voice of Experience Review - Dominion: 4000 Plays Later

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