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Type Expansion
Icon Renaissance icon.png
Cards 300
250 (25 sets)
Other Card(s)
Additional Material(s)  
Release 2018
Cover artist Grant Hansen

Renaissance is the upcoming twelfth expansion to Dominion. It features the return of Coffers, first seen in GuildsGuilds.jpg, and introduces Villagers, Projects, and Artifacts.

Information about the previewed mechanics and components is below, but there are additional contents not yet revealed.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards

[edit] Additional materials

[edit] Artifacts

1 each of: FlagFlag.jpg, KeyKey.jpg, Treasure ChestTreasure Chest.jpg

[edit] Projects

1 each of:

[edit] Mats

[edit] Tokens

[edit] Flavor Text

It's a momentous time. Art has been revolutionized by the invention of "perspective," and also of "funding." A picture used to be worth a dozen or so words; these new ones are more like a hundred. Oil paintings have gotten so realistic that you've hired an artist to do a portrait of you each morning, so you can make sure your hair is good. Busts have gotten better too; no more stopping at the shoulders, they go all the way to the ground. Science and medicine have advanced; there's no more superstition, now they know the perfect number of leeches to apply for each ailment. You have a clock accurate to within an hour, and a calendar accurate to within a week. Your physician heals himself, and your barber cuts his own hair. This is truly a golden age.

[edit] Cards Gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Ducat.jpg Acting Troupe.jpg Experiment.jpg Flag Bearer.jpg Mountain Village.jpg Priest.jpg Silk Merchant.jpg Recruiter.jpg Scholar.jpg Sculptor.jpg Seer.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg Treasurer.jpg Villain.jpg

[edit] Artifacts

Flag.jpg Key.jpg Treasure Chest.jpg

[edit] Projects

Sewers.jpg Star Chart.jpg Fair.jpg Silos.jpg Innovation.jpg Citadel.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Teaser

Prepare to be teased.

Renaissance has:

Cards $2 DucatDucat.jpg $3 Acting TroupeActing Troupe.jpgExperimentExperiment.jpg $4 Flag BearerFlag Bearer.jpg (FlagFlag.jpg) • Mountain VillageMountain Village.jpgPriestPriest.jpgSilk MerchantSilk Merchant.jpg $5 RecruiterRecruiter.jpgScholarScholar.jpgSculptorSculptor.jpgSeerSeer.jpgSwashbucklerSwashbuckler.jpg (Treasure ChestTreasure Chest.jpg) • TreasurerTreasurer.jpg (KeyKey.jpg) • VillainVillain.jpg
and others TBA
Projects $3 SewersSewers.jpgStar ChartStar Chart.jpg $4 FairFair.jpgSilosSilos.jpg $6 InnovationInnovation.jpg $8 CitadelCitadel.jpg
Combos and Counters None yet found
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