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Cost Coin5.png
Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set BaseDominion icon.png
Illustrator(s) Claus Stefan
Card text
You may trash a Treasure from your hand. Gain a Treasure to your hand costing up to Coin3.png more than it.

Mine is an Action card from the Base set. It is a trash for benefit card which allows you to trash your CoppersCopper.jpg to gain SilversSilver.jpg and trash your SilversSilver.jpg to gain GoldsGold.jpg. It can also trash and gain other Kingdom treasures. Since it gains the treasures directly to your hand, you get to use it immediately, and you get the benefit of the improved treasure for the rest of the game. Mine is best when you have a way to play it often or when there are other treasures besides Silver and Gold that you want.


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • You can, for example, trash a Copper to gain a Silver, or trash a Silver to gain a Gold.
  • The Treasure you gain comes from the Supply and is put into your hand; you can play it for the same turn.
  • If you do not have a Treasure to trash, you do not gain one.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

  • You could also trash a Treasure to gain the same Treasure or a cheaper one.

[edit] First edition

In the first edition of Dominion, Mine's text did not include "you may": trashing a Treasure was mandatory if Mine was played. Donald X. Vaccarino revised the card because that offered no provision for keeping the player honest: if a player claimed that they had no Treasure in hand, and that was why they weren't activating Mine's ability, there was no way for their opponents to verify that this was the case. This rarely made a difference in gameplay, however.

[edit] Strategy Article

Article by greatexpectations with additional analysis from LastFootnote, originally posted on the forum

[edit] A Favorite Card of Mine

Let’s be honest here: Mine is probably most famous for being the card everyone confuses with MintMint.jpg. A similar name, similar Treasure-related behavior, and the same Coin5.png price point will do this. Unfortunately, Mine’s reputation doesn’t get much better past that, considering:

  • It comes from the largely bland Base Dominion set, achieving the honor of being arguably the worst trash for benefit card of the set.
  • Council Room’s Popular Buys ranks it as the 28th worst card by Win Rate With, and the 8th worst at the Coin5.png price point.
  • The forum user base ranked it as one of the worst cards at the Coin5.png price point.

Mine is very often an ignorable card, but as with many other middling/bad cards, in the kingdoms where it actually is useful it can be the star of the show. Much of Mine’s intrigue is due to its fairly unique ability of gaining a card directly in hand. It is this ability which likely bumps Mine from the Coin4.png to the Coin5.png price point. This allows you the benefit of not only improving your deck but also improving your current hand.

The first thing to note, most obviously, is that Mine is mostly best in “money” games, as opposed to “engine” games where you rely on Actions to generate your money. Of course, a Mine can be a nice supplement to an engine, to boost your additional buying power and allow you to spend your buys on engine parts rather than Treasure, but it is generally a side luxury at best.

[edit] Repeated Play

Mine is typically at its best when it can be played repeatedly. You can achieve this with CaravanCaravan.jpg/LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg stacks, Hunting PartyHunting Party.jpg/GolemGolem.jpg decks, King's CourtKing's Court.jpg/Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, or conventional large draw decks. Besides the obvious improvements to your deck in the long run, repeated play offers the benefits of not having to waste your buys to improve your economy. Because the upgraded card goes directly into your hand, you can not only improve your economy you can do so immediately.

One way to think about this is that Mine improves all of your future reshuffles. The more reshuffles you will subsequently have, the more valuable Mine becomes in the long run. In the extreme case, at the end of the game, Mine is little more than a Copper. In the best case, at the start of a game, Mine offers tremendous long-term potential.

Therefore, to maximize Mine’s benefit, you either need to play it multiple times each reshuffle (using King's Court or Throne Room), or accelerate your reshuffling (with Caravan/Laboratory, Hunting Party, etc.).

The very best way to repeatedly play Mine is with sifters like CellarCellar.jpg and WarehouseWarehouse.jpg. They are cheap, do not necessarily enable alternative powerful engines (like King's Court or Hunting Party), and enable a lot of deck reshuffles quickly, so you can get your newly Mined Treasures that much faster. But they have a second big advantage…

[edit] When a few Gold is more desirable than a lot of Silver

In the absence of special Treasure cards, Mine does two things. It turns Copper into Silver and it turns Silver into Gold. As has been pointed out before (I believe by WanderingWinder), Copper isn’t a terrible card in Big Money games. Moreover, Silver is easy to obtain. You start the game being able to hit Coin3.png very reliably. So trashing a Copper in order to gain a Silver is pretty mediocre.

Gold, on the other hand, is harder to obtain. If there’s one thing that Mine does well, it’s fill your deck with Gold. Therefore as Gold becomes more desirable, so does Mine. Given a big-money type game, there are three basic things that make Gold more desirable: the availability of sifters, discard attacks that allow you to choose what you discard, and trash-for-benefit cards that allow you to convert Gold into Provinces.

Sifters are the big one. Cellar, Warehouse, CartographerCartographer.jpg, StablesStables.jpg, etc. all allow you to play your Mine often and then allow you to pick the Gold you’ve accumulated out of the Coppers and Estates left in your deck. Laboratory variants can also help you play Mine more often, but that alone isn’t enough reason to choose Mine over other terminal Actions. You want to play almost all of your power terminals as often as possible. Mine does “stack” more than most terminals, gaining more benefit the earlier and more often you play it, like a Curse-giver. But that alone may not be enough reason to buy it. On the other hand, Lab variants and sifters complement each other very well, so if Mine, a sifter, and non-terminal draw are all available, that’s even more reason to consider Mine.

Your opponent’s discard attacks are the next big reason to buy Mine. In a big money game with MilitiasMilitia.jpg being played, Gold becomes much more valuable: a hand of Silver-Silver-Silver-Silver-Estate can’t buy a Province after being Militia’d, but Gold-Gold-Silver-Estate-Estate can. At the same time, however, Militia makes Gold much more difficult to obtain. Mine helps you amass Gold quickly without having to hit Coin6.png in hand. In a 2-player game, you can’t just ignore Militia in favor of Mine. If you don’t slow your opponent down, they’ll usually win despite your Mine. However, a combination of the two cards can work. Also, if you’re playing a multiplayer game and your opponents are both buying Militias, Mine becomes much more desirable as you can let them snipe at each other while you accumulate Gold.

Perhaps Mine’s biggest tragedy is that these two enablers are mutually exclusive. If your opponents are buying discard attacks, you don’t want sifters.

As for trash-for-benefit cards, I don’t think that needs much explanation. Mine supplies you with the Gold, and with RemodelRemodel.jpg or GovernorGovernor.jpg, you can quickly convert them into Provinces.

[edit] Alternate Treasure Cards

Both PlatinumPlatinum.jpg and PotionsPotion.jpg can give Mine a huge boost. The jump from Gold to Platinum is massive, and because of this Mine will always be more attractive on ColonyColony.jpg boards than ProvinceProvince.jpg boards. Similarly, as this article points out, Mine is useful on Alchemy heavy boards because of its flexibility into and out of the race for Potion cost-cards. For example, in an AlchemistAlchemist.jpg chain, you can convert your Treasures to/from Potions as needed to keep the chain going.

Mine’s power can be extended to most other alternate treasure cards as well. Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg, VentureVenture.jpg, HoardHoard.jpg, and HaremHarem.jpg are all very attractive targets for Mine with a Silver in hand. Additionally, Hinterlands was very kind to Mine, offering both Ill-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpg and Fool's GoldFool's Gold.jpg. Mine lets you turn silver into IGG, IGG into another IGG, or IGG into Gold, all of which are strong options. Mine/Fool's Gold is a pretty solid (+4) opening according to Best/Worst Openings, allowing Mine to turn your early Copper into a Fool's Gold in hand.

[edit] How To Play Mine

Mine can offer some tricky decisions when it comes to choosing what exactly you want to upgrade. Should I swap Copper for Silver, or Silver for Gold? In general, Silver to Gold is probably the better move. Here are a couple of guidelines for helping to make that decision:

  • If it is a Colony board, you should prioritize upgrading S->G over C->S. Your ultimate target is Platinum, so you will want the best chance of later upgrading Gold->Plat
  • If it is a board with discard attacks, you should prioritize S->G over C->S. You will be working with smaller hand sizes and you will want the larger bang for your buck.
  • SwindlerSwindler.jpg makes things difficult. You don’t want to lose your Coppers to CursesCurse.jpg, but at the same time Gold is often immune to the SwindlerSwindler.jpg attack. This will be board dependent.
  • C->S should probably be prioritized on JesterJester.jpg boards. You do not want to be fed more Copper, but you also do not want your opponent to grab free Gold. A similar suggestion can apply with SmugglersSmugglers.jpg.
  • In general, S->G is better for your deck, but C->S maximizes the number of potential Mine targets. I rarely find myself without a target for my Mine, so unless there is a good reason otherwise, I will usually upgrade to the highest cost Treasure possible. If you find yourself Mining C->S all the time, you should consider that maybe you shouldn't have gotten the Mine in the first place.

[edit] Conclusion

Mine’s real problem is that it is an assistant for a relatively slow strategy. On many boards, there is often a more explosive strategy that will beat out Mine’s long-term benefits. But given the right conditions, Mine can give you a long-term buying power advantage over your opponent.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

  • Heavy trashing
  • Other strong Coin5.png Terminals
  • Strong engines
  • Copper-based strategies
  • Fast games

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Mine Mine from Goko/Making Fun Trash a Treasure card from your hand. Gain a Treasure card costing up to Coin3.png more; put it into your hand. Dominion 1st Edition October 2008
Mine Mine from Shuffle iT You may trash a Treasure from your hand. Gain a Treasure to your hand costing up to Coin3.png more than it. Dominion 2nd Edition October 2016

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text Notes
Chinese 礦坑 (pron. kuàngkēng)
Czech Důl
Dutch Mijn
Finnish Kaivos
French Mine
German Mine German language Mine
Hungarian Bánya
Italian Miniera
Japanese 鉱山 (pron. kōzan) 手札の財宝カード1枚を廃棄してもよい。 それよりコストが最大Coin3.png高い財宝カード1枚を手札に獲得する。
Korean 광산 (pron. gwangsan)
Norwegian Gruve
Polish Kopalnia Polish language Mine
Romanian Mină
Russian Рудник (pron. rudnik) DigitalRussian language Mine Вы можете выкинуть Сокровище из руки. Получите в руку Сокровище не более чем на Coin3.png дороже выкинутого.
Spanish Mina Doesn't have the 'up to' of 'Gain a Treasure card costing up to Coin3.png more' (Gana una carta de Tesoro que cueste Coin3.png más. v. Gana una carta de Tesoro que cueste hasta Coin3.png más.)

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Secret History

Of the 10 Actions in the first game ever of Dominion, this has changed the least. It always cost Coin5.png, and always let you trade Copper for Silver or Silver for Gold. The only difference is that now it phrases this as "gain a Treasure costing up to 3 more," as if someday there might be other treasures that this would also work with.

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