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Tomb, a Landmark.

Landmarks, introduced in Empires, are effects that give additional means to score (or lose) VP.png other than through the normal use of cards or Events.

Landmarks are not Kingdom cards; including one or more Landmarks in a game does not count toward the 10 Kingdom card piles the supply includes. In fact, Landmarks are not considered "cards" at all; any text referring to a "card" (such as instructions to "name a card") does not apply to Landmarks. However, for reference, the Landmark effects are printed on cards in a landscape orientation with dark green frames.

There are 21 Landmarks, any number of which may be used in a game of Dominion, though Donald X recommends not using more than two total Landmarks and Events. When choosing a random Kingdom, the Landmarks may be shuffled into the randomizer deck; any Landmarks that are dealt once 10 Kingdom cards have also been dealt will be included in the game.


[edit] List of Landmarks

[edit] Official Rules

  • Landmarks provide new ways for players to score. Like Events, they are not Kingdom Cards.
  • Players may choose how to determine what Landmarks to play with. They may shuffle them with Events and deal out 2 cards from that pile every game; they may shuffle them into the Randomizer deck and use 0-2 depending on how many come up before finding 10 Kingdom Cards; or they may use any method they like.
  • Whatever method is used, Landmarks in use are visible to all from the start of the game.
  • We recommend using no more than two per game.
  • Many Landmarks only apply when scoring at the end of the game.
  • In addition to counting up their regular points, players add some bonus based on the Landmark.
  • A few are penalties instead - players subtract points from their score.
  • Some Landmarks start with 6 VP.png tokens on them per player in the game. So, 12VP.png in a 2-player game, up to 36VP.png in a 6-player game. These Landmarks then provide a way for players to get the VP.png tokens from the Landmark.
  • When the VP.png tokens on the Landmark run out, players cannot earn further points in that way.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: Bezienswaardigheden
  • Finnish: Maamerkki
  • German: Landmarke
  • Japanese: ランドマーク (pron. randomāku)
  • Polish: Krajobraz
  • Russian: Веха (pron. vyekha)

[edit] Preview

At last, Landmarks. And five of them because why not. There are twenty-one of them so there are still plenty you haven't seen.

Landmarks are landscape-style like Events. You can shuffle them into the randomizer deck, and flip over cards until you have ten kingdom cards, using Events and Landmarks if they show up; if using this method I recommend having a max of two total Landmarks/Events. Or, you can shuffle Landmarks and Events into a separate randomizer deck and just always play with one or two of them. Or whatever else you think of; we like to leave that up to you.

Landmarks change the scoring for the game. Some just change it at the end; some use VP.png tokens to score during the game. You don't buy Landmarks like you do Events; they just sit there, telling you how you could be making points, if only.

[edit] Secret History

Originally the Landmarks were all "when scoring" except it took a while for me to add the actual words "when scoring" to them. The first "6VP.png per player" cards started with 12VP.png, and I tried a few at "4VP.png per player."

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