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Hero, a Traveller card.

Traveller is a card type introduced in Adventures; cards of this type are marked with a lightened arrow behind their card text. Travellers can, when discarded from play, be exchanged for other cards that are not in the Supply; thus a cheap card bought early becomes an expensive card given enough time.


[edit] List of Travellers

The ends of each Traveller line, ChampionChampion.jpg and TeacherTeacher.jpg, are not Travellers themselves.

[edit] Official Rules

  • Adventures has Traveller cards. These cards have an arrow over the text box to remind players of their ability to upgrade into another card.
  • When a player discards a Traveller from play, he may exchange it for the card indicated; he returns the card being exchanged to its pile, takes the card he is exchanging it for, and puts that card into his discard pile.
  • For example when exchanging Peasant for Soldier, he puts Peasant back into its pile and takes a Soldier and puts it into his discard pile.
  • Exchanging is not trashing or gaining, and so does not trigger abilities like Travelling Fair'sTravelling Fair.jpg.
  • It is optional.
  • It only happens when the card is discarded from play; discarding it from hand, such as due to not playing it, will not trigger it.
  • It only happens if the card being exchanged for has any copies available; if there are no Soldiers in the pile, Peasant cannot be exchanged at that time.
  • If multiple cards do something when discarded from play, the player picks the order; for example, with no Soldiers left in the pile, a player with Peasant and Soldier in play could first exchange Soldier for Fugitive, then exchange Peasant for that Soldier.
  • Page and Peasant are Kingdom cards that are Travellers. Page is exchanged for Treasure Hunter, which is exchanged for Warrior, which is exchanged for Hero, which is exchanged for Champion; Peasant is exchanged for Soldier, which is exchanged for Fugitive, which is exchanged for Disciple, which is exchanged for Teacher.
  • Champion and Teacher are not Travellers; they cannot be exchanged for anything.
  • Page and Peasant can be bought or otherwise gained when being used in a game, but the other cards cannot, they are not in the Supply.
  • When a non-Supply pile is empty, that does not count as an empty pile for the game ending condition or for CityCity.jpg (from Prosperity).

[edit] Preparation

  • If Page or Peasant is being used in a game, take the cards that they upgrade into (for Page: Treasure Hunter, Warrior, Hero, and Champion; for Peasant: Soldier, Fugitive, Disciple, and Teacher) and put them near the Supply.
  • They can be in a single pile or multiple piles, depending on player preferences and table space.

[edit] Other rules clarifications

  • Exchanging must happen both ways; there must be somewhere for the discarding card to return to. If a Traveller is bought using Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, there is no pile to return it to and therefore it cannot be exchanged.
  • Travellers in the trash, even though they are not from the Supply, may be gained by GraverobberGraverobber.jpg or RogueRogue.jpg if they have the right cost.
  • Cards emulating Travellers, such as Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg or EstatesEstate.jpg via InheritanceInheritance.jpg, can be exchanged; in that case, they return to their respective pile, and not to the pile of the Traveller they're emulating.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: Reiziger
  • French: Itinérant (lit. travelling)
  • German: Reisender
  • Russian: Путешественник (pron. putyeshyestvyennik)

[edit] Spelling

I used the old form Traveller because it's a medieval game and I like the old-timey look of it.

[edit] Secret History

Okay so. As explained in the intro, the topic came up, maybe over lunch, man I don't remember, of someday doing an online-only promo. It would necessarily be something that couldn't exist in a physical expansion, so as not to enrage people. I went for the low-hanging fruit of, there could be a card that added +1 of something to itself when you played it. That sounded good, I filed the idea away.

But one day it came up for some reason, and I thought, hmmmm. I could simulate that in a physical card, by having piles of unique cards. You start out with say +1 Card +1 Action for $2. When you play it (wait, when you discard it from play), you upgrade it into your choice of cards from the $3 pile, which are all worth about $3. They wouldn't need to be adding +1 of something each time, but at the same time they could mostly be vanilla cards. VillageVillage.jpg wasn't just Village here, it was a thing you picked to upgrade into, then upgraded away from later. You have to stop eventually and I figured four piles was enough. So you got a Peasant, and he turned into a Worker, then a Craftsman, then an Artisan, then a Master. And mostly they were vanilla cards, they had to be simple for multiple reasons.

I tried it and it was fun. It had issues though. Originally you got to pick the upgrade. You'd play three of these guys at different levels and then stare at the options. Oh man. So painful with less-frequent Dominion players. So I changed it to, we shuffle the piles, there's no choice. If you had to take the top one and put yours back on the bottom, it was kind of clumsy resolving it. If you put yours back on top, you would have slow decisions again, based on the order you upgraded guys. The upgrade thing was cool but the cards themselves were not too exciting. You would build this deck where they were a lot of your village/+buy/+cards, they did it all, and you would never know what your cards did and it would slow down games. It had seemed so cool, but was it really worth preserving?

I decided to make it a fixed four cards. You could learn them much faster; they could be more exciting although they still couldn't be too wordy, since the upgrading part took space. It still seemed like a cool thing, so I did two sequences: onePage.jpg is just a hero getting better, while the otherPeasant.jpg tells a little story. They took up a lot of space in the set so I didn't make a third. The new version was way better, all problems solved, hooray. I picked names for the cards first, then picked abilities to go with the names, then polished them and in some cases replaced them as we tested them.

Cards $2 Coin of the RealmCoin of the Realm.jpgPagePage.jpg (Treasure HunterTreasure Hunter.jpgWarriorWarrior.jpgHeroHero.jpgChampionChampion.jpg) • PeasantPeasant.jpg (SoldierSoldier.jpgFugitiveFugitive.jpgDiscipleDisciple.jpgTeacherTeacher.jpg) • RatcatcherRatcatcher.jpgRazeRaze.jpg $3 AmuletAmulet.jpgCaravan GuardCaravan Guard.jpgDungeonDungeon.jpgGearGear.jpgGuideGuide.jpg $4 DuplicateDuplicate.jpgMagpieMagpie.jpgMessengerMessenger.jpgMiserMiser.jpgPortPort.jpgRangerRanger.jpgTransmogrifyTransmogrify.jpg $5 ArtificerArtificer.jpgBridge TrollBridge Troll.jpgDistant LandsDistant Lands.jpgGiantGiant.jpgHaunted WoodsHaunted Woods.jpgLost CityLost City.jpgRelicRelic.jpgRoyal CarriageRoyal Carriage.jpgStorytellerStoryteller.jpgSwamp HagSwamp Hag.jpgTreasure TroveTreasure Trove.jpgWine MerchantWine Merchant.jpg $6 HirelingHireling.jpg
Events $0 AlmsAlms.jpgBorrowBorrow.jpgQuestQuest.jpg $1 SaveSave.jpg $2 Scouting PartyScouting Party.jpgTravelling FairTravelling Fair.jpg $3 BonfireBonfire.jpgExpeditionExpedition.jpgFerryFerry.jpgPlanPlan.jpg $4 MissionMission.jpgPilgrimagePilgrimage.jpg $5 BallBall.jpgRaidRaid.jpgSeawaySeaway.jpgTradeTrade.jpg $6 Lost ArtsLost Arts.jpgTrainingTraining.jpg $7 InheritanceInheritance.jpg $8 PathfindingPathfinding.jpg
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