Wishing Well

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Wishing Well
Wishing Well.jpg
Cost Coin3.png
Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set IntrigueIntrigue icon.png
Illustrator(s) Ryan Laukat
Card text
+1 Card
+1 Action
Name a card, then reveal the top card of your deck. If you named it, put it into your hand.

Wishing Well is an Action card from Intrigue. It is a cantrip since it always gives +1 Card/+1 action, and can be as good as a LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg if you guess what's on top of your deck! Thus, it rewards tracking what's left in your deck, as well as getting many copies of the same action cards (such as more Wishing Wells).


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • First you draw a card and get +1 Action.
  • Then name a card - a name, not a type, so e.g. "CopperCopper.jpg," not "Treasure."
  • Reveal the top card of your deck. If it has the name you named, put it into your hand, otherwise leave it on your deck.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

[edit] Strategy Article

Original article by theory

Wishing Well isn’t the best card at Coin3.png, but it isn’t quite the worst either. Ideally, you’d like to play it with knowledge of what card you’re wishing for. Outside of being an obsessive-compulsive deck-tracker, there’s not many ways to do this reliably past the early game. Cards that you view with SpySpy.jpg get drawn by the Wishing Well instead of being wished for. ScoutScout.jpg or ApothecaryApothecary.jpg is theoretically the best solution, but it’s often too difficult to pull off. Apothecary works a little better than Scout: because you have to make up the hand size slot lost to Scout, Scout + Wishing Well + Wishing Well is basically having played a Laboratory, making it just too expensive and slow to get running. NavigatorNavigator.jpg + Wishing Well is even worse, since it requires a +2 Actions card.

StashesStash.jpg are another obvious solution, but in practice it’s too hard to align the Wishing Well with the Stashes. More rarely, if you top-decked multiple cards during the turn—for instance, playing two IronworksIronworks.jpg to gain two cards, using WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg to place them both on top of your deck—then Wishing Well can work. And once in a great while, if you have exactly three cards left in your draw deck, then you can play Pearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg to draw the top card and inspect the bottom card. Leave it on the bottom; the Wishing Well will then draw the second card, and you can wish for the last card.

Interestingly, Wishing Well is often able to wish successfully when responding to an opponent’s attack. Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg’s reaction is beautifully suited for Wishing Well; if your opponent plays an attack that you can respond to with Secret Chamber, then you gain knowledge of the top two cards of your deck. Wishing Well draws the first and wishes for the second. Alternatively, Wishing Well itself is a counter to Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg (and more rarely, multiple BureaucratsBureaucrat.jpg played against you).

In general, though, you should usually play the Wishing Well aspirationally, by wishing for the cards you want that will make a meaningful difference in your hand. This is usually the only way you can justify taking the Wishing Well over the SilverSilver.jpg. For example: trying to execute Black MarketBlack Market.jpg / TacticianTactician.jpg, but didn’t draw another Tactician in your Tactician hand? Wish for the Tactician, even if it’s a low probability of success. Of course, you should back these aspirations with some knowledge of your draw deck, but it’s usually much more important to draw one particular card rather than the card most likely to be drawn. (The exception is when you have VaultVault.jpg/Secret Chamber, and your goal is to make your hand as big as possible. Then you should generally wish for the most likely candidate.)

Accordingly, Wishing Well is most powerful in the early game: it’s easy to track what is in your deck, and it helps alleviate the problems of bad opening draws. If you draw 3 Estates with your Wishing Well, wish for your StewardSteward.jpg or AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg. If you draw BaronBaron.jpg and 3 Coppers, wish for the Estate. If you have a spare Action this turn and you know you have two terminal actions left in your 5-card deck, wish for one of them so that they hopefully don’t conflict with each other.

Some decks are particularly dependent on drawing certain cards, to the point where a Silver may actually hurt rather than help the combo. The aforementioned Black Market/Tactician is one; MinionMinion.jpg is another, because Minion decks rely heavily on drawing other Minions, whereas Silvers would just be discarded anyway. With Treasure MapTreasure Map.jpg, it goes without saying that if you draw one you should wish for the other. Repeatedly wishing for ConspiratorsConspirator.jpg is also one of the most effective ways to run a Conspirator chain. And if you open CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg, then Wishing Well is far superior to a Silver because it can help you draw extra Coppers early.

Finally, some cards work best with failed Wishing Well wishes. MysticMystic.jpg allows you to draw the card into your hand anyway by "correcting" your wish. PawnPawn.jpg is quite useful; by previewing the card you draw, you can decide whether it’s worth drawing, and if so, whether you need the +1 Action. Native Village'sNative Village.jpg draw becomes more informed, saving you from accidentally forcing your PlatinumPlatinum.jpg to go native. You can also mitigate the risk of UpgradeUpgrade.jpg and LookoutLookout.jpg by seeing if the card on top of your deck is one you want to trash. Knowing the top card of your deck is also helpful if you plan to CellarCellar.jpg exactly one card, or if you’re hesitant about WarehousingWarehouse.jpg. And the mid-game StewardSteward.jpg choice between +2 Cards and +Coin2.png becomes a little easier if you know the top card of your deck; likewise, you are ever-so-slightly more informed about whether to play a blind card-drawing Action like SmithySmithy.jpg without +Actions.

All in all, there are ways to exploit Wishing Well’s ability to make it somewhat more like a LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg. But spending too much effort is probably not worth it; when there are important Coin4.png′s and Coin5.png′s, I’ll usually take the Silver instead.

If you are not tracking your deck and you are just having a wild guess, or if you have just shuffled, there is a formula to use if you know, or roughly have an idea, of the proportion of copper, silver and gold you have. Say that you have 10 copper coins and 1 gold coin in your deck. You rather prefer gold but the chances are low. You would not like to hit a copper, but given that the chances are high you may ponder calling a copper. So what to do? If we consider that a gold coin is three times as good a copper coin, then you should call a gold when the proportion of gold to copper is higher than 1/3 (higher means that you have a better proportion, for instance the same amount of gold coins than copper coins, 1/1). If the proportion of gold to copper is lower than 1/3 (as in the initial example, 1/10) you should call copper. If the proportion is 1/3 you may call whatever you feel like. The same principle applies to copper-silver (considering that silver is twice as worth as copper), to silver-gold (gold is 1.5 times better than silver), to copper-platinum (5 times better), silver-platinum (2.5 times better) and gold-platinum (1.67 times better).

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

  • Silver, which is usually superior

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Wishing Well Wishing Well from Goko/Making Fun +1 Card. +1 Action. Name a card, then reveal the top card of your deck. If it's the named card, put it into your hand. Intrigue 1st Edition July 2009
Wishing Well Wishing Well from Shuffle iT +1 Card. +1 Action. Name a card, then reveal the top card of your deck. If you named it, put it into your hand. Intrigue 2nd Edition October 2016

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text
Chinese 許願井 (pron. xǔyuànjǐng)
Czech Studna přání
Dutch Wensput
Finnish Toivomuskaivo
French Puits aux souhaits
German Wunschbrunnen German language Wishing Well +1 Karte +1 Aktion
(HiG :) Benenne eine Karte. Decke die oberste Karte von deinem Nachziehstapel auf. Wenn es die benannte Karte ist, nimm sie auf die Hand.
(ASS :) Nenne eine Karte. Decke dann die oberste Karte des Nachziehstapels auf. Sollte es die genannte sein, nimm die Karte sofort auf die Hand.
Hungarian Kívánságok kútja
Italian Pozzo dei Desideri
Japanese 願いの井戸 (pron. negai no ido) +1 カードを引く+1 アクション。 カード1枚を指定し、山札の一番上のカードを公開する。公開したカードを指定していた場合、手札に加える。
Korean 소원의 우물 (pron. sowon-ui umul)
Norwegian Ønskebrønn
Polish Studnia życzeń Polish language Wishing Well
Russian Колодец Желаний (pron. kolodyets zhyelaniy) DigitalRussian language Wishing Well +1 Карта. +1 Действие. Назовите карту и раскройте верхнюю карту вашей колоды. Если вы раскрыли названную карту, то положите её в руку.
Spanish Pozo de los Deseos

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Secret History

Taken from the original 3rd set. I don't remember why I moved this here, but I do like it here.

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