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Cost Coin4.png
Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set CornucopiaCornucopia icon.png
Illustrator(s) Mark Poole
Card text
Do this twice: Trash a card from your hand, then gain a card costing exactly Coin1.png more than the trashed card.

Remake is an Action card from Cornucopia. It is one of the elite trashers since it can both trash two cards at a time and gain you good cards for trashing your EstatesEstate.jpg, thus allowing you to build your deck up at the same time as you trash.


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • Trash a card from your hand, and gain a card costing exactly Coin1.png more than it; then trash another card from your hand, and gain a card costing exactly Coin1.png more than that card.
  • If you have no cards in hand, you do not trash anything or gain anything; if you have only one card in hand, trash it and gain a card costing Coin1.png more than it.
  • Gained cards come from the Supply and are put into your discard pile.
  • If there is no card at the exact cost needed, you do not gain a card for that trashed card. For example you could use Remake to trash an Estate, gaining a Silver, then trash a Copper, gaining nothing.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

  • First trash a card, activating on-trash abilities; then gain a card, activating on-gain abilities; then trash a second card, activating its on-trash abilities; then gain a card, activating on-gain abilities.

[edit] Strategy Article

original article by DWetzel, edited by theory

Remake is a powerful early game trasher that lets you turn your EstatesEstate.jpg into something useful (SilversSilver.jpg, if nothing else) while getting those pesky CoppersCopper.jpg out of your deck — two things you normally want early in the game. However, there are some special situations in which Remake can be useful for much, much more than that.

The most important part of Remake is the “exactly Coin1.png more” clause. If there’s nothing that costs exactly Coin1.png more than the card you’re Remaking, you simply trash it. That’s a great thing when you’re using Remake to trash a Copper or a CurseCurse.jpg (sorry, Poor HousePoor House.jpg lovers). However, it also means on many boards that you can’t use Remake to get to ProvincesProvince.jpg, because a card costing Coin7.png won’t be there. And you can’t plan on Remaking anything into a ColonyColony.jpg if those are on the board.

Remake has two powerful advantages over other cheap, early game trashers.

First is that you are gaining something. The strength of this is not immediately apparent, but there are very few cards in the game that allow you to thin your deck and improve it at the same time. And those tend to be very strong: see, e.g., MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg. At worst, Remake lets you Remake your Estates into Silvers. At best, you get wonderful Actions like MenagerieMenagerie.jpg and Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg. (More on Menagerie later.)

The second is that unlike RemodelRemodel.jpg and BishopBishop.jpg (both of which also gain you something with the trashed cards), you get to trash two cards with it. Early in the game that’s wonderful — if you bought Remake on Turn 1, and draw it on your next shuffle, there’s an excellent chance your hand looks like Remake-Copper-Copper-Copper-Estate, and you get to trash an Estate for a useful Coin3.png card, AND remove a Copper from your deck, AND remove an Estate from your deck. If you’re lucky enough to draw two Estates with Remake, it’s time for your happy dance, since you get to remove two dead cards from your deck and replace them with two good cards. That’s a very very powerful turn early in the game. (If you draw Remake and four Coppers, no happy dance will be forthcoming, but usually the best move, as usual, is to trash a couple of Coppers while probably wishing you had a StewardSteward.jpg instead.) Of course, regardless of what you drew, you’re probably doing nothing with the remaining two cards in your hand — but that’s the downside of almost all powerful early-game trashers anyway, and not a huge deal since your Remake hopefully gained you something.

In a Big Money setting, Remake is decent enough to turn those Estates into Silvers while slightly pruning the Copper out of your deck. The problem is that once you’re done with Estate removal, Remake itself can become a dead card in your hand. (You can’t trash SilverSilver.jpg or GoldGold.jpg into anything useful, and if you’re doing it right you bought the DuchiesDuchy.jpg about the time you actually need the points anyway and don’t want to turn them into Gold.) Another light trasher/upgrader (Remodel is great for this) can help remove that Remake and maybe turn it into something useful. On balance, turning Estates into Silvers and removing Coppers is a useful but not terribly exciting move. As mentioned above, Remake can remain far more useful in a setting with a card like BankBank.jpg or ExpandExpand.jpg (or another Coin7.png cost card) — in these instances, Remaking a Bank into a Province late in the game can be a game-decider.

In an engine setting, Remake is far more useful. In the early game, instead of turning your Estates into Silvers, you can potentially turn your Estates into valuable engine parts like Villages or Menageries, letting you save time and focus your buying power on the other parts of your engine. Just remember to save enough Copper to buy those other parts. Mid-game, you can turn those cheaper engine parts into better ones. A typical example: a hand of Remake-VillageVillage.jpg-Silver-Copper-Estate. You could “go fish” with the Village, but it’s probably better to Remake your Estate into a Village, your Village into that SmithySmithy.jpg you always wanted, and buy another Village with the remaining Coin3.png in your hand. We removed an Estate from our deck, replaced it with a Smithy, and added a Village as well. That’s even better than just buying a Smithy and a Village in one turn, because we’ve also removed the dead card (the Estate) from our deck.

In general Remake is most strong when there are good Coin3.png cards. Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg, VillageVillage.jpg, OasisOasis.jpg, SchemeScheme.jpg, WarehouseWarehouse.jpg are all great cards for Remake, and you rarely have to worry about having too many of them. But MenagerieMenagerie.jpg is the king here, because Remake’s trashing happens to be one of Menagerie’s great enablers by killing all your duplicate Estates and Copper.

Trashing two cards each turn gives Remake some problems, similar to what you would see with Trading PostTrading Post.jpg where you don’t have two cards in hand to trash, and similar to what you might also see with a StewardSteward.jpg where playing the action only leaves two cards from a five card hand. So Remake is improved in the early game by having cheap useful cards in the kingdom such as LighthouseLighthouse.jpg or HavenHaven.jpg to buy with your 2-card hand. Remake is improved in the mid game by larger hand sizes that give more choice of Remake targets. Remake can be improved in the end game by having Coin4.png cards in your deck that can be trashed for Duchies (sometimes other Remakes).

Remake is far worse for Shelter games, which goes back to the point about the strength of its openings being the Silver/component gain, not just the trashing of the garbage. With Shelters, you get to remake them into Coin2.png cards, which are often just not as exciting as the Coin3.png′s.

Remake can do well with cards that can mass Coin4.png′s, particularly those that don’t need +action: TalismanTalisman.jpg and IronworksIronworks.jpg can supply a steady supply of Remake fodder. To be worthwhile you need a really strong engine, something to slow down the other guy, or some other power Coin5.png combo (e.g. Remake/Talisman/VentureVenture.jpg can quickly bounce you up to Provinces and let you nab the odd Duchy at endgame).

A few miscellaneous combos with Remake:

Border Village

This one is extremely fun. Take your Coin5.png card (let’s use TorturerTorturer.jpg as an example for maximum fun). Remake it into a Border Village. Border Village lets us gain a card costing less than Border Village. Hey, look, my Coin5.png card costs less than Border Village — I think I’ll gain a new Torturer. Presto, free Border Village, albeit at the cost of not using our terminal action. That cost isn’t so bad, though, because we probably had colliding terminals anyway, and now we have a Border Village so we won’t have that problem next time.

This works with, really, any good Coin5.png card, but is especially effective with terminal drawing Coin5.png cards like TorturerTorturer.jpg and RabbleRabble.jpg. This is a powerful trick that lets you quickly build a strong engine.

The other side of this trick comes in the late game, when that WitchWitch.jpg or Torturer has run out of curses to give, and you really don’t need it any more. Remake your Witch into a Border Village, and instead of gaining a Witch back, gain a more useful card late in the game – a Duchy. Remaking a pair of Witches as a late game surprise to grab an extra 6 VP can be a game-deciding move, and an opportunity worth looking for.


Remake trashes your CursesCurse.jpg, but Remake can also trash your Cursers. Cursers often are somewhat meaningless after you run out of Curses. Remake can turn them into much more useful cards after they have outstayed their welcome, and is especially good for the Coin4.png Cursers (Sea HagSea Hag.jpg and Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg), which can become Duchies.


Haggler lets us gain a card costing less than the card we just bought. That’s a nice ability in itself. If nothing else, in a Big Money setting, we can buy a Gold in the middle game and gain another Haggler. Well, that’s great to a point, but at some point you’ve got four or five Hagglers in your hand and nobody can get a word in edgewise and the next thing you know you’re wondering why you have to take a Copper with that Silver you just bought. Remake can solve this problem nicely — turn those extra Hagglers into Gold.

More seriously, in a setting where Haggler helps you pick up less valuable engine pieces, Remake is great at turning them into better pieces quickly, and adapting your deck. Finding yourself a little low on actions? Remake that Smithy into a FestivalFestival.jpg.


Hoard is a wonderful addition to most decks — who doesn’t love to gain a Gold every time you buy a victory card? The downside to this benefit, of course, is that sometimes we find ourselves without enough money to buy something good, and find ourselves looking at Coin5.png, or maybe Coin6.png, and wondering whether we should really be buying that Duchy so early in the game. Remake says “wonder no more” — splurge on that Duchy, gain the Gold, and later turn that Duchy into something useful. Maybe a Dr. Zoidberg? No, silly — maybe another Hoard.

Similarly, in an engine with +Buy, it’s easy to use Hoard multiple times in a turn, and Remake the less useful VP cards — into more coins if nothing else.

HighwaysHighway.jpg (and other cost reducers)

We touched briefly on the idea that trashing a Copper or a Curse removes them from our deck because there aren’t any Coin1.png cards to gain. Well, I lied, sort of (Poor HousePoor House.jpg now too). Highways change that rule, reducing the cost of all cards — but not to less than Coin0.png. That means that it’s possible to turn any card — yes, even ColonyColony.jpg — into a Coin1.png card with enough cost reduction. Now, if you can play 10 Highways in a turn, you probably don’t need my help to figure out what to do — but let’s look at a more typical situation.

In a typical midgame setting, we’ve built a deck with a few Highways and not a lot else (because we’ve used Remake to clear our some of the chaff from our deck). Let’s say we can get two of them into play. Now both Estates and Coppers cost Coin0.png, and cards (like Silver) that used to cost Coin3.png now cost Coin1.png. Remaking our Copper will now give us a Silver, or another Coin3.png card. So will Estate, but that didn’t change much. Still, turning the Coppers into Silvers is a pretty good thing — that’s comparable to Expanding two cards at once.

With four Highways, we’re really in business. Copper and Estates cost Coin0.png, but cards that were Coin5.png now cost Coin1.png. Like, say, Highway. Well, I don’t know about you, but Remaking a couple of Estates into a couple more Highways is a great use of eminent domain as far as I’m concerned. Highway + upgrading cards can really snowball quickly for this reason.

With seven Highways (and we can see how we might get to seven Highways quickly), now Provinces cost Coin1.png. It’s a fairly simple matter to play a pile of Highways, toss a Remake jauntily on the table with two Coppers, and get a quick 12 VP. Oh, and then buy a Highway or something with the Coin0.png you have left.

One special danger with this trick is worth noting though: ONE Highway can be detrimental to your Remaking efforts. It doesn’t help with Estates, because all the cards that cost Coin1.png more than Estate still cost Coin1.png more than Estate — but now Estate itself costs Coin1.png more than Copper, and that means Remaking your Copper will just throw an Estate back in your deck that you don’t want.

I’ve used Highway in these examples, but BridgeBridge.jpg can work as well in principle. Bridge and Remake are both terminal actions though, so if you want to try these tricks with Bridge you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a source of actions available.


Remake your first Fortress into a Coin5.png. Your Fortress pops back into hand. Remake the same Fortress into another Coin5.png. Your Fortress pops back into hand. Note that Remake works with Fortress, but MercenaryMercenary.jpg doesn’t.


Make a thin deck. Spam the other guy with Ruins. Remake out the Ruins in your own deck. Then Remake two cultists into Golds and draw them now. This works extremely well in engines where you can line up double Cultist shots and have the +Action/+Buy to take advantage of your new Golds and +6 cards.


You can pick up 3 Silvers easy and start dumping Copper. Once you get Gold/Silver/Silver, you can trash down with Remake or Bishop and eventually Bishop the Remake, buy a Province. From here on out you have a solid Golden Deck.

Market SquareMarket Square.jpg

Open Remake/Market Square. Remake Estates into Market Squares. Burn Coppers for Golds. Use Market Square’s cantrip +buy to take advantage of heavy Gold hands to either make a simple engine or to get some strong late game pay outs (e.g. Province + Duchy or Duchy + Duchy).


Turn your Coppers and Estates into Rats, and Remake the Rats into strong Coin5.png′s (e.g. VentureVenture.jpg, LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg, FestivalFestival.jpg/LibraryLibrary.jpg).

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Digital version for Dominion Online

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text Notes
Czech Nové provedení
Dutch Nieuwe versie
Finnish Jälleenrakennus
French Renouvellement
German Nachbau
Italian Rifacimento
Japanese 再建 (pron. saiken) 以下を2度実行する: 手札1枚を廃棄し、それよりコストがCoin1.png多いカード1枚を獲得する。
Polish Rozbiórka Polish language Remake
Russian Переделка (pron. pyeryedyelka)
Spanish Reconstrucción
Remake is Reconstrucción (noun), and RebuildRebuild.jpg is Reconstruir (verb)

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Secret History

This never changed. It was just a cute Remodel variant, but ended up supporting the variety theme, by helping you get that variety.

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