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Type Base Game
Icon Dominion icon.png
Cards 500
252 (1st) / 262 (2nd) (25/26 sets)
32 (1st) / 26 (2nd)
7 (1st) / 4 (2nd)
Other Card(s)
1 Trash pile card (1st only)
Additional Material(s)  
1 Trash mat (2nd only)
Theme(s) Simplicity
Release October 2008 (1st) / Fall 2016 (2nd)
Cover artist Matthias Catrein (1st) / Julien Delval (2nd)
Official Rulebook PDF

Dominion, sometimes called Base Dominion or Base Set, is the first Dominion game created by Donald X. Vaccarino. It was released in 2008 by publisher Rio Grande Games. The box contains 25 sets of Kingdom Cards and Basic Supply Cards to support up to 4 players. The base set was also included in the Special Edition and both the English and German Big Boxes. A second edition was released in Fall 2016, updating wording and formatting on cards, replacing the Trash card with a mat, and replacing 6 obsoleted first edition cards with 7 new ones. The new cards are also available in an update pack provided to allow existing Dominion sets to be updated to the second edition form.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Basic Supply Cards

$0 CopperCopper.jpg, CurseCurse.jpg
$2 EstateEstate.jpg
$3 SilverSilver.jpg
$5 DuchyDuchy.jpg
$6 GoldGold.jpg
$8 ProvinceProvince.jpg

[edit] Kingdom Cards, second edition

Cards with an asterisk (*) were added in the second edition.

$2 CellarCellar.jpg, ChapelChapel.jpg, MoatMoat.jpg
$3 HarbingerHarbinger.jpg*, MerchantMerchant.jpg*, VassalVassal.jpg*, VillageVillage.jpg, WorkshopWorkshop.jpg
$4 BureaucratBureaucrat.jpg, GardensGardens.jpg, MilitiaMilitia.jpg, MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg, PoacherPoacher.jpg*, RemodelRemodel.jpg, SmithySmithy.jpg, Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg
$5 BanditBandit.jpg*, Council RoomCouncil Room.jpg, FestivalFestival.jpg, LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg, LibraryLibrary.jpg, MarketMarket.jpg, MineMine.jpg, SentrySentry.jpg*, WitchWitch.jpg
$6 ArtisanArtisan.jpg*

[edit] Removed first-edition Kingdom cards

$3 ChancellorChancellor.jpg, WoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg
$4 FeastFeast.jpg, SpySpy.jpg, ThiefThief.jpg
$6 AdventurerAdventurer.jpg

[edit] Flavor Text

You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner.

But wait! It must be something in the air; several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn’t be proud, but your grandparents, on your mother's side, would be delighted.

[edit] Cards Gallery

[edit] Basic Cards

Copper.jpg Curse.jpg Estate.jpg Silver.jpg Duchy.jpg Gold.jpg Province.jpg

[edit] Kingdom Cards

Cellar.jpg Chapel.jpg Moat.jpg Harbinger.jpg Merchant.jpg Vassal.jpg Village.jpg Workshop.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Gardens.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Poacher.jpg Remodel.jpg Smithy.jpg Throne Room.jpg Bandit.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Laboratory.jpg Library.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg Sentry.jpg Witch.jpg Artisan.jpg

[edit] Removed Cards

Chancellor.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Feast.jpg Spy.jpg Thief.jpg Adventurer.jpg

[edit] Impact of the Base set

As the original game, this set contains the cards that serve as most players' introduction to Dominion. The cards are, for the most part, simple, yet compelling. Some of them, like SmithySmithy.jpg, Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, MilitiaMilitia.jpg, GardensGardens.jpg, WitchWitch.jpg, ChapelChapel.jpg, and VillageVillage.jpg, are important cornerstones to strategies and strategic discussions, and serve as archetypes for card categories. As such, other cards of those categories have their costs dictated by these cards, as they tend to be these original cards with something "extra." The main strategies (engine, big money, slog, rush and combo) all have their roots in this set, in the most basic forms of each.

The Base set now is often considered simply a gateway to the more complex or "interesting" sets which introduce new mechanics and strategies, but it is the Base set which won the Spiel des Jahres, and it is the Base set which drew most players into the game of Dominion.

The original Base set had a much lower percentage of non-terminal Actions than most of the expansions, which gave it a reputation as favoring Big Money decks over engines.

[edit] Alternate versions

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Chinese: 皇舆争霸 (pron. huáng yú zhēngbà, lit. struggle for the emperor's throne)
  • Czech: Dominion
  • Dutch: Dominion: In naam van de koning (lit. in the name of the king)
  • Finnish: Dominion: Valtakunta (lit. the kingdom)
  • French: Dominion: Votre royaume commence ici! (lit. your kingdom begins here!)
  • German: Dominion: Was für eine Welt! (lit. what a world!)
  • Greek: Dominion: Ο κυρίαρχος (pron. o kyriarchos, lit. the dominant)
  • Hungarian: Dominion
  • Italian: Dominion: Nasce un Regno (lit. birth of a king)
  • Japanese: ドミニオン (pron. dominion)
  • Korean: 도미니언 (pron. dominieon)
  • Norwegian: Dominion
  • Polish: Dominion: Rozdarte Królestwo (lit. a kingdom torn apart) (Bard edition) / Dominion (GFP edition)
  • Romanian: Dominion
  • Russian: Доминион (pron. dominion)
  • Spanish: Dominion
  • Swedish: Dominion

[edit] Secret History

Donald X. Vaccarino gave an interview to BGN concerning the design of the base set: the Secret History of the Dominion Cards.

[edit] Retrospective

The big thing is to add more replayability. There are six vanilla cards and probably five would have been fine; the obvious one to replace is WoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg. Woodcutter is a fine card for the main set but the other vanilla cards are all better. That means all of the +buy cards would cost $5 but I can live with that. After that, FeastFeast.jpg adds very little. ChancellorChancellor.jpg doesn't add much and would have been better in Intrigue (where it came from); the fact that it's a puzzler is way better in an expansion than in the main set. And finally there's SpySpy.jpg. Spy is slow to resolve, that's the big thing. Over the years I have learned that ideally Spy-type attacks don't have +1 action, or don't involve a decision, or both. RabbleRabble.jpg is exactly what I want. Spy has +1 action and involves a decision, so you potentially make tons of decisions per turn. I like decisions but man Spy is not where to get them. It initially got to interact with two attacks that trashed cards from the top of your deck, and that's cool, but now it only interacts with ThiefThief.jpg (in the main set that is), and that combo just isn't worth the slot.

The way to think of these things is, imagine the replacement cards. Let's say I just take out Woodcutter and Feast and put in Wishing WellWishing Well.jpg and CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg. Those are not top-of-the-line adored-by-all go-in-every-deck cards. But they still give you more to do than Woodcutter and Feast do.

It would be nice if Thief were stronger, but it already scares new players, and once everyone was new. There are some wording tweaks; Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg and MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg should of course say "you may." I would try coloring the coins on the treasures. The Trash card should be a mat instead.

There are people who complain about various other cards, but I am happy with those, so there.

[edit] Second Edition

Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!
Would not we shatter it to bits - and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

I can't trace exactly how it happened, but over time, I gradually built up an interest in revising the main set and Intrigue. The reasons piled up.

  • It would be nice to have the prettier Base Cards in the main set.
  • We could have a playmat for the trash.
  • I could improve the rulebooks.
  • I could improve card wordings.
  • Hey I could actually replace some cards with better ones.

We couldn't replace cards without providing them separately. We could do that though, we could provide them separately. A small box with just the new cards. Two mini-expansions (that would go out of print when demand for them fell off).

In June 2015 I decided to go for it. I started thinking about it and talking about it with playtesters; I didn't actually test any new cards until July. Empires was still going on but that was fine, I would test Empires cards and slip in the new main set / Intrigue cards. Later of course it got to be the focus. Initially I was going to replace five cards and add one (there's space due to taking out the randomizer-backed base cards). I eventually came around to replacing six (and adding one) instead.

My goal with the replacements was to increase the number of decks to build, the number of things to do, while keeping things simple. Simplicity is tough with so many expansions but man I am pretty pleased with the complexity level of the new main set cards. The Intrigue cards are more complex but still pretty reasonable. There was the additional goal of just fixing any other problems I could fix, whatever problems there were, but the main goal was to have more things you could do.

Normally these posts just talk about new stuff, but today I also get to talk about the old stuff. Why did I replace cards? Right, to make the sets better. The main set and Intrigue have the most duds - the most cards that experienced players rarely buy, that usually aren't worth considering. Or, in the case of some main set cards, that just didn't add much to the game, didn't give you things to do. Seaside is 3rd but much better by this metric; after Seaside there just aren't many duds to speak of in any one expansion. I have big plans to fix wordings in every pre-Empires set, but only Dominion and Intrigue are getting new cards.

If I redid the main set from scratch, more things would change. For example I might do a draw-first Cellar like WarehouseWarehouse.jpg because that's simpler. There are rules things: for example I might change how Reactions work. But I was just replacing six cards, adding one, and keeping the game compatible with all the expansions.

Actually, there's one rules change: the exact way it tells you to deal with shuffling is different. It now says, when you have to do something with more cards than are left, shuffle your discard pile, put it under your deck, then do the thing (or, put the remaining cards on top of the shuffled cards, same difference). This has no functional difference though (except with the promo Stash, which will get a wording to fix this when reprinted), and was already how some people did it. I changed that (from "do the thing with the remaining cards, then shuffle to get the rest") to clarify tricky situations like, what if I trash Overgrown EstateOvergrown Estate.jpg with LookoutLookout.jpg - is the card I draw one of the ones I'm looking at, or what? "Do the thing with the remaining cards" worked a lot better when the thing was always "draw." The rulings haven't changed but now it's easier to see what happens. It's also easier to remember how many cards you have left to draw after playing your Smithy and shuffling (though I personally was already putting the 1-2 cards on the Smithy while shuffling so I'd remember).

In the end it seemed reasonable to also change three cards functionally in a very mild way. Moneylender, Mine, and Throne Room all should say "you may." It keeps you honest. You play Moneylender for some exotic reason (like making PeddlerPeddler.jpg cheaper) but don't want to trash a Copper (that you do have in hand). You can get away with cheating. The card should either make you reveal that you have no Copper, or be optional so that it's legal to not trash the Copper (and being optional is simpler/shorter and so preferred). This essentially never comes up for Moneylender and Mine. It does come up with Throne Room once in a while though. It was a question, should the mini-expansions include these changes. In the end it seemed like, that's such a poor product - buying Moneylender etc. again just for "you may." I didn't want to be selling that to people extra, that didn't seem like an option. The options were not making the changes, or including the changes in the set but not the mini-expansion. I went with the latter and well I hope everyone is okay with that.

A similar thing came up for one Intrigue card, MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg. You can potentially lock your opponent out of cards (in a 2-player game) with certain combinations - for example, King's CourtKing's Court.jpg, Masquerade, Militia. Every turn you play out the rest of your deck, Militia them, King's Court a Masquerade, and they pass you three cards that you trash, while you don't pass them any. It is not an especially common situation, and most players who don't read up on these things in forums probably don't know about it. Still it has a fix - having Masquerade not include players with no cards in hand - and here was my chance to do it. I went for it. Again this is not part of the mini-expansion.

The plan was to update the base cards in both sets, but Jay started thinking, why not shift Intrigue to a regular expansion? Since Base Cards is a product now, you can just buy Base Cards and whatever expansion; it doesn't have to be Intrigue. People who want 5-6 player support can buy Base Cards; people who don't want it don't have to pay extra to have it included in Intrigue.

So all together the changes are:

  • Six cards dropped
  • Seven cards added
  • Three cards changed very mildly ("you may") / one card changed mildly
  • Base cards improved with art / base cards dropped
  • Other cards changed to have better phrasings (that are functionally the same).
  • Rulebooks improved
  • A trash playmat in the main set

The base cards are actually better than the Base Cards product ones (which will be updated to match); they have art but reinstate the big symbol (but smaller). In some cases the art had to be nudged down to fit the symbol nicely. PlatinumPlatinum.jpg (in Prosperity) will actually get new art; there was no nice way to put the coin on or above the pyramid.

Card text will change for all sets prior to Empires (which already has these changes, so you can go see how you like them there right now). The different kinds of changes:

  • Some wordings are improved to be clearer / simpler.
  • We now use "they" instead of "he."
  • A bigger font is used on cards that can use it.
  • +Cards etc. in the body of the text are in bold.
  • Layout will be more consistent and have better text centering etc.

A very small number of other cards may have changes. I don't have a complete list (and won't until all the work is done); the idea is to only do this when the wording gets a lot better and the change almost never comes up. It's not all the stuff I would change if only; it's really confined to nice improvements that only matter in exotic corner cases.

And PossessionPossession.jpg will change to also give you tokens, but that's already errata to handle Debt tokens. And Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg will have a wording that makes it clear it doesn't interact with Guilds coin tokens.

[edit] Recommended Sets of 10

[edit] Dominion Only

First Game [+/-]
Cellar Market Merchant Militia Mine
Cellar.jpg Market.jpg Merchant.jpg Militia.jpg Mine.jpg
Moat.jpg Remodel.jpg Smithy.jpg Village.jpg Workshop.jpg
Moat Remodel Smithy Village Workshop
Size Distortion [+/-]
Artisan Bandit Bureaucrat Chapel Festival
Artisan.jpg Bandit.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Chapel.jpg Festival.jpg
Gardens.jpg Sentry.jpg Throne Room.jpg Witch.jpg Workshop.jpg
Gardens Sentry Throne Room Witch Workshop
Deck Top [+/-]
Artisan Bureaucrat Council Room Festival Harbinger
Artisan.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Harbinger.jpg
Laboratory.jpg Moneylender.jpg Sentry.jpg Vassal.jpg Village.jpg
Laboratory Moneylender Sentry Vassal Village
Sleight of Hand [+/-]
Cellar Council Room Festival Gardens Library
Cellar.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Gardens.jpg Library.jpg
Harbinger.jpg Militia.jpg Poacher.jpg Smithy.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Harbinger Militia Poacher Smithy Throne Room
Improvements [+/-]
Artisan Cellar Market Merchant Mine
Artisan.jpg Cellar.jpg Market.jpg Merchant.jpg Mine.jpg
Moat.jpg Moneylender.jpg Poacher.jpg Remodel.jpg Witch.jpg
Moat Moneylender Poacher Remodel Witch
Silver & Gold [+/-]
Bandit Bureaucrat Chapel Harbinger Laboratory
Bandit.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Chapel.jpg Harbinger.jpg Laboratory.jpg
Merchant.jpg Mine.jpg Moneylender.jpg Throne Room.jpg Vassal.jpg
Merchant Mine Moneylender Throne Room Vassal

[edit] Dominion & Intrigue

Underlings [+/-]
Cellar Festival Library Sentry Vassal
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg Sentry.jpg Vassal.jpg
Courtier.jpg Diplomat.jpg Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg
Courtier Diplomat Minion Nobles Pawn
Grand Scheme [+/-]
Artisan Council Room Market Militia Workshop
Artisan.jpg Council Room.jpg Market.jpg Militia.jpg Workshop.jpg
Bridge.jpg Mill.jpg Mining Village.jpg Patrol.jpg Shanty Town.jpg
Bridge Mill Mining Village Patrol Shanty Town
Deconstruction [+/-]
Bandit Mine Remodel Throne Room Village
Bandit.jpg Mine.jpg Remodel.jpg Throne Room.jpg Village.jpg
Diplomat.jpg Harem.jpg Lurker.jpg Replace.jpg Swindler.jpg
Diplomat Harem Lurker Replace Swindler

[edit] Dominion & Seaside

Reach for Tomorrow [+/-]
Artisan Cellar Council Room Vassal Village
Artisan.jpg Cellar.jpg Council Room.jpg Vassal.jpg Village.jpg
Cutpurse.jpg Ghost Ship.jpg Lookout.jpg Sea Hag.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Cutpurse Ghost Ship Lookout Sea Hag Treasure Map
Repetition [+/-]
Festival Harbinger Militia Workshop Caravan
Festival.jpg Harbinger.jpg Militia.jpg Workshop.jpg Caravan.jpg
Explorer.jpg Outpost.jpg Pearl Diver.jpg Pirate Ship.jpg Treasury.jpg
Explorer Outpost Pearl Diver Pirate Ship Treasury
Give and Take [+/-]
Library Market Moneylender Witch Ambassador
Library.jpg Market.jpg Moneylender.jpg Witch.jpg Ambassador.jpg
Fishing Village.jpg Haven.jpg Island.jpg Salvager.jpg Smugglers.jpg
Fishing Village Haven Island Salvager Smugglers

[edit] Dominion & Alchemy

Forbidden Arts [+/-]
Bandit Cellar Council Room Gardens Laboratory
Bandit.jpg Cellar.jpg Council Room.jpg Gardens.jpg Laboratory.jpg
Throne Room.jpg Apprentice.jpg Familiar.jpg Possession.jpg University.jpg
Throne Room Apprentice Familiar Possession University
Additional Cards
Potion Mixers [+/-]
Cellar Festival Militia Poacher Smithy
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg Poacher.jpg Smithy.jpg
Alchemist.jpg Apothecary.jpg Golem.jpg Herbalist.jpg Transmute.jpg
Alchemist Apothecary Golem Herbalist Transmute
Additional Cards
Chemistry Lesson [+/-]
Bureaucrat Market Moat Remodel Vassal
Bureaucrat.jpg Market.jpg Moat.jpg Remodel.jpg Vassal.jpg
Witch.jpg Alchemist.jpg Golem.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg University.jpg
Witch Alchemist Golem Philosopher's Stone University
Additional Cards

[edit] Dominion & Prosperity

Biggest Money [+/-]
Artisan Harbinger Laboratory Mine Moneylender
Artisan.jpg Harbinger.jpg Laboratory.jpg Mine.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Bank.jpg Grand Market.jpg Mint.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Venture.jpg
Bank Grand Market Mint Royal Seal Venture
The King's Army [+/-]
Bureaucrat Council Room Merchant Moat Village
Bureaucrat.jpg Council Room.jpg Merchant.jpg Moat.jpg Village.jpg
Expand.jpg Goons.jpg King's Court.jpg Rabble.jpg Vault.jpg
Expand Goons King's Court Rabble Vault
The Good Life [+/-]
Artisan Bureaucrat Cellar Gardens Village
Artisan.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Cellar.jpg Gardens.jpg Village.jpg
Contraband.jpg Counting House.jpg Hoard.jpg Monument.jpg Mountebank.jpg
Contraband Counting House Hoard Monument Mountebank

[edit] Dominion & Cornucopia

Bounty of the Hunt [+/-]
Cellar Festival Militia Moneylender Smithy
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Smithy.jpg
Harvest.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Tournament.jpg
Harvest Horn of Plenty Hunting Party Menagerie Tournament
Bad Omens [+/-]
Bureaucrat Laboratory Merchant Poacher Throne Room
Bureaucrat.jpg Laboratory.jpg Merchant.jpg Poacher.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg
Fortune Teller Hamlet Horn of Plenty Jester Remake
The Jester's Workshop [+/-]
Artisan Laboratory Market Remodel Workshop
Artisan.jpg Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg Remodel.jpg Workshop.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Fairgrounds Farming Village Horse Traders Jester Young Witch
Additional Cards
Bane pile:

[edit] Dominion & Hinterlands

Highway Robbery [+/-]
Cellar Library Moneylender Throne Room Workshop
Cellar.jpg Library.jpg Moneylender.jpg Throne Room.jpg Workshop.jpg
Highway.jpg Inn.jpg Margrave.jpg Noble Brigand.jpg Oasis.jpg
Highway Inn Margrave Noble Brigand Oasis
Adventures Abroad [+/-]
Festival Laboratory Remodel Sentry Vassal
Festival.jpg Laboratory.jpg Remodel.jpg Sentry.jpg Vassal.jpg
Crossroads.jpg Farmland.jpg Fool's Gold.jpg Oracle.jpg Spice Merchant.jpg
Crossroads Farmland Fool's Gold Oracle Spice Merchant

[edit] Dominion & Dark Ages

High and Low [+/-]
Cellar Moneylender Throne Room Witch Workshop
Cellar.jpg Moneylender.jpg Throne Room.jpg Witch.jpg Workshop.jpg
Hermit.jpg Hunting Grounds.jpg Mystic.jpg Poor House.jpg Wandering Minstrel.jpg
Hermit Hunting Grounds Mystic Poor House Wandering Minstrel
Chivalry and Revelry [+/-]
Festival Gardens Laboratory Library Remodel
Festival.jpg Gardens.jpg Laboratory.jpg Library.jpg Remodel.jpg
Altar.jpg Knights.jpg Rats.jpg Scavenger.jpg Squire.jpg
Altar Knights Rats Scavenger Squire

[edit] Dominion & Guilds

Arts and Crafts [+/-]
Laboratory Cellar Workshop Festival Moneylender
Laboratory.jpg Cellar.jpg Workshop.jpg Festival.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Stonemason.jpg Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Journeyman.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Stonemason Advisor Baker Journeyman Merchant Guild
Clean Living [+/-]
Bandit Militia Moneylender Gardens Village
Bandit.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Gardens.jpg Village.jpg
Butcher.jpg Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Doctor.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker Doctor Soothsayer
Gilding the Lily [+/-]
Library Merchant Remodel Market Sentry
Library.jpg Merchant.jpg Remodel.jpg Market.jpg Sentry.jpg
Plaza.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Taxman.jpg Herald.jpg
Plaza Masterpiece Candlestick Maker Taxman Herald

[edit] Dominion & Adventures

Level Up [+/-]
Market Merchant Militia Throne Room Workshop
Market.jpg Merchant.jpg Militia.jpg Throne Room.jpg Workshop.jpg
Dungeon.jpg Gear.jpg Guide.jpg Lost City.jpg Miser.jpg
Dungeon Gear Guide Lost City Miser
Additional Cards
Son of Size Distortion [+/-]
Bandit Bureaucrat Gardens Moneylender Witch
Bandit.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Gardens.jpg Moneylender.jpg Witch.jpg
Amulet.jpg Duplicate.jpg Giant.jpg Messenger.jpg Treasure Trove.jpg
Amulet Duplicate Giant Messenger Treasure Trove
Additional Cards
Bonfire Raid
Bonfire.jpg Raid.jpg

[edit] Dominion & Empires

Everything in Moderation [+/-]
Cellar Library Remodel Village Workshop
Cellar.jpg Library.jpg Remodel.jpg Village.jpg Workshop.jpg
Enchantress.jpg Forum.jpg Legionary.jpg Overlord.jpg Temple.jpg
Enchantress Forum Legionary Overlord Temple
Additional Cards
Windfall Orchard
Windfall.jpg Orchard.jpg
Silver Bullets [+/-]
Bureaucrat Gardens Laboratory Market Moneylender
Bureaucrat.jpg Gardens.jpg Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Catapult.jpg Charm.jpg Farmers' Market.jpg Groundskeeper.jpg Patrician.jpg
Catapult Charm Farmers' Market Groundskeeper Patrician
Additional Cards
Conquest Aqueduct
Conquest.jpg Aqueduct.jpg

[edit] Dominion & Nocturne

Night Shift [+/-]
Druid Exorcist Ghost Town Idol Night Watchman
Druid.jpg Exorcist.jpg Ghost Town.jpg Idol.jpg Night Watchman.jpg
Bandit.jpg Gardens.jpg Mine.jpg Poacher.jpg Smithy.jpg
Bandit Gardens Mine Poacher Smithy
Additional Cards
Boons for Druid
The Earth's Gift The Flame's Gift The Forest's Gift
The Earth's Gift.jpg The Flame's Gift.jpg The Forest's Gift.jpg
Idle Hands [+/-]
Bard Conclave Cursed Village Devil's Workshop Tragic Hero
Bard.jpg Conclave.jpg Cursed Village.jpg Devil's Workshop.jpg Tragic Hero.jpg
Cellar.jpg Harbinger.jpg Market.jpg Merchant.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Cellar Harbinger Market Merchant Moneylender
Additional Cards
Boons Hexes
Boon-back.jpg Hex-back.jpg

Base set
Cards $2 CellarCellar.jpgChapelChapel.jpgMoatMoat.jpg $3 HarbingerHarbinger.jpg • MerchantMerchant.jpgVassalVassal.jpgVillageVillage.jpgWorkshopWorkshop.jpg $4 BureaucratBureaucrat.jpgGardensGardens.jpgMilitiaMilitia.jpgMoneylenderMoneylender.jpgPoacherPoacher.jpgRemodelRemodel.jpgSmithySmithy.jpgThrone RoomThrone Room.jpg $5 BanditBandit.jpgCouncil RoomCouncil Room.jpgFestivalFestival.jpgLaboratoryLaboratory.jpgLibraryLibrary.jpgMarketMarket.jpgMineMine.jpgSentrySentry.jpg • WitchWitch.jpg $6 ArtisanArtisan.jpg
Removed cards $3 ChancellorChancellor.jpgWoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg $4 FeastFeast.jpgSpySpy.jpgThiefThief.jpg $6 AdventurerAdventurer.jpg
Combos and Counters Beggar/GardensChancellor/StashGuide vs MilitiaHighway/MarketMine/PotionWorkshop/GardensBishop vs GardensLibrary vs BishopLibrary vs MilitiaLibrary vs RelicMilitia vs Warehouse
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