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Dominion: Big Box describes three different Dominion collections, two released in English by Rio Grande Games in 2011 and 2016, and one released in German by Hans im Glück in 2011.

[edit] English-language Big Box

Big Box
Big Box.jpg
Type Combo Expansion
Cards 950
Release 2010

This collection contains the expansions Dominion, Alchemy, and Prosperity. For details on each expansion, please see their pages as linked above. The expansion uniquely included a large Base Cards Mat for all the base cards included in the Big Box expansions. The expansion was available exclusively on, although many independent vendors eventually acquired copies. Early editions of the set included Black MarketBlack Market.jpg and EnvoyEnvoy.jpg, while some later editions included GovernorGovernor.jpg and PrincePrince.jpg (many editions did not include promotional cards). Promotional cards were not given slots in the insert tray.

[edit] English-language Big Box II

Big Box II
Big Box II.jpg
Type Combo Expansion
Cards 900
Release 2016

This collection contains the expansions Dominion: Second Edition, Intrigue: Second Edition, and additional Base Cards needed for play with 5 to 6 players.

The number of basic Treasure cards is new for 5 or 6 players, with 80 Copper, 70 Silver, and 48 Gold cards.

[edit] German-language Big Box

German Big Box
German Big Box.jpg
Type Combo Expansion
Cards 694
Release 2010

This collection included Dominion and Cornucopia, as well as the promo cards EnvoyEnvoy.jpg, Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, StashStash.jpg, and Walled VillageWalled Village.jpg. It was originally available for mass-market consumption but is no longer available and will not be reprinted due to the end of Hans im Glück's distribution agreement with Rio Grande Games. It was remarkable for including a misprinted version of StashStash.jpg, in that it had the standard Dominion card back, even though the manual states it to be different.

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