Shanty Town

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Shanty Town
Shanty Town.jpg
Cost Coin3.png
Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set IntrigueIntrigue icon.png
Illustrator(s) Maura Kalusky
Card text
+2 Actions
Reveal your hand. If you have no Action cards in hand, +2 Cards.

Shanty Town is an Action card from Intrigue. It is a village—i.e., it gives +2 Actions. However, since it only draws cards when you have no other Action cards in your hand, it must be used somewhat differently than a standard VillageVillage.jpg for best effect, and can be used to counter some Attacks. This is discussed in more detail in the strategy article below.


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • You get +2 Actions, then reveal your hand.
  • If it has no Action cards in it (including Action cards with other types too, such as NoblesNobles.jpg), then you draw 2 cards.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

  • If you Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg a Shanty Town, you reveal your hand, get +2 actions, and potentially draw two cards, then you reveal your hand again, get 2 more actions, and potentially draw two more cards. You do NOT reveal your hand once and get +4 cards.

[edit] Strategy Article

There has not been a Shanty Town article published on the Dominion Strategy blog, but there have been forum discussions on it here and an article here by O.

Shanty Town is the oft-maligned cousin of VillageVillage.jpg. At Coin3.png, it shares a price point with the vanilla Village, which alone tells us something. It is not a village+ (like Worker's VillageWorker's Village.jpg, Mining VillageMining Village.jpg, Walled VillageWalled Village.jpg, and Wandering MinstrelWandering Minstrel.jpg at Coin4.png) or a Village- (Native VillageNative Village.jpg at Coin2.png). It is a card that plays entirely different from the plain old Village, and shares only the characteristic of giving two actions.

A good way to think of Shanty Town in many (but not all) games is as a restricted LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg.

[edit] When is Shanty Town a good buy?

Shanty Town does not have a single thematic board type that makes it powerful. Rather, a piecemeal combination of a bunch of different cases make it a card that I would argue is more often a good buy than a vanilla village.

[edit] Terminal-Less decks

In games where there are no terminal actions worth getting (notable cards to cause this are FamiliarFamiliar.jpg, CaravanCaravan.jpg and TournamentTournament.jpg) early on, Shanty Town functions identically to a LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg if you buy one, and each additional one functions as a slightly riskier Lab (as your two Shanty Towns can combine). A lab for Coin3.png is nothing to scoff at, and while Shanty Town is not deck–making in these games it provides a significant boost.

Keep in mind that you can often still keep 1–2 terminals in your deck if your deck is large enough; the collision chance is small enough that buying Shanty Town will still benefit you.

[edit] Draw to X Engines

The draw to X engines that Shanty Town works best with are WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg, LibraryLibrary.jpg and MinionMinion.jpg (which functions as a draw to X). It's an iffy prospect with Jack of all TradesJack of all Trades.jpg that I would not recommend.

Shanty Town is superior to the vanilla village in Draw-To-X engines, though it is still inferior to Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg (what isn't?). This is because there are three possibilities with shanty town in a draw-to-x-engine:

  • A) It is drawn with a Draw-To-X-enabler card (Library, Watchtower, Minion)
  • B) It is drawn with no other terminal
  • C) It is drawn with another terminal that is not draw-to-x

Possibility A is a relatively likely option, and in this case, Shanty Town is nearly identical to a vanilla village. (It's ever so slightly worse with Watchtower and basically equivalent with Library and Minion, due to Library's filtering and Minion's discard mechanic) Possibility B is the second most likely option, and in this case Shanty Town is +2 Cards +2 Actions, far superior to Village. Possibility C is relatively unlikely in most draw-to-x decks, and is either significantly worse (no need for +actions, terminal not draw) or slightly worse (need for +actions or terminal draw card).

Conclusion: While Shanty Town is not amazingly better than Village in draw-to-x, it is enough of an improvement to merit significant consideration in these decks.

[edit] As a counter to attacks

Shanty Town is much more likely to activate fully when you are playing it against attacks, primarily discard attacks. Shanty Town reacts slightly different against different ones, however.

  • MilitiaMilitia.jpg: Shanty Town is only so-so against Militia. Often you would rather keep another terminal (say... a Militia  ;)) as opposed to trying to recover your deck with Shanty Town.
  • Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg: Shanty Town is an excellent counter to Ghost Ship. This is because instead of discarding your terminal actions, you can topdeck them and then draw them with your activated Shanty Town. This actually is almost a complete counter to Ghost Ship in many cases, because if they hadn't played Ghost Ship your Shanty Town would not have activated (both situations leave you with 4 cards and 2 actions).
  • MargraveMargrave.jpg: Shanty Town is nice with Margrave because not only does it provide a bit of a counter, it also facilitates the terminal draw aspect of Margrave if you have it in your own deck.
  • FollowersFollowers.jpg: If your opponent has Followers, then it is a TournamentTournament.jpg game. In which case you probably wanted a Shanty Town anyways to go with your Tournaments.
  • TorturerTorturer.jpg: Shanty Town does not really counter Torturer very well because you're unlikely to have actions outside of +actions and Torturer itself. However, since Torturers are on the board you probably want a good amount of Shanty Towns anyways. In the early game, Shanty Town even works slightly better than Village for starting a Torturer chain.
  • GoonsGoons.jpg: See Torturer, really.

[edit] In games flush with actions

Fishing Village is your biggest culprit here, though certainly it's not the only case. If you have enough +Actions available to you on a given turn, you can simply play your terminals before your Shanty Town and then use your Shanty Town as a Lab. In practice it plays similar to the case of terminal-less decks, just with less of a guarantee.

[edit] When you need the +Actions regardless

OK, so Shanty Town is worse than Village in some cases. Suck it up, sometimes you will still desperately need +actions in your engine. This tends to be true in Torturer games, megaturn games involving terminal draw, and many others. Even when it's worse than a normal Village, it's still a village variant and sometimes that's what you need. A good litmus test in these cases is that if Shanty Town has no support, if you would buy Native VillagesNative Village.jpg for your engine, you probably should still buy Shanty Town.

[edit] With massive, bloated decks

If you have 15 Coppers and 5 Curses in your deck, Shanty Town is far more likely to give you +2 cards. 'nough said.

[edit] When is Shanty-Town a bad buy?

  • With medium to heavy trashing! Trashing your starting Coppers/Estates makes it much more likely to collide and not activate. In these cases you need to evaluate if there's better alternatives and only get Shanty Town if you desperately need the +actions.
  • Most terminal draw goes pretty terribly with Shanty Town, especially EnvoyEnvoy.jpg, EmbassyEmbassy.jpg, SmithySmithy.jpg, and Council RoomCouncil Room.jpg. Attacks are less bad because you more frequently want to build an engine around them, and because Shanty Town counters some of them. VaultVault.jpg is meh-probably take Silver instead, but it makes little difference either way.
  • Big Money games involving a few terminal actions, draw or not (Jack of all TradesJack of all Trades.jpg, Merchant ShipMerchant Ship.jpg, MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg, etc.)

In conclusion: Shanty town is situational, and only sometimes can really be viewed as a village, and should not be maligned as a worse alternative to Village.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Shanty Town Shanty Town from Goko/Making Fun +2 Actions. Reveal your hand. If you have no Action cards in hand, +2 Cards. Intrigue 1st Edition July 2009
Shanty Town Shanty Town from Shuffle iT +2 Actions. Reveal your hand. If you have no Action cards in hand, +2 Cards. Intrigue 2nd Edition October 2016

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text
Chinese 貧民窟 (pron. pínmínkū, lit. slum housing)
Czech Chudinská čtvrť
Dutch Sloppenwijk
Finnish Hökkelikylä
French Taudis (lit. slums)
German Armenviertel (lit. poor part of town) German language Shanty Town Handkarten (ASS) auf. Wenn du keine Aktionskarte auf der Hand hast: + 2 Karten
Hungarian Kunyhótelep
Italian Baraccopoli
Japanese 貧民街 (pron. himmingai, lit. slums) +2 アクション。 手札を公開する。その中にアクションカードが1枚もない場合、+2 カードを引く
Korean 빈민가 (pron. binminga, lit. ghetto)
Norwegian Fattigkvarter (lit. poor quarter)
Polish Rudera (lit. hovel) Polish language Shanty Town
Russian Трущобы (pron. trushshoby, lit. slum)
Spanish Chabolas (lit. shanties)

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Secret History

I took this from the ruins of the 7th expansion. The 7th expansion didn't have a strong mechanical theme to make me leave its cards alone. It had a theme, but you know, just not the kind of thing that meant there was a pile of cards that had to wait in order to do the theme all at once. Plus it had a lot of good cards and well there were earlier expansions that wanted them. So it lost card after card, until eventually it dissolved completely; the theme itself was taken as a sub-theme for another expansion. This particular card made it here because I wanted another Village and this was a cool one.

Those of you noting that Dark Ages is the 7th expansion, and that in the Secret History for Dominion I say that AdventurerAdventurer.jpg came from the 7th expansion: that 7th expansion was the top-of-deck one. Ditto for Shanty Town.

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