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Cost Potion.png
Type(s) Victory
Kingdom card? Yes
Set AlchemyAlchemy icon.png
Illustrator(s) Julien Delval
Card text
Worth 1VP.png for every 3 Action cards in your deck (rounded down).

Vineyard is a Victory card from Alchemy. Keeping with Alchemy's theme of Actions, Vineyard is an Alt-VP card worth points based on how many Actions you have in your deck. Its Potion.png cost makes it difficult to rush, but like GardensGardens.jpg it combos with cheap sources of +Buy and gainers.


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • This Kingdom card is a Victory card, not an Action card. It does nothing until the end of the game, when it is worth 1 VP.png per 3 Action cards in your Deck (counting all of your cards - your Discard pile and hand are part of your Deck at that point).
  • Round down; if you have 11 Action cards, Vineyard is worth 3 VP.png.
  • During set-up, put all 12 Vineyards in the Supply for a game with 3 or more players, but only 8 in the Supply for a 2-player game.
  • Cards with multiple types, one of which is Action, are Actions and so are counted by Vineyard.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

[edit] Strategy Article

Original article by ehunt

Vineyards are fun and underrated. It's easy to compare them to GardensGardens.jpg, which are often a consolation prize and rarely the dominant strategy, and they are similar to Gardens in that, when you employ a Vineyard strategy, you build a vastly different deck from the type that helps in a traditional strategy. But this comparison is not accurate, for two reasons:

  1. Gardens is only the dominant strategy on the board in very specific circumstances; e.g., there's IronworksIronworks.jpg or WorkshopWorkshop.jpg, you have some means of slowing your opponent down, etc. They essentially can't beat ColoniesColony.jpg, even in favorable circumstances. None of this is true for Vineyards.
  2. A "Gardens deck" becomes terrible quickly. Theoretically, there are two ways to win with gardens: one, to rush the game on piles and hope your gardens are worth 3 or 4, or two, the way we all used to win when it was just the base set and nobody knew any strategy: play till you have 60 cards in your deck, and hey, they're better than ProvincesProvince.jpg. But we all know that method two does not work: against even reasonably skilled players, you can't gain cards fast enough to beat the pace of the emptying province pile. This is false for Vineyards: you really do have two opportunities to win, either by rushing the game on piles as for gardens or by dilly-dallying until your vineyards are worth way too much for your opponent to catch up.

I think the best comparison is, actually, to GoonsGoons.jpg: a vineyards strategy is viable if any of a variety of helpers are present, and becomes dominant if all are available.

[edit] Essential ingredients

These cards are key to a vineyards deck (in descending order of importance):

  • Extra buys or virtual +buy: If you average one action purchase per turn, except for the eight turns on which you buy vineyards and the, say, two on which you buy PotionsPotion.jpg, then the game has to last 26 turns for Vineyards to be worth as much as Provinces, and this isn't quite viable. (You have no hope of ending the game on piles). WorkshopWorkshop.jpg, ArmoryArmory.jpg, HermitHermit.jpg, IronworksIronworks.jpg, and UniversityUniversity.jpg are fantastic; the presence of either of the latter two, in my opinion, promotes the Vineyards strategy to "must buy."
  • Cheap actions: There's virtually no reason to buy money, which just slows your deck down when you need to be getting to your Potions. So you'll want to fill your deck up with Pearl DiversPearl Diver.jpg, CellarsCellar.jpg, etc. PawnPawn.jpg and HamletHamlet.jpg are fantastic. EmbargoEmbargo.jpg doesn't work except in desperation at the end-game, since you have to trash it to get any use out of it. HerbalistHerbalist.jpg has the disadvantage of not giving an action, but it gives you a critical extra buy and allows you to use your Potion two turns in a row. PeddlerPeddler.jpg is great. If the only cheap actions are Coin3.pngs, it can be more difficult to win with Vineyards, and if the cheapest actions are Coin4.pngs, I would consider a different strategy (absent Ironworks/University).
  • Villages and non-terminals: As your deck is going to be filled with actions, you're going to want to play them.
  • Trashing: This is a mixed bag, since you can't win with Vineyards in a ChapelChapel.jpg game (see below). But you really have no need for your CoppersCopper.jpg or EstatesEstate.jpg after a certain point. Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg is great, StewardSteward.jpg is always a pleasure, SalvagerSalvager.jpg and RemodelRemodel.jpg can help you get Potions and also are great in the end-game when you don't need the Potion anymore. Hermit'sHermit.jpg ability to trash while gaining is worth noting, especially in the presence of cursing attacks.
  • Miscellaneous others: You can TransmuteTransmute.jpg Coppers and Potions to more Transmutes toward the endgame, but this makes your deck terrible. Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg can grab you a cheap Coin2.png or a Potion, and is nice if you open 5/2 and there's nothing like MarketMarket.jpg. TalismanTalisman.jpg is good, especially for picking up Potions. IslandIsland.jpg cleans your deck and is an action card. Cursing attacks are good for you, since they slow the game down, but you may need to modify your opening buys to be sure you can attain one. You won't be able to afford a PossessionPossession.jpg, and need to spend your money on a Vineyard whenever you draw a Potion. On the flip side, your deck won't be very helpful to your opponent if he isn't also going for Vineyards, and if he is going for Vineyards but spent a Potion turn buying a Possession, you're in good shape.
  • Looters and ruins: These tend to make Vineyards much stronger. Because ruins count as actions, unlike curses, they help to boost the value of your Vineyards, and in multiplayer games or games where people are playing CultistCultist.jpg, Vineyards can reach a ridiculously high value rather quickly. This makes looters much less attractive when Vineyards is on the board. Although Death CartDeath Cart.jpg is a poor card in a Vineyard deck, function-wise, it's an easy purchase that adds 3 actions to your deck. So long as the ruins pile is not depleted, Death Cart is an excellent endgame purchase in Vineyard games, adding 1VP for each Vineyard. With gainers, you can acquire multiple Death Carts right before ending the game. If you pursue this strategy, be sure that you can actually end the game before your opponent can catch up though, as adding a couple Death Carts will break most engines.

[edit] Setups that make vineyard decks bad

  • TournamentTournament.jpg: This goes without saying.
  • MinionMinion.jpg, LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg, Hunting PartyHunting Party.jpg: You will not be able to afford a stack of good spammable fives, and your opponent will.
  • ChapelChapel.jpg: You won't have time to make your Vineyards dominant over Provinces in a Chapel game. I think that RemakeRemake.jpg is another story, especially if there are cantrip Coin3.pngs you can Remake your Estates into, or Cursing attacks to slow the game down.
  • ColonyColony.jpg: Vineyard absolutely can beat colony, and these are some of my favorite wins. But the conditions need to be more favorable. I'd still do it with Ironworks and Hamlet out, but maybe not if the only cheap buys were Cellar, Great HallGreat Hall.jpg, and WoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg.

[edit] Gameplay

In the early game, start buying cheap actions, especially the ones that give you extra buys. Try to gain more than 1 action per turn, on average. It's ideal to know how many actions are in your deck; knowing the approximate number isn't good enough because, in the endgame, you will need to know the value of your Vineyards and how many actions are required to get to the next multiple of 3. You should anticipate a median buying power of Coin4.png or Coin5.png before you start buying Potions and Vineyards and Coin2.png or Coin3.png afterwards. There isn't much of a reason to buy traditional money at all.

At some point in the middle of the game, you are going to need Potions. Your deck will move slowly, especially if the actions it contains aren't cantrips, so you'll want more than one Potion. One rule of thumb is to start buying potions around the time your opponent starts buying the second Gold or first Province (unless you already bought one for FamiliarFamiliar.jpg or UniversityUniversity.jpg). If you have too few Potions, you won't win, even if you have a ton of actions. I've posted a link below to myself getting my clock cleaned for failing to get Potions on time. My Vineyards are worth 8, but I only own one when the game ends on piles, because my deck is too thick for me to get to potions, which I didn't buy fast enough. I end up Ironworks-ing estates in a desperate attempt to find my Potion:

You will want to have most of the Vineyards before the Province pile runs out, and usually one potion doesn't cut it, unless you have a lot of cycling. You want to be buying something like two Vineyards every three turns, and you should increase this estimate if your opponent is also going for Vineyards: if he gets more, and your strategies are otherwise similar, you lose.

After this, the strategy is simple: buy Vineyards whenever you get a Potion, and buy actions. Depending on how many Provinces your opponent has, you may consider ending the game quickly on piles, as in a Gardens game. Time is probably on your side, however, so if you're unsure, just keep buying actions. Look out for your opponent ending the game on piles. If you've lost count of the score, ask yourself how many action purchases you've averaged per turn and look at the turn number.

Do not buy Provinces - if you have Coin8.png and no extra buys, something is wrong with your deck. Two action cards will often be worth more to you than one province, and emptying the province pile helps your opponent. Even in the very end-game, duchies are almost always a mistake, unless you strongly suspect that it's your last turn and you are certain that the number of actions in your deck is a multiple of 3. I commonly make the boneheaded mistake of ending the game on piles and then buying an estate with my last buy, when an extra action card would be worth 7 or 8 points.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Vineyard Vineyard from Goko/Making Fun Worth 1VP.png for every 3 Action cards in your deck (rounded down). Alchemy 1st Edition May 2010
Vineyard from Shuffle iT Worth 1VP.png per 3 Action cards you have (round down). Alchemy 2nd Edition physical set unreleased

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text
Czech Vinice
Dutch Wijnberg
Finnish Viinitarha
French Vignoble
German Weinberg German language Vineyard
Italian Vigna
Japanese ブドウ園 (pron. budō-en) あなたのアクションカード3枚(端数切り捨て)につき1VP.png
Russian Виноградник (pron. vinogradnik)
Spanish Viñedo

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Secret History

This was originally in the main set! And Gardens was in Alchemy (with the costs switched). I moved Gardens into the main set because it was easier to go for. I moved Vineyard to another set, but when the time came I wanted it here after all.

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