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The 2020 Errata made some smaller changes to pre-MenagerieMenagerie (expansion).jpg sets.


[edit] Errata

[edit] Functional changes

  • TraderTrader.jpg — Triggers on when-gain instead of when-would-gain.
  • OracleOracle.jpg — Changed back from "draw 2 cards" to "+2 Cards".

[edit] Cosmetical changes

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Reasoning

With new copies of Seaside, Prosperity, and Hinterlands printed recently, some cards have new wordings. Mostly they are non-functional changes.

Functional changes:
- Trader's reaction is now a when-gain rather than a when-would-gain; in most situations this isn't different, but it simplifies some confusing situations. This means that now any when-gain abilities of the gained card will still work, even if you exchange it for a Silver.
- Oracle now says +2 Cards again, rather than "draw 2 cards." This change is to have Way of the Chameleon interact with new copies in the same way that it does with most printed copies, and was already in the online version.
- Embargo has now been printed with the errata it has had for a while.

Cosmetic changes:
- Treasures no longer will say "when you play this" on such abilities; they just say what they do when played. Changed cards: Bank, Contraband, Loan, Venture, Ill-Gotten Gains.
- Treasures no longer say they're "worth" a certain amount; instead they use "+$" like non-Treasures. Changed cards: Bank, Fool's Gold.
- Some "while this is in play" abilities now say "while you have this in play" to be clearer. Changed cards: Lighthouse, Goons, Hoard, Royal Seal, Talisman, Haggler.
- I continue to drop "not less than $0" from cards that lower costs. Changed cards: Quarry, Peddler, Highway.
- Peddler has been rephrased for clarity.
- Noble Brigand has been rephrased so that it has a dividing line before the when-buy ability. To get the text to fit on the card, it says "do its attack"; this means, do the above-the-line part except for the +$1.

There are other cards that will eventually get some of these general changes (e.g., Relic will no longer say "when you play this"), but they haven't been printed yet.

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