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Silver, a Treasure card.

Treasure is a card type that may be played during a player's Buy phase. Most Treasures provide some +$, and some Treasures have other effects as well. Unlike Action cards, any number of Treasure cards may be played in any order. Action cards that give +$ are not considered Treasures (unless under the effect of the Project CapitalismCapitalism.jpg), and there were no Action–Treasure cards until CrownCrown.jpg from EmpiresEmpires.jpg.

Treasure cards have yellow frames. There are five basic Treasure cards: CopperCopper.jpg, SilverSilver.jpg, and GoldGold.jpg, which are in the supply in every Dominion game; PotionPotion.jpg, which is added when cards from AlchemyAlchemy.jpg with P in the cost are available; and PlatinumPlatinum.jpg, which may be added in games using ProsperityProsperity.jpg cards. Not counting removed cards, there are 51 Kingdom Treasure cards; the expansions with the greatest number of Kingdom Treasures are PlunderPlunder (expansion).jpg, with 14, and ProsperityProsperity.jpg, with 9. DiademDiadem.jpg, SpoilsSpoils.jpg, and Loot are special Treasures that may be gained from outside the Supply by the use of certain other cards or card-shaped things; Heirlooms are special Treasures that each replace a player's starting Copper when a particular Action card is in the kingdom.

The strategy of buying only Treasure cards and, in the endgame, Victory cards, is called Big Money. This may be the best strategy in some "weak" kingdoms, but is usually outclassed by adding a few Action cards to the Big Money deck, or by Action-heavy engine strategies.


[edit] List of Treasure Cards

The cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] Basic

[edit] Kingdom

[edit] Non-Supply

[edit] Heirlooms

[edit] Loots

[edit] Cards that interact with Treasure cards

Cards in italics have been removed. Cards in bold interact with all Treasure cards, the others just interact with specific Treasures (usually Copper, Silver, Gold and/or Potion).

[edit] Card gallery

[edit] Basic


[edit] Kingdom

Abundance.jpgAnvil.jpgAstrolabe.jpgBank.jpgBauble.jpgBuried Treasure.jpgCapital.jpgCage.jpgCauldron.jpgCharm.jpgCoin of the Realm.jpgCollection.jpgContract.jpgCounterfeit.jpgCrown.jpgCrucible.jpgCrystal Ball.jpgDucat.jpgFigurine.jpgFool's Gold.jpgFortune.jpgGondola.jpgHarem.jpgHoard.jpgHorn of Plenty.jpgHumble Castle.jpgIdol.jpgInvestment.jpgJewelled Egg.jpgKing's Cache.jpgMasterpiece.jpgPendant.jpgPhilosopher's Stone.jpgPickaxe.jpgPlunder.jpgQuarry.jpgRelic.jpgRocks.jpgRope.jpgSack of Loot.jpgScepter.jpgSilver Mine.jpgSpices.jpgStash.jpgStockpile.jpgSunken Treasure.jpgSupplies.jpgTiara.jpgTools.jpgTreasure Trove.jpgWar Chest.jpg

[edit] Non-Supply


[edit] Heirlooms

Haunted Mirror.jpgMagic Lamp.jpgGoat.jpgPasture.jpgPouch.jpgCursed Gold.jpgLucky Coin.jpg

[edit] Loots

Amphora.jpgDoubloons.jpgEndless Chalice.jpgFigurehead.jpgHammer.jpgInsignia.jpgJewels.jpgOrb.jpgPrize Goat.jpgPuzzle Box.jpgSextant.jpgShield.jpgSpell Scroll.jpgStaff.jpgSword.jpg

[edit] Removed Cards

Cache.jpgContraband.jpgIll-Gotten Gains.jpgLoan.jpgRoyal Seal.jpgTalisman.jpgVenture.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Czech: Peníze
  • Dutch: Geld
  • Finnish: Raha (lit. money)
  • French: Trésor
  • German: Geld (lit. money)
  • Polish: Skarb
  • Russian: Сокровище (pron. sokrovishshye)

[edit] What cards should be treasures?

Treasures that started out as actions:

- Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg: +$1 per action you have in play.

- Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone.jpg: +1 Buy, +$1 per 4 cards in your deck.

- QuarryQuarry.jpg: +$2, actions cost $1 less this turn.

- DiademDiadem.jpg: +$2, return this to your hand.

The original FeastFeast.jpg looks like an action SpoilsSpoils.jpg but that isn't where Spoils comes from really.

Treasures should make money; I made an exception for a card that wanted to be played in the buy phase. They should feel like treasures - they make money, or, there's Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg again, gain cards. They don't use an action, which affects power level.

I would lean towards making an action with "+1 Action, +$" a treasure, if it didn't have reasons to not make it one, like "+1 Card" or another +1 Action. Candlestick MakerCandlestick Maker.jpg is an action though, and so was the version that gave +$1 instead of a coin token.

ProsperityProsperity.jpg had a theme of treasures that did things. Originally many of them were "when you spend this," but that created questions that I could solve by going either to "when you play this" or "while this is in play."

Since other sets don't have that theme, they don't have treasures that do something when played unless there's a compelling reason for them. It's not that an action with +1 action could be a treasure; it has to want to be a treasure. Only one card has been tried both ways - Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg was an action, and switched to being a treasure in order to count treasures you'd played (in the simplest way). DiademDiadem.jpg, Ill-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpg, and Fool's GoldFool's Gold.jpg all do something when played just to let them be worth varying amounts. SpoilsSpoils.jpg does something to be one-use. CounterfeitCounterfeit.jpg is specifically a Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg for treasures, it plays treasures and so naturally it's a treasure (while some people like that Black MarketBlack Market.jpg plays treasures in the action phase, it's too confusing to be worth doing again).

I am not seeing the +1 Action cards that want to be treasures. Obv. anything that also draws cards is unhappy to be a treasure. ForagerForager.jpg could be a treasure that makes a variable amount. RebuildRebuild.jpg has no reason to be a treasure. Bag of GoldBag of Gold.jpg sounds like a treasure, but makes $0; even though Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg is a treasure worth $0, that's not something to do for no good reason. Ruined VillageRuined Village.jpg for sure did not want to be a treasure.

So overall there's just ForagerForager.jpg. I did not consider making ForagerForager.jpg a treasure. I applied no rule of thumb; I just never considered it. It was an action and nothing said "wait let's think about this."

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