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Type Small Expansion
Icon Cornucopia icon.png
Cards 150
132 (13 sets)
Other Card(s)
5 Prize cards
Theme(s) Variety
Release June 2011
Cover artist Alayna Danner
Official Rulebook PDF

Cornucopia is the fifth Dominion expansion, released in June 2011. The basic theme of the set is cards that either create or reward variety in your deck and hand. It is a small expansion. The box contains 13 sets of Kingdom cards and is popular for its focus on engine-friendly cards. It is no longer sold as a separate item, instead being paired with GuildsGuilds.jpg in a larger boxGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg. The Dutch version is paired with AlchemyAlchemy.jpg in a larger box.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards

[edit] Prizes

The 5 cards in the Prize pile are unique.

[edit] Additional materials

[edit] Additional rules

  • “In play” - Action cards and Treasure cards played face-up to a play area are in play until they are moved somewhere else—usually until they are discarded during a Clean-up phase. Only played cards are in play; set aside cards, trashed cards, cards in the Supply, and cards in hands, decks, and discard piles are not in play. Prizes that no-one has gained are not in play. Reaction abilities like Horse TradersHorse Traders.jpg' do not put those cards into play. Duration cards (from Dominion: Seaside), once played, remain in play until the turn they are discarded.
  • A player may play his Treasure cards in any order and may choose not to play some (or even all) of the Treasure cards he has in his hand. During the Buy phase, a player must play all of the Treasures he wishes to play before he buys any cards, even if he has +Buys; he cannot play more Treasures after Buying a card.
  • Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg adds an extra Kingdom card pile to the game. This extra pile is just like the other piles; if it is empty that counts for the game end condition, the cards in it can be bought and can be gained directly via cards like Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg, etc. It is part of the Supply.
  • There are five Prizes: Bag of GoldBag of Gold.jpg, DiademDiadem.jpg, FollowersFollowers.jpg, PrincessPrincess.jpg, and Trusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg. These cards are never part of the Supply. That's the only new rule for Prizes, but it has various consequences. If the Prizes run out, that does not count towards the game end condition. The Prizes may not be bought, or gained via cards like Horn of Plenty; they may only be gained via the card TournamentTournament.jpg, or via cards that gain cards other than from the Supply (such as ThiefThief.jpg from Dominion). AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg (from Dominion: Seaside) cannot return Prizes to their pile. Trashed Prizes go to the trash pile, like other cards; they do not return to the Prize pile. When using Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, do not put Prizes in the Black Market deck. Prizes cannot be bought, but have a cost of $0, which matters for cards like RemakeRemake.jpg.
  • A number of cards in Cornucopia care about cards being different. "Differently named" cards are simply cards with different names (like the Prizes) - they aren't copies of the same card. "Duplicate" cards are cards that have the same name - two copies of the same card.

[edit] Flavor text

Autumn. It seemed like the summer would never end, but that fortune teller was right. It's over. Autumn, the time of the harvest. Agriculture has advanced significantly in recent years, ever since the discovery of the maxim, "leaves of three, let it be." Autumn, a time of celebration. The peasants have spent a hard week scything hay in the fields, but tonight the festivities begin, starting with a sumptuous banquet of roast hay. Then, the annual nose-stealing competition. Then you have two jesters, one who always lies, one who always tells the truth, both hilariously. This celebration will truly have something for everyone.

[edit] Mechanics

This is the 5th expansion to the game of Dominion. It adds 13 new Kingdom cards to Dominion, plus 5 unique cards. The central theme is variety; there are cards that reward you for having a variety of cards in your deck, in your hand, and in play, as well cards that help you get that variety.

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Hamlet.jpgFortune Teller.jpgMenagerie.jpgFarming Village.jpgHorse Traders.jpgRemake.jpgTournament.jpgYoung Witch.jpgHarvest.jpgHorn of Plenty.jpgHunting Party.jpgJester.jpgFairgrounds.jpg

[edit] Prizes

Bag of Gold.jpgDiadem.jpgFollowers.jpgPrincess.jpgTrusty Steed.jpg

[edit] Impact

Cornucopia was the first set to introduce special cards that are not in the Supply that can only be gained by the use of a particular Kingdom card (in this case, the Prizes); Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg, AdventuresAdventures.jpg, NocturneNocturne.jpg, and MenagerieMenagerie (expansion).jpg would later follow up on this theme.

[edit] Engines

Cornucopia is filled with cards which enable strong engine building. Some of these include:

  • Farming VillageFarming Village.jpg: A simple village that always reaps a treasure or action card.
  • HamletHamlet.jpg: A cheap pseudo-village capable of providing extra buys or actions.
  • Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg: Provides an easy way to gain cards as well as the capability of producing megaturns.
  • Hunting PartyHunting Party.jpg: Enables very simple Hunting Party + X engines.
  • MenagerieMenagerie.jpg: A centerpiece of some of the most fun engines to play, Menagerie is a cantrip which serves as a great counter to hand size reduction attacks.
  • TournamentTournament.jpg: The card itself is a useful early game cantrip, and the Prizes are all quite valuable in most engines.

[edit] Randomness

Though overall a well received set, Cornucopia features a "swingy" card which can cause frustration among players.

  • TournamentTournament.jpg: Because of the power of the Tournament prizes, the first player to win a prize is often able to build on that to win further prizes and/or the game. Even skilled play can sometimes be undone by a lucky or well timed draw.

[edit] Theme

Game designer Donald X. offered some insight into some themes of the set here.

[edit] Alternate versions

[edit] Trivia

Official box art.

Dale Yu leaked photos of the Cornucopia Kingdom cards, which were discussed here.

Cornucopia is the only set not to have any artwork done by Matthias Catrein, although he still did the card layout. AlchemyAlchemy.jpg and GuildsGuilds.jpg both have no Kingdom cards illustrated by him, but Catrein did the artwork for the PotionPotion.jpg symbol (P), and the artwork for the GuildsGuilds.jpg box.

[edit] In other languages

  • Czech: Roh hojnosti
  • Dutch: Overvloed (lit. abundance)
  • Finnish: Elonkorjuu (lit. harvest)
  • French: Abondance (lit. abundance)
  • German: Reiche Ernte (lit. rich harvest)
  • Italian: Cornucopia
  • Japanese: 収穫祭 (pron. shūkaku-sai, lit. harvest festival)
  • Polish: Róg Obfitości (lit. horn of plenty)
  • Russian: Изобилие (pron. izobiliye, lit. abundance)
  • Spanish: Cornucopia

[edit] Secret history

AlchemyAlchemy.jpg was originally a large set, which when I made it meant it was 20 cards. I didn't count PotionPotion.jpg. When Dominion itself was finalized, it stole whatever cards it wanted from future sets, including GardensGardens.jpg and LibraryLibrary.jpg and FestivalFestival.jpg from AlchemyAlchemy.jpg. And some cards got stolen for other sets too, as I worked on them, turning former 20-card sets into 25-card sets and getting rid of dud cards. Whatever; AlchemyAlchemy.jpg was last, I would get around to fixing it up eventually. It still had the PotionsPotion.jpg stuff, and I penciled in a "hand" theme for what the rest of the set would do. Cards that involved your hand. This fit with some cards that had been pushed back to be fixed up and some other homeless cards that I liked.

Around the time ProsperityProsperity.jpg was wrapping up and SeasideSeaside.jpg was getting printed, it turned out the publishers wanted small sets, could I make one please, and also, could it come out next (pushing ProsperityProsperity.jpg back). The way to get something fastest was to have it already done. AlchemyAlchemy.jpg was ideal, as it had a hunk of the right size to break off of it, and it was in tatters anyway from me never getting around to working on it. I took the PotionsPotion.jpg stuff and tweaked it into a small expansion. So now there was a list of existing cards, plus untested ideas, waiting to turn into a hand-themed small set for a year after AlchemyAlchemy.jpg.

When I got around to working on Cornucopia, I went with the hand theme, adding more cards that fit it, polishing up what I had, and adding cards that didn't fit it too, because what, they can't all be on-theme. And we started playtesting it.

It turned out that the "hand" theme was invisible. It made the cards play well together, but no-one recognized that it was the theme of the set. It was just not distinct enough.

The set at the time had FairgroundsFairgrounds.jpg and MenagerieMenagerie.jpg in it, and people would incorrectly guess that that was the theme, and that there just wasn't much of it. "Variety" sounded like a good theme, so I ran with it. Some of the hand stuff that wasn't also variety-related left, and I added more variety stuff. This theme was recognizable and worked out and well there it is.

In the end the set has only two cards that are mutated versions of cards originally in the large AlchemyAlchemy.jpg set - JesterJester.jpg and DiademDiadem.jpg. Some of the other cards started in other sets, and some are original to Cornucopia.

Those publishers that wanted small expansions presumably wanted them so that people who didn't want to pay the same for an expansion as for the main game could get them. And if such people exist then they don't have the large expansions. Well AlchemyAlchemy.jpg is not ideal as the only expansion you have. I mean it's just so exotic. I felt like these publishers would have preferred something less exotic. Alchemy was all they could have in the time frame it was wanted, but I had plenty of time here, so this expansion tries to be more reasonable as an expansion for someone who doesn't have many expansions.

Other outtakes:

- For a while, one of the stand-out cards in the set was $5, "Gain SilverSilver.jpgs to your hand until you have 5 cards in hand." Only not with that exact wording. We argued a bunch about the wording before it died, which was a lesson in how not to use time. Anyway it looks exciting, right? But some games you can't get rid of cards from your hand easily enough (or at all), so it's just a poor man's ExplorerExplorer.jpg. It initially dazzled people, but I don't think anyone missed it when it left. I do a very small number of narrow cards that are cool when you can pull them off, and this wasn't good enough to be one of those.

- Before FairgroundsFairgrounds.jpg, I tried a VP card with an alternate cost. Instead of paying for it, you could trash two Action cards from your hand. You don't want to trash your Action cards though, so this didn't end up being very interesting.

- I had a VillageVillage.jpg/WarehouseWarehouse.jpg that cared about variety. "+2 Actions. +1 Card per differently named card you have in play, then discard that many cards." It was fine? It just wasn't that exciting or different.

- I tried an attack that had you put a card from your hand on your deck unless you revealed a hand with no duplicates. It was a cute MoatMoat.jpg condition but did not work out.

- Prior to Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg, I had an attack that made everyone else discard SilverSilver.jpg unless they revealed a particular card, which was either the cheapest card out, or a specific randomly determined card. Like I said under Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg, it was simplest to combine the random-MoatMoat.jpg idea with the add-a-pile idea.

- There was a card, +$2, name a type, dig for it, put it on your deck. It cost $3. You can almost always name a type that isn't in your deck if you want, so it's "strictly better" than ChancellorChancellor.jpg. This really bothers some people (Anthony Rubbo being one of them). It had to be worse in some way and I didn't want it to be worse.

- There was a card that had you play another card, replacing all +'s in its text with whatever +'s you wanted. Besides rules issues, it was weak and narrow.

- Another card gave you increased card selection for the rest of the turn. "+1 Card +1 Action. While this is in play, when you draw a card, first look at the top card of your deck, and you may discard it." It was slow and got crazy quickly.

- I tried a card that conditionally let the other players draw a card, as a penalty, based on how much variety they had in hand.

- There was another Prize that didn't work out. "+2 Actions +$2. When you discard this from play, you may put it on your deck." It was crazy.

- I tried both RemodelRemodel.jpg and WorkshopWorkshop.jpg in versions that put the card you gained into your hand. The RemodelRemodel.jpg was just broken. For a while the WorkshopWorkshop.jpg looked promising, but well here it is in the outtakes section.

- I tried five different versions of a card that had been too powerful in Prosperity. None of them worked out but I guess I still haven't quite given up on it.

- HerbalistHerbalist.jpg was in this set briefly.

- There is only so much space in 13 cards. There was a popular card that I decided would be better in a later set, so I moved it there. There was an attack that didn't quite work out, so I took it out, then fixed it up but could not add it back in. It too is in a later set. There was another card that started in Intrigue, moved to Alchemy, was played a lot here, turned out to be too strong, left, and then got fixed up for a later set.

True story!

[edit] Retrospective

Well I am pretty pleased with this one, but can probably still find something to poke at.

I guess my top thing is, it would be nice to have another card that really makes you want a variety of cards. Just to push the theme a little more.

Sweet set, no lie.

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Cornucopia & Dominion

Bounty of the Hunt [images]
Cellar Festival Militia Moneylender Smithy
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Smithy.jpg
Harvest.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Tournament.jpg
Harvest Horn of Plenty Hunting Party Menagerie Tournament
Bad Omens [images]
Bureaucrat Laboratory Merchant Poacher Throne Room
Bureaucrat.jpg Laboratory.jpg Merchant.jpg Poacher.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg
Fortune Teller Hamlet Horn of Plenty Jester Remake
The Jester's Workshop [images]
Artisan Laboratory Market Remodel Workshop
Artisan.jpg Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg Remodel.jpg Workshop.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Fairgrounds Farming Village Horse Traders Jester Young Witch
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:

[edit] Cornucopia & Intrigue

Last Laughs [images]
Farming Village Harvest Horse Traders Hunting Party Jester
Farming Village.jpg Harvest.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Jester.jpg
Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Steward.jpg Swindler.jpg
Minion Nobles Pawn Steward Swindler
The Spice of Life [images]
Fairgrounds Horn of Plenty Remake Tournament Young Witch
Fairgrounds.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Courtier.jpg Courtyard.jpg Diplomat.jpg Mining Village.jpg Replace.jpg
Courtier Courtyard Diplomat Mining Village Replace
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Wishing Well
Wishing Well.jpg
Small Victories [images]
Fortune Teller Hamlet Hunting Party Remake Tournament
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Duke.jpg Harem.jpg Pawn.jpg Secret Passage.jpg
Conspirator Duke Harem Pawn Secret Passage

[edit] Cornucopia & Seaside

Collector [images]
Blockade Fishing Village Merchant Ship Smugglers Tide Pools
Blockade.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Merchant Ship.jpg Smugglers.jpg Tide Pools.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Fortune Teller.jpg Harvest.jpg Hunting Party.jpg
Fairgrounds Farming Village Fortune Teller Harvest Hunting Party

[edit] Cornucopia & Alchemy

Clown College [images]
Harvest Horse Traders Jester Menagerie Remake
Harvest.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Menagerie.jpg Remake.jpg
Alchemist.jpg Familiar.jpg Golem.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg University.jpg
Alchemist Familiar Golem Philosopher's Stone University
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Wine & Dine [images]
Fairgrounds Hamlet Horn of Plenty Hunting Party Young Witch
Fairgrounds.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Apothecary.jpg Apprentice.jpg Scrying Pool.jpg Transmute.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Apothecary Apprentice Scrying Pool Transmute Vineyard
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Herbalist.jpg Potion.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Prosperity

Detours [images]
Clerk Crystal Ball Forge Hoard Magnate
Clerk.jpg Crystal Ball.jpg Forge.jpg Hoard.jpg Magnate.jpg
Farming Village.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg
Farming Village Horn of Plenty Jester Remake Tournament
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Hinterlands

Blue Harvest [images]
Hamlet Horn of Plenty Horse Traders Jester Tournament
Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Tournament.jpg
Fool's Gold.jpg Trader.jpg Trail.jpg Tunnel.jpg Weaver.jpg
Fool's Gold Trader Trail Tunnel Weaver

[edit] Cornucopia & Dark Ages

Dark Carnival [images]
Band of Misfits Cultist Fortress Hermit Junk Dealer
Band of Misfits.jpg Cultist.jpg Fortress.jpg Hermit.jpg Junk Dealer.jpg
Knights.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Menagerie.jpg
Knights Fairgrounds Hamlet Horn of Plenty Menagerie
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Ruins Shelters
Abandoned Mine.jpg Shelters.jpg
To the Victor [images]
Bandit Camp Counterfeit Death Cart Marauder Pillage
Bandit Camp.jpg Counterfeit.jpg Death Cart.jpg Marauder.jpg Pillage.jpg
Sage.jpg Harvest.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg
Sage Harvest Hunting Party Remake Tournament
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Ruins Shelters
Abandoned Mine.jpg Shelters.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds

Misfortune [images]
Advisor Candlestick Maker Doctor Fairgrounds Farming Village
Advisor.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Doctor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg
Fortune Teller.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Taxman.jpg
Fortune Teller Horse Traders Jester Soothsayer Taxman
Baking Contest [images]
Baker Farming Village Harvest Herald Journeyman
Baker.jpg Farming Village.jpg Harvest.jpg Herald.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Masterpiece.jpg Menagerie.jpg Remake.jpg Stonemason.jpg Tournament.jpg
Masterpiece Menagerie Remake Stonemason Tournament

[edit] Cornucopia & Adventures

The Hero's Return [images]
Artificer Miser Page Ranger Relic
Artificer.jpg Miser.jpg Page.jpg Ranger.jpg Relic.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Menagerie.jpg
Fairgrounds Farming Village Horse Traders Jester Menagerie
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Travelling Fair
Travelling Fair.jpg
Seacraft and Witchcraft [images]
Peasant Storyteller Swamp Hag Transmogrify Wine Merchant
Peasant.jpg Storyteller.jpg Swamp Hag.jpg Transmogrify.jpg Wine Merchant.jpg
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Tournament.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Fortune Teller Hamlet Horn of Plenty Tournament Young Witch
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Ferry Seaway
Guide.jpg Ferry.jpg Seaway.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Empires

Zookeepers [images]
Overlord Sacrifice Settlers Villa Wild Hunt
Overlord.jpg Sacrifice.jpg Settlers.jpg Villa.jpg Wild Hunt.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Menagerie.jpg Jester.jpg Tournament.jpg
Fairgrounds Horse Traders Menagerie Jester Tournament
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Annex Colonnade
Annex.jpg Colonnade.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Nocturne

The Endless Fair [images]
Devil's Workshop Exorcist Monastery Pixie Shepherd
Devil's Workshop.jpg Exorcist.jpg Monastery.jpg Pixie.jpg Shepherd.jpg
Baker.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Fortune Teller.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Baker Fairgrounds Farming Village Fortune Teller Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Happy Chaos [images]
Blessed Village Changeling Fool Faithful Hound Sacred Grove
Blessed Village.jpg Changeling.jpg Fool.jpg Faithful Hound.jpg Sacred Grove.jpg
Doctor.jpg Harvest.jpg Herald.jpg Jester.jpg Masterpiece.jpg
Doctor Harvest Herald Jester Masterpiece
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Renaissance

Combo Corner [images]
Ducat Experiment Hideout Sculptor Seer
Ducat.jpg Experiment.jpg Hideout.jpg Sculptor.jpg Seer.jpg
Herald.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Herald Horn of Plenty Horse Traders Jester Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Filling the Coffers [images]
Priest Recruiter Spices Swashbuckler Treasurer
Priest.jpg Recruiter.jpg Spices.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg Treasurer.jpg
Baker.jpg Butcher.jpg Menagerie.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Plaza.jpg
Baker Butcher Menagerie Merchant Guild Plaza
Landscapes and Additional Cards
City Gate Star Chart Key Treasure Chest
City Gate.jpg Star Chart.jpg Key.jpg Treasure Chest.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Menagerie

Living in Exile [images]
Gatekeeper Hostelry Livery Scrap Stockpile
Gatekeeper.jpg Hostelry.jpg Livery.jpg Scrap.jpg Stockpile.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Hamlet.jpg Jester.jpg Journeyman.jpg Taxman.jpg
Fairgrounds Hamlet Jester Journeyman Taxman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Enclave Way of the Mule
Enclave.jpg Way of the Mule.jpg
Thrill of the Hunt [images]
Black Cat Bounty Hunter Camel Train Mastermind Village Green
Black Cat.jpg Bounty Hunter.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Village Green.jpg
Butcher.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Tournament.jpg
Butcher Horse Traders Hunting Party Menagerie Tournament
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pursue Way of the Rat
Pursue.jpg Way of the Rat.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Allies

Huge Collections [images]
Clashes Contract Forts Galleria Sentinel
Clashes.jpg Contract.jpg Forts.jpg Galleria.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Advisor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Plaza.jpg
Advisor Fairgrounds Hunting Party Menagerie Plaza
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Woodworkers' Guild
Woodworkers' Guild.jpg
Forest Scouts [images]
Augurs Emissary Innkeeper Royal Galley Sentinel
Augurs.jpg Emissary.jpg Innkeeper.jpg Royal Galley.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Farming Village.jpg Jester.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Baker Candlestick Maker Farming Village Jester Journeyman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Forest Dwellers
Forest Dwellers.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Plunder

Of Heralds and Hunters [images]
Cabin Boy Flagship Fortune Hunter Pendant Pickaxe
Cabin Boy.jpg Flagship.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Pendant.jpg Pickaxe.jpg
Doctor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Doctor Fairgrounds Herald Soothsayer Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Fortune Hunter
Through the Swamp [images]
Cage Pilgrim Swamp Shacks Taskmaster Tools
Cage.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg Taskmaster.jpg Tools.jpg
Baker.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Menagerie.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Baker Hamlet Horn of Plenty Menagerie Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Pilgrim
Patient.jpg Journey.jpg

Cards $2 HamletHamlet.jpg $3 Fortune TellerFortune Teller.jpgMenagerieMenagerie.jpg $4 Farming VillageFarming Village.jpgHorse TradersHorse Traders.jpgRemakeRemake.jpgTournamentTournament.jpg (Prizes: Bag of GoldBag of Gold.jpgDiademDiadem.jpgFollowersFollowers.jpgPrincessPrincess.jpgTrusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg) • Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg $5 HarvestHarvest.jpgHorn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpgHunting PartyHunting Party.jpgJesterJester.jpg $6 FairgroundsFairgrounds.jpg
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