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Dominion Base Cards Mat included in the Rio Grande Games Big Box

The Dominion Base Cards Mat is a full-color cardboard game board that was included in the Dominion Big Box, released in 2010. It has pre-printed spaces for all the base cards included in the Big Box, including EstateEstate.jpg, DuchyDuchy.jpg, ProvinceProvince.jpg, ColonyColony.jpg, CurseCurse.jpg, CopperCopper.jpg, SilverSilver.jpg, GoldGold.jpg, PlatinumPlatinum.jpg, and PotionPotion.jpg. It also has a place for Trash, although the word "Trash" no longer appears on the card's art. The art chosen for all eleven of these cards is from the original version of Dominion and not from the Base Cards set. The mat has nothing else included on it and leaves no room for any Kingdom cards or future base cards, such as Ruins.

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