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Special Edition
Special Edition box.jpg
Type Combo Expansion
Cards 511
Release 2013

Dominion: Special Edition is a German-language Dominion collection that contains Dominion and Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, and replaces the original base cards with those from the Base Cards component upgrade pack. Unlike that pack, however, the PlatinumPlatinum.jpg, ColonyColony.jpg, and PotionsPotion.jpg cards are not included in this set.

The Special Edition was released exclusively in Germany in 2013 after the ending of the distribution rights of Hans im Glück. The cover of the box resembles the original game's cover, however all but one of the soldiers in the foreground have been removed and replaced with a more tranquil scene. The faded look of the original box has also been brightened and put into higher contrast.

The Special Edition was intended to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of Dominion, although a similar set was never released in English. The set has since gone out of print, replaced with a more standard base set using the original components and lacking the Black Market card.

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