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Hans im Glück Verlag was the German publisher for Dominion from 2008 until September 2013. Relations between Hans im Glück and Rio Grande Games fell apart in late 2012 and the two ceased working together, thereby ending a number of distribution deals between them, Dominion being one of RGG's primary exports to Germany (generally, RGG was a distributor for German games in the English-speaking world).

[edit] Design Differences

The extended box cover of Dominion and Intrigue as produced by Hans im Glück

The first two Dominion products released in Germany featured different artwork than the boxes produced by Rio Grande Games. Dominion and Intrigue featured a unique extended graphic that spanned both boxes. Other differences included the lack of a border around the box edges and a general lightening of the art in comparison to the Rio Grande versions. The Dominion logo used on Hans im Glück boxes also differed noticeably, although the logo on the backs of cards remained the standard style. This different logo appeared on the Collectors Case and the Spielbox Play Mats, as well as some other collectible gear such as mugs. Most European distributors of Dominion adopted the Hans im Glück design and some continue to use it today.

The tradition of different-styled art for German boxes has largely ended, but as a nod to the original Hans im Glück cover to Dominion, the current box art used by Rio Grande Games for the base set remains unique to Germany.

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