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Dominion Collectors Case, official release edition

The Dominion Collectors Case was an attempt by Hans im Glück at designing an official storage solution for Dominion and its expansions.[1] It was designed by Christof Tisch and intended to hold three large expansions and one set of basic cards plus one small expansion. The case was a tall cardboard box with a handle at the top and five trays for holding cards and components. The top was divided into four cardboard trays with staggered slots to hold all the cards. The top tray held the basic cards in two separate drawers. Randomizers and other game components such as tokens were held in the bottom drawer.

The box was produced on-demand by (the Hans im Glück online store)[2] and was not successful with the public. Reasons why it failed were its high price of €39.99, its inability to hold all currently-released expansions, and the fact that it was constructed entirely out of cardboard with an exposed side. It also required 4- to 8-weeks to manufacture and ship once ordered. A promised box designed to hold 6,000 cards was never released.

A replacement set of 5 new cardboard drawers was made available in December 2012 and remained available until the end of the year. Hans im Glück lost the license to distribute Dominion in October 2013 and the box is no longer available to the public. The replacement drawers were the last Dominion-related product to be removed, disappearing from in July 2014.

[edit] Product Description

The original advertisement, translated from German, for the product stated:

This is the case for Dominion. Or even the Collector Case!
What do the case?
Both cases are made of a very stable, high-quality corrugated board.
This case has printed 5 subjects. In this case, it is equipped with Dominion drawers. It fit the base card and a small extension (Alchemy, Cornucopia) in the top drawer. This is followed by 3 drawers for editions or large extensions (26 slots). Finally, there is a drawer for randomizers and promo cards. The pockets for the cards are so large that fit well cards with cases. The case comes assembled with a sturdy handle.
In addition, there will be soon cases that can hold 6,000 cards.Thus a fan can store all their cards. These will be available in store in the next few weeks with us.
We keep no inventory of the Collector Case since it is made to order. Once it is finished, it will be sent to you directly from the manufacturer. It therefore has delivery times of about 4 weeks, in some cases expect up to 8 weeks!
You can leave your case individually labeled. More can be found here..

[edit] Original Edition & the Poll

The original design for the Collectors Case

The original design for the Collectors Case was to be a Signature Edition with a design much more reminiscent of the English-language version of Dominion. It was to include a photograph of Christof Tisch on one side and different art, but otherwise it was designed in the same manner as the released version.

A poll was held in February 2012 to determine whether the public wanted the Signature Edition or a much simpler white-box design with no branding thats only benefit was the fact that it could hold more cards. This later design was promised as a future option but never released.

[edit] References

• YouTube Preview Video

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