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Type Expansion
Icon Seaside icon.png
Cards 300
262 (1st) / 272 (2nd) (26/27 sets)
26 (1st) / 27 (2nd)
12 (1st) / 1 (2nd)
Additional Material(s)  
Theme(s) The next turn
(Duration cards)
Release October 2009 (1st) / June 2022 (2nd)
Cover artist Franz Vohwinkel (1st) / Julien Delval (2nd)
Official Rulebook PDF

Seaside is the second expansion to DominionDominion.jpg by Donald X. Vaccarino , released in 2009 by publisher Rio Grande Games. The box originally contained 26 sets of Kingdom cards, 3 types of player mats, a set of Coin tokens, and a set of EmbargoEmbargo.jpg tokens. The main gameplay theme of Seaside is cards whose abilities affect future turns—whether by being Duration cards, interacting with the top of the deck, or otherwise.

Seaside (Second Edition) was released in June 2022. 8 first-edition Kingdom card piles (and 11 blank cards) were replaced with 9 new ones. The new cards are also available in an update pack provided to allow existing Seaside sets to be updated to the second-edition form.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards, second edition

Cards with an asterisk (*) were added in the second edition.

[edit] Removed first-edition Kingdom cards

These cards were included in the first edition, and removed from the second edition.

[edit] Additional materials



[edit] Additional first- and second-edition rules

Seaside introduces Duration cards.

  • Duration cards are orange, and have abilities that affect future turns.
  • Duration cards are not discarded in Clean-up if they have something left to do [on a future turn]; they stay in play until the Clean-up of the last turn that they do something.
  • Additionally, if a Duration card is played extra times by a card such as [Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, ScepterScepter.jpg, MastermindMastermind.jpg, SpecialistSpecialist.jpg or FlagshipFlagship.jpg], that card also stays in play until the Duration card is discarded, to track the fact that the Duration card was played extra times.
  • Keep track of whether or not a Duration card was played on the current turn, such as by putting your cards into two lines[, or by tilting Duration cards when they do something at the start of a turn].


  • You play a Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg, getting +2 Actions and +$1. Since it also does something next turn, you do not discard it from play in Clean-up. At the start of your next turn, you get +1 Action and +$1. Fishing Village is now done, but stays in play through that turn, and is discarded in Clean-up.
  • At the start of your turn, you have a WharfWharf.jpg in play from last turn. You get +2 Cards and +1 Buy. Then this turn you play a second Wharf, getting +2 Cards and +1 Buy. In Clean-up you discard the Wharf from last turn, but not the Wharf from this turn.
  • You play Throne Room on a Merchant ShipMerchant Ship.jpg. You get +$2 and another +$2, for +$4 total. In Clean-up both the Throne Room and Merchant Ship stay in play. At the start of your next turn you get another +$4; in that turn's Clean-up you discard the Throne Room and Merchant Ship.
  • You play TacticianTactician.jpg with no cards left in your hand. Since Tactician only does something on the next turn if you had at least one card, Tactician has nothing left to do, so you discard it in Clean-up.

[edit] Flavor text

All you ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. And someone who knows how to steer ships using stars. You finally got some of those rivers you'd wanted, and they led to the sea. These are dangerous, pirate-infested waters, and you cautiously send rat-infested ships across them, to establish lucrative trade at far-off merchant-infested ports. First, you will take over some islands, as a foothold. The natives seem friendly enough, crying their peace cries, and giving you spears and poison darts before you are even close enough to accept them properly. Then you will conquer those ports, and from there you will look for more rivers. For that is your way.

[edit] Mechanics

This is the 2nd addition to the game of Dominion. It adds 27 new Kingdom cards to Dominion. The central theme is your next turn; there are cards that do something this turn and next, cards that set up your next turn, and other ways to step outside of the bounds of a normal turn.

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Haven.jpgLighthouse.jpgNative Village.jpgAstrolabe.jpgFishing Village.jpgLookout.jpgMonkey.jpgSea Chart.jpgSmugglers.jpgWarehouse.jpgBlockade.jpgCaravan.jpgCutpurse.jpgIsland.jpgSailor.jpgSalvager.jpgTide Pools.jpgTreasure Map.jpgBazaar.jpgCorsair.jpgMerchant Ship.jpgOutpost.jpgPirate.jpgSea Witch.jpgTactician.jpgTreasury.jpgWharf.jpg

[edit] Removed cards

Embargo.jpgPearl Diver.jpgAmbassador.jpgNavigator.jpgPirate Ship.jpgSea Hag.jpgExplorer.jpgGhost Ship.jpg

[edit] Impact

Seaside is one of the most universally well-liked Dominion expansions, and a frequent answer to the "What should be the first expansion I buy?" question. This may be because Duration cards provide a noticeably different gameplay experience than anything that's available in the Base setDominion.jpg or IntrigueIntrigue.jpg, while still having effects that are relatively straightforward and easy to understand. When Donald X. decided to start reusing mechanics from past expansions in designing AdventuresAdventures.jpg, Duration was the principal mechanic he chose to revisit; since then, each new expansion after Adventures has included at least two Duration cards.

Seaside was often perceived to be a "power creep" expansion; certainly it contains several cards that are very strong for their cost in comparison to the average card in Intrigue or base Dominion. LighthouseLighthouse.jpg provides some of the best protection from Attacks available in Dominion; and Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg, CaravanCaravan.jpg, TacticianTactician.jpg, and WharfWharf.jpg have very strong next-turn effects that can allow an engine to function with extremely high reliability. Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg and WharfWharf.jpg are often described as the most powerful village card and the most powerful non-Attack $5 card, respectively. The first edition of Seaside contained three strong Attacks—AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg, Sea HagSea Hag.jpg, and Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg—to the point that Donald X. removed them from the second edition of Seaside on the grounds that they made the game too miserable.

Seaside has no cards costing $6, and more cards costing $2 than any other expansion. This is a deliberate move on Donald X.'s part to compensate for the range of costs in the ProsperityProsperity.jpg, which has no $2 cards and many cards costing $6 or more.

[edit] Theme

Game designer Donald X. offered some insight into some themes of the set here.

[edit] Alternative versions

[edit] Trivia

Official second-edition box art.
Official first-edition box art.

Seaside 1E is unique among Dominion expansions in that every Kingdom card is an Action card; it has no Treasures and its only Victory cards are also Actions. It is also the first expansion to introduce a new card type and card color.

[edit] In other languages

  • Chinese: 海國圖志 (pron. hǎi guó tú zhì, lit. Illustrated Treatise on the Maritime Kingdoms, a historical Chinese atlas of island nations)
  • Czech: Pobřeží (lit. coast)
  • Dutch: Hijs de Zeilen (lit. hoist the sails)
  • Finnish: Kaukaiset rannat (lit. distant beaches)
  • French: Rivages (lit. seashores)
  • German: Seaside
  • Italian: Seaside
  • Japanese: 海辺 (pron. umibe, lit. seashore)
  • Korean: 정복자의 바다 (pron. jeongbogjaui bada, lit. sea of the conqueror)
  • Polish: Przystań (lit. haven)
  • Russian: Побережье (pron. pobyeryezh'ye, lit. coast)
  • Spanish: Terramar (lit. earthsea)

[edit] Secret History (1E)

At first there were just a bunch of cards. One day I decided, okay, these are the main set, these are the first expansion, these are the second expansion. I divided everything up based on mechanical themes.

Originally the 2nd expansion had two themes. Both themes had so much potential that I broke the set up into two sets, expanding the themes. Seaside got the "next turn" theme. It may be a couple years before you'll get to see the expansion I made out of the other theme.

For much of its pre-development life, the set was 20 cards. It briefly visited 16 cards, when I tried that out for everything, but mostly it was 20. But going into development it was of course 25; I knew that Intrigue had ended up 25, so naturally this set would be 25 too. My expectation was that cards would be used for the playmats and counters, which is how it worked during development. But at the end of development, it turned out we'd be using playmats and counters, and that left some empty space. So the set went up to 26 cards.

Now some of the cards that didn't make it.

- There were the cards for that other theme the set once had. Those cards are still hoping to come out in that set, so so much for them. A few more cards started here but migrated to later sets that they fit better. None of them want to be spoiled here today.

- There was the attack I mentioned for Sea HagSea Hag.jpg, the card that turned into SmugglersSmugglers.jpg, and the card that TreasuryTreasury.jpg replaced.

- Black MarketBlack Market.jpg was originally from this set. Valerie thought it was too wacky, what with having to set up a deck of cards to buy for it, so it left. Then we needed a promo and Dale suggested Black Market for it and of course I jumped on that. Black MarketBlack Market.jpg had been very popular in the set, so it was great that it survived. It's true that it's cumbersome having to build the Black MarketBlack Market.jpg Deck for it though. Black MarketBlack Market.jpg tied in to the next turn theme by actually getting you cards from next game. Those of you who don't know about the promo, it was given away with an issue of Spielbox, and now BGG sells it somewhere. Just madly click on things and eventually it will show up.

- There was a now-and-later Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg variant. Play an Action, play it again next turn. It was both confusing and weak. What if you use it on a duration card? How long does it stay on the table? It could have said "non-duration," but that's pretty sad in a set with 8 duration cards. And did I mention it was weak? It left before development started.

- There was a "discard x cards, +$x" card that was in this set for a bit. I had a +1 buy version, then a now-and-later version. I ended up doing that on Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg in Intrigue, and dropped the versions that were here.

- The victory card that IslandIsland.jpg replaced was an Action-Victory with "Trash a card from the supply costing $6 or less / Worth 1VP per 3VP cards in the trash." I always thought it seemed cool and interesting, but in practice it wasn't much fun. If you went for it, other people would get in on it. It would do nothing some games, then dominate others, but never in a fun way. No-one was sad to see it go. There could still be a card someday that trashes supply cards, but in practice it's mostly a waste of time, with players sitting there trying to work out which card to trash in cases where it really doesn't matter (and so it's hard to decide).

- The one-shot that LookoutLookout.jpg replaced was "trash this and your hand, gain a card costing up to $3." It had started stronger but I had to weaken it. That version just looked horrible but was still strong. It was great to finally get rid of it. There could still be a one-shot ChapelChapel.jpg someday, but "trash your hand" is not the way to go. It limits the card to the early game, usually just one copy, and then either you draw it with your other early purchase, ugh, or you don't, yeeha.

- There was a now-and-later attack. It was you draw two, they discard one, this turn and next turn. I had still not quite learned that you can't do "each other player discards a card" - it will eventually get played in multiples and just massacre turns. I ended up replacing this with Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg.

- There was an attack like "look at the top card of each player's deck (including yours), you may trash it or discard it." This dates back to when I was doing "trash the top card of each other player's deck" stuff. Those kinds of attacks proved to have problems, which I've discussed in previous Secret Histories, and modern variants jump through lots of hoops to avoid them. This card just left automatically when I came to my senses there.

And that's the way it happened.

[edit] Retrospective on 1E (2012)

The biggest thing here is, the set has two cards that hand out junk that cost less than $5. Cards like that tend to dominate games, since people buy them turns 1-2 and start playing them fast, so it's bad to have two of them in one set, even though when they're in the same game the one defends against the other. I just don't want heavy-Seaside games to always have one of those cards. So either AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg or Sea HagSea Hag.jpg should be a more powerful card for $5. AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg looks more innocent so probably I would change Sea HagSea Hag.jpg.

LookoutLookout.jpg is the dud of the set. The problem is, some people are terrified of trashing a good card with it. At the same time trashing bad cards looks less exciting to some players. And as a trasher it's not exceptional. So the overall package is a card that a lot of players don't want, but that some experienced players realize is okay but not special. I could instead have some other card more people liked.

Originally the set did not have tokens. EmbargoEmbargo.jpg put itself on a pile; Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg kept one treasure per attack and counted them; Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg and Native VillageNative Village.jpg did have mats, but they were card-sized (when that changed I got to add HavenHaven.jpg back in). If I had known the set would have counters, I would have tried to get more use out of them, just as I made two more VP token cards to go with MonumentMonument.jpg.

OutpostOutpost.jpg could be simpler. Ideally it would have you discard 2 at the start of your next turn, rather than having the wonky Clean-up-modifying effect it has. There was not enough time between when I realized that and when the card had to be finalized.

Again some people complain about various other cards but I am having none of it. Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg is weak but I don't think it should be stronger. I like Treasure MapTreasure Map.jpg as is. Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg and WharfWharf.jpg are strong engine-enablers and well we are talking good times there. Pearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg and NavigatorNavigator.jpg are not prized, but they look reasonable to me, and as I have said many times, if I made all cards better by making them maximally complex, the game would have no players. ExplorerExplorer.jpg is fine, why do people even complain about ExplorerExplorer.jpg. They can't all be the best $5 ever.

[edit] Second Edition comments (2016)

I looked at the other sets a year ago, did any sets want new cards other than Dominion and Intrigue. Seaside came the closest, Prosperity was a very distant 4th. Well there's Alchemy, but the basic way to change Alchemy is to not do it. Anyway I looked at Seaside. The biggest positive things would be to get rid of EmbargoEmbargo.jpg tokens and use the coin tokens on say 3 cards. Seaside was made without tokens so I was not trying to make sure they were put to good use (when Prosperity was delayed due to Alchemy, I had time to add two more VP token cards to it). As I said, it was going to be a while before Jay was actually interested in not needing Embargo tokens. Then, two of the biggest duds to replace, I couldn't. In the end it got a tweaked rulebook and fixed wordings/layout (including Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg being clear about Guilds), but no new cards. And nothing else has new cards on the way either.

[edit] Physical materials

Original Seaside does add extra materials for the sake of extra materials. The prototype did no such thing; it had mats for Native VillageNative Village.jpg and Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg, but they were cards, and there were no tokens. You used the trashed treasures to track Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg, and put EmbargoEmbargo.jpg itself on the pile it affected. And then IslandIsland.jpg, you just used an IslandIsland.jpg as the mat for the IslandIsland.jpg-ed stuff.

But, there was a concern - again not on my part - that Seaside would look too expensive at the price it would have to cost. Cards are typically the most expensive component of games, but are valued less by players than other components, and the expansions are heavy on cards. Seaside was going to be 200 cards smaller than Intrigue - which at the time was a stand-alone - but would only be about $5 cheaper. So, they put in extra components. And I mean, it sucks to have e.g. a pile of EmbargoEmbargo.jpg tokens, pieces of metal, that you do nothing else with.

Hinterlands ended up getting to go out as a 300-card expansion with no components, for $5 less, and that went fine. So years later when I got the chance, I cut components from Seaside 2E, and now there are only the two mats, and no tokens.

[edit] Secret History (2E)

When I did the second editions for the main set and Intrigue, I planned to do Seaside, but didn't. At last I am getting to it, years later.

My interest in the project grew slowly. Finally, while working on AlliesAllies.jpg, I asked Jay if we could do it, and he said yes. A big problem previously had been, there were real people depicted on two cards I wanted to replace (NavigatorNavigator.jpg and Pearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg), and he hadn't even wanted to ask if they could just be depicted on new cards. But years had passed, and Jay didn't even remember having said that, and had no issues this time (they aren't depicted in Seaside 2E; we'll get to them eventually okay).

There was then the task of picking out which cards exactly to replace; I got lots of opinions and looked at data. Then I wanted more cards than before, and asked Jay if that was okay, and he said yes again. So Seaside lost 9 cards and gained 9 new ones.

If you already have the physical set, well it's like a new mini-expansion for Seaside. You can keep the replaced cards if you want; no-one's coming into your house and making you throw them away. Or you can replace them, the choice is yours. Online, the cards remain available on (you have to specify that you want them though), and I am not sure if TGG will keep selling them or merely keep supporting them, for their version. They are supported though.

I usually have a section going on about outtakes. Seaside 2E though was worked on at the same time as both AlliesAllies.jpg and the fall expansion (fall expansion?). Ideas went back and forth (SentinelSentinel.jpg at one point was going to replace LookoutLookout.jpg). So most of these outtakes aren't really looking to be talked about yet. I guess I can mention that there was "+$1 per 2 cards in your hand." A couple Reactions tried triggering on players playing GoldGold.jpg or gaining Treasures. And there were those Mariners - the one-card cantrip Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg, and multiple cards that tried some version of "next turn, +something per Duration you have in play."

And that's my story.

[edit] Other Comments

For me, changing Seaside now feels just like changing it when it hadn't come out yet. We didn't just print the first 26 cards I thought of; I got to test them and polish them and replace the bad-to-do ones. It's years later and I'm better at this and I got to polish the set more.

The whole point to Seaside 2E is to make the product better for the people who have not bought Seaside. For the people who have, well we're not making you buy Seaside 2E just to get the 9 new cards, we're selling them separately too. But you know. The whole concept is aimed at people who do not yet have Seaside. I would like my product to be better for those people. This seems extremely reasonable. And friendly even! I don't see how I'm possibly letting down the people who have it already. You can just ignore this and play with Sea HagSea Hag.jpg all you want. Or you can think of it as a 9-card expansion to Seaside and get that if it appeals to you.

No-one is telling anyone that they enjoyed the wrong thing or any such nonsense. Enjoy what you enjoy.

There have continued to be expansions because there has continued to be a lot of demand for new expansions. Man, I try to delay them, to get work done on other projects. Time spent on Dominion is time not spent on anything else. This time around, the pandemic pushed me into working on Dominion again. It was what I could get playtested with no game nights.

The whole point to rules changes and rewordings is to make the game better for the opposite of a niche; for the broad audience of not-serious-gamers. Serious gamers can just learn exotic rules and weird loopholes. For most players, it's better if I get rid of those things. For people who already have the cards, this is errata, but you can just play by the words on the cards in front of you, no-one is making you look up the current wordings.

Does the game "need" Seaside 2E? Man. I don't want to argue about what "need" means, but to me, it sure didn't "need" it. It's great to have it though. For me, "need" wasn't a factor; it sounded like a fun project and I did it. For sure it would have been more lucrative to have put the 9 new cards into a new expansion and continued selling Sea HagSea Hag.jpg etc. Would the world "need" that new expansion? No, of course not. But for sure some people would have gotten joy from it. Which is what it's all about in the end.

And, a point I personally should harp on: I have no respect for people who can't let other people have the fun they want to have. I do not stand in the way of people having the fun they want to have with Dominion cards, whether it's playing with Sea HagSea Hag.jpg or having weird house rules. And no-one should stand in the way of other people getting to not play with Sea HagSea Hag.jpg, that's fun too. I mean really.

These previews cannot be all "This card is not fun to certain people in certain circumstances, endless words to clarify that no absolute statements can ever be true or acceptable." "This is not fun" is a shorthand, and being members of human societies, we know the endless implicit stuff that's been omitted there. Man. There is super obviously no "no fun" card that someone doesn't adore, and man I even have statistics there, can point at how many people put whatever super-no-fun card on their liked list on Nothing is so bad that no-one likes it, and some of the most hated cards are the most adored. But none of that means that the previews should be unreadable. So there.

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Seaside only

High Seas [images]
Bazaar Blockade Caravan Corsair Haven
Bazaar.jpg Blockade.jpg Caravan.jpg Corsair.jpg Haven.jpg
Island.jpg Lookout.jpg Pirate.jpg Warehouse.jpg Wharf.jpg
Island Lookout Pirate Warehouse Wharf
Buried Treasure [images]
Astrolabe Cutpurse Fishing Village Lighthouse Monkey
Astrolabe.jpg Cutpurse.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Lighthouse.jpg Monkey.jpg
Outpost.jpg Sailor.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Tactician.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Outpost Sailor Sea Chart Tactician Treasure Map

[edit] Seaside & Dominion

Reach for Tomorrow [images]
Cutpurse Lookout Monkey Sea Witch Treasure Map
Cutpurse.jpg Lookout.jpg Monkey.jpg Sea Witch.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Artisan.jpg Cellar.jpg Council Room.jpg Vassal.jpg Village.jpg
Artisan Cellar Council Room Vassal Village
Repetition [images]
Caravan Outpost Pirate Sea Chart Treasury
Caravan.jpg Outpost.jpg Pirate.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Treasury.jpg
Festival.jpg Harbinger.jpg Militia.jpg Remodel.jpg Workshop.jpg
Festival Harbinger Militia Remodel Workshop

[edit] Seaside & Intrigue

A Star to Steer By [images]
Bazaar Lookout Monkey Tide Pools Treasure Map
Bazaar.jpg Lookout.jpg Monkey.jpg Tide Pools.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Courtier.jpg Diplomat.jpg Secret Passage.jpg Swindler.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Courtier Diplomat Secret Passage Swindler Wishing Well
Shore Patrol [images]
Cutpurse Island Lighthouse Sea Chart Wharf
Cutpurse.jpg Island.jpg Lighthouse.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Wharf.jpg
Patrol.jpg Pawn.jpg Replace.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Trading Post.jpg
Patrol Pawn Replace Shanty Town Trading Post

[edit] Seaside & Alchemy

Gummed Up [images]
Haven Sailor Sea Chart Sea Witch Warehouse
Haven.jpg Sailor.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Sea Witch.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Apprentice.jpg Familiar.jpg Herbalist.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Apprentice Familiar Herbalist Philosopher's Stone Vineyard
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Seaside & Prosperity

Exploding Kingdom [images]
Fishing Village Lookout Outpost Tactician Wharf
Fishing Village.jpg Lookout.jpg Outpost.jpg Tactician.jpg Wharf.jpg
Bishop.jpg City.jpg Grand Market.jpg King's Court.jpg Quarry.jpg
Bishop City Grand Market King's Court Quarry
Pirate Bay [images]
Astrolabe Corsair Monkey Native Village Treasury
Astrolabe.jpg Corsair.jpg Monkey.jpg Native Village.jpg Treasury.jpg
Charlatan.jpg Hoard.jpg Investment.jpg Magnate.jpg Mint.jpg
Charlatan Hoard Investment Magnate Mint

[edit] Seaside & Hinterlands

Travelers [images]
Cutpurse Island Lookout Merchant Ship Warehouse
Cutpurse.jpg Island.jpg Lookout.jpg Merchant Ship.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Cartographer.jpg Crossroads.jpg Farmland.jpg Souk.jpg Stables.jpg
Cartographer Crossroads Farmland Souk Stables
Runners [images]
Bazaar Blockade Caravan Smugglers Sailor
Bazaar.jpg Blockade.jpg Caravan.jpg Smugglers.jpg Sailor.jpg
Berserker.jpg Cauldron.jpg Guard Dog.jpg Nomads.jpg Wheelwright.jpg
Berserker Cauldron Guard Dog Nomads Wheelwright

[edit] Seaside & Cornucopia / Guilds

Collector [images]
Blockade Fishing Village Merchant Ship Smugglers Tide Pools
Blockade.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Merchant Ship.jpg Smugglers.jpg Tide Pools.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Fortune Teller.jpg Harvest.jpg Hunting Party.jpg
Fairgrounds Farming Village Fortune Teller Harvest Hunting Party
Island Builder [images]
Island Native Village Salvager Sea Chart Treasury
Island.jpg Native Village.jpg Salvager.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Treasury.jpg
Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Plaza.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Advisor Baker Merchant Guild Plaza Stonemason

[edit] Seaside & Dark Ages

Watery Graves [images]
Corsair Native Village Salvager Treasure Map Treasury
Corsair.jpg Native Village.jpg Salvager.jpg Treasure Map.jpg Treasury.jpg
Count.jpg Graverobber.jpg Hermit.jpg Rats.jpg Scavenger.jpg
Count Graverobber Hermit Rats Scavenger
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Peasants [images]
Fishing Village Haven Island Lighthouse Warehouse
Fishing Village.jpg Haven.jpg Island.jpg Lighthouse.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Armory.jpg Band of Misfits.jpg Poor House.jpg Forager.jpg Vagrant.jpg
Armory Band of Misfits Poor House Forager Vagrant
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Seaside & Adventures

Prince of Orange [images]
Astrolabe Caravan Fishing Village Merchant Ship Sailor
Astrolabe.jpg Caravan.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Merchant Ship.jpg Sailor.jpg
Amulet.jpg Dungeon.jpg Haunted Woods.jpg Page.jpg Swamp Hag.jpg
Amulet Dungeon Haunted Woods Page Swamp Hag
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Gifts and Mathoms [images]
Blockade Haven Sailor Salvager Smugglers
Blockade.jpg Haven.jpg Sailor.jpg Salvager.jpg Smugglers.jpg
Bridge Troll.jpg Caravan Guard.jpg Hireling.jpg Lost City.jpg Messenger.jpg
Bridge Troll Caravan Guard Hireling Lost City Messenger
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Expedition Quest
Expedition.jpg Quest.jpg

[edit] Seaside & Empires

Boxed In [images]
Salvager Smugglers Tactician Warehouse Wharf
Salvager.jpg Smugglers.jpg Tactician.jpg Warehouse.jpg Wharf.jpg
Castles.jpg Chariot Race.jpg Encampment.jpg Enchantress.jpg Gladiator.jpg
Castles Chariot Race Encampment Enchantress Gladiator
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Tax Wall
Tax.jpg Wall.jpg
King of the Sea [images]
Corsair Haven Native Village Pirate Sea Witch
Corsair.jpg Haven.jpg Native Village.jpg Pirate.jpg Sea Witch.jpg
Archive.jpg Farmers' Market.jpg Overlord.jpg Temple.jpg Wild Hunt.jpg
Archive Farmers' Market Overlord Temple Wild Hunt
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Delve Fountain
Delve.jpg Fountain.jpg

[edit] Seaside & Nocturne

The New Black [images]
Caravan Corsair Merchant Ship Sailor Tactician
Caravan.jpg Corsair.jpg Merchant Ship.jpg Sailor.jpg Tactician.jpg
Cobbler.jpg Den of Sin.jpg Ghost Town.jpg Raider.jpg Secret Cave.jpg
Cobbler Den of Sin Ghost Town Raider Secret Cave
Forbidden Isle [images]
Bazaar Monkey Pirate Salvager Tide Pools
Bazaar.jpg Monkey.jpg Pirate.jpg Salvager.jpg Tide Pools.jpg
Blessed Village.jpg Cemetery.jpg Idol.jpg Tracker.jpg Tragic Hero.jpg
Blessed Village Cemetery Idol Tracker Tragic Hero
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Seaside & Renaissance

Free Shipping [images]
Blockade Island Outpost Smugglers Wharf
Blockade.jpg Island.jpg Outpost.jpg Smugglers.jpg Wharf.jpg
Acting Troupe.jpg Cargo Ship.jpg Lackeys.jpg Research.jpg Spices.jpg
Acting Troupe Cargo Ship Lackeys Research Spices
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Digging for Treasure [images]
Astrolabe Caravan Native Village Salvager Treasure Map
Astrolabe.jpg Caravan.jpg Native Village.jpg Salvager.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Border Guard.jpg Flag Bearer.jpg Inventor.jpg Sculptor.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg
Border Guard Flag Bearer Inventor Sculptor Swashbuckler
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Crop Rotation Silos Flag Horn Lantern Treasure Chest
Crop Rotation.jpg Silos.jpg Flag.jpg Horn.jpg Lantern.jpg Treasure Chest.jpg

[edit] Seaside & Menagerie

Innsmouth [images]
Caravan Fishing Village Lighthouse Pirate Tide Pools
Caravan.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Lighthouse.jpg Pirate.jpg Tide Pools.jpg
Animal Fair.jpg Barge.jpg Coven.jpg Groom.jpg Sheepdog.jpg
Animal Fair Barge Coven Groom Sheepdog
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Invest Way of the Goat
Invest.jpg Way of the Goat.jpg
Ruritania [images]
Astrolabe Outpost Tactician Tide Pools Warehouse
Astrolabe.jpg Outpost.jpg Tactician.jpg Tide Pools.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Bounty Hunter.jpg Cavalry.jpg Falconer.jpg Sleigh.jpg Village Green.jpg
Bounty Hunter Cavalry Falconer Sleigh Village Green
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Alliance Way of the Monkey
Alliance.jpg Way of the Monkey.jpg

[edit] Seaside & Allies

Forward Thinking [images]
Cutpurse Native Village Sea Witch Tactician Warehouse
Cutpurse.jpg Native Village.jpg Sea Witch.jpg Tactician.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Guildmaster.jpg Highwayman.jpg Odysseys.jpg Royal Galley.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Guildmaster Highwayman Odysseys Royal Galley Sentinel
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Cave Dwellers
Cave Dwellers.jpg
Treasure Hunt [images]
Haven Lookout Outpost Treasure Map Treasury
Haven.jpg Lookout.jpg Outpost.jpg Treasure Map.jpg Treasury.jpg
Emissary.jpg Forts.jpg Marquis.jpg Swap.jpg Town.jpg
Emissary Forts Marquis Swap Town
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Market Towns
Market Towns.jpg

[edit] Seaside & Plunder

Wine-dark Seas [images]
Cabin Boy Cage Enlarge Frigate Rope
Cabin Boy.jpg Cage.jpg Enlarge.jpg Frigate.jpg Rope.jpg
Astrolabe.jpg Caravan.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Sailor.jpg Sea Witch.jpg
Astrolabe Caravan Fishing Village Sailor Sea Witch
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Frigate
Treasure Island [images]
Abundance Buried Treasure Crew Longship Stowaway
Abundance.jpg Buried Treasure.jpg Crew.jpg Longship.jpg Stowaway.jpg
Corsair.jpg Island.jpg Lookout.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Corsair Island Lookout Sea Chart Treasure Map
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Treasure Map
Inherited.jpg Launch.jpg

First Edition Kingdoms

Cards $2 HavenHaven.jpgLighthouseLighthouse.jpgNative VillageNative Village.jpg $3 AstrolabeAstrolabe.jpgFishing VillageFishing Village.jpgLookoutLookout.jpgMonkeyMonkey.jpgSea ChartSea Chart.jpgSmugglersSmugglers.jpgWarehouseWarehouse.jpg $4 BlockadeBlockade.jpgCaravanCaravan.jpgCutpurseCutpurse.jpgIslandIsland.jpgSailorSailor.jpgSalvagerSalvager.jpgTide PoolsTide Pools.jpgTreasure MapTreasure Map.jpg $5 BazaarBazaar.jpgCorsairCorsair.jpgMerchant ShipMerchant Ship.jpgOutpostOutpost.jpgPiratePirate.jpgSea WitchSea Witch.jpgTacticianTactician.jpgTreasuryTreasury.jpgWharfWharf.jpg
Removed cards $2 EmbargoEmbargo.jpgPearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg $3 AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg $4 NavigatorNavigator.jpgPirate ShipPirate Ship.jpgSea HagSea Hag.jpg $5 ExplorerExplorer.jpgGhost ShipGhost Ship.jpg
Combos and Counters Black Market/TacticianNative Village/Bridge
Other concepts Duration
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