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Native Village / Bridge
Native Village.jpg Bridge.jpg
Set(s) Intrigue / Seaside
Type Megaturn

Native VillageNative Village.jpg and BridgeBridge.jpg create a combo that allows the player, in one megaturn, to take several Native Villages and Bridges off their Native Village mat, play them all, and buy the remaining ProvincesProvince.jpg (perhaps piledriving them) or three-piling to win.

[edit] Article

Original article by WanderingWinder, edited by theory.

We all know that King's CourtKing's Court.jpg-King's Court-BridgeBridge.jpg-Bridge-Bridge is a killer, killer combo. But it’s so hard to pull off. There is, however, another extremely reliable way to get many Bridges played in the same turn, and that is through the use of Native VillageNative Village.jpg.

This is more of a total-game-strategy rather than just a little combo. You want to start NV-Bridge (you can do this on either $5/$2 or $4/$3, which is nice), and then simply keep buying those cards, and more or less only those cards, for the rest of the game.

Every time you play Native Village, always choose to set aside the card. What you’re going for eventually is to pick up a massive Native Village mat, play a ton of Bridges (fueled by the actions from NV itself), and win.

There are a few ways you can look to win, and you really need to watch your opponent for that. If they’re going for a rather conventional strategy, like a Big Money variant, you want to hold off on “going off” for quite a long time, so that you can get like 6 Bridges (or maybe even more) in one turn and just scream through the Provinces and win.

In a mirror matchup, you have to be VERY careful about the game ending on piles and/or be ready to set the combo off prematurely in order to three-pile and win. In general, three piles are something you always have to watch out for, as the Native Villages and Bridges themselves are going to go pretty quickly, and with so many extra buys, you can easily run out even a fairly full pile pretty quickly.

This combo is very powerful and pretty fast, but it has some limitations. First of all, it’s somewhat vulnerable to cursers, looters, and other deck-bloaters (see AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg), but you can counter this pretty hard by increasing your NV’s a little. Curses don’t really matter if they’re all on your NV mat!

It’s more vulnerable to SwindlerSwindler.jpg when there are bad $2′s and $4′s out there. NV/Bridge works nicely, but NV/CutpurseCutpurse.jpg does not.

As for speed, it can be crushingly fast. It beats ChapelChapel.jpg, AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg, and most cursers. For instance (and this is not uncommon with this combo), your Chapelling opponent has 5 Provinces, a Chapel, and money, and you pull the trigger on your combo. If you can get 6 Bridges played in a turn, that’s enough, even without any money, to buy 3 Provinces and 4 Duchies, which is as much VP as the 5 Provinces, and your 3 Estates will win it for you.

Few other cards can help this combo; in a non-mirror match, Native Villages and Bridges are all you need. In a mirror match, cheap sources of +Buy such as Worker's VillageWorker's Village.jpg may help, once Bridges run out but before either player has enough Buys on their NV mat to finish a third pile but there's a very narrow window when buying these cards is useful.

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