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The term combo is sometimes used to refer to a cohesive strategy that relies only on two (sometimes three) cards, often to the point of being centralizing in a given Kingdom. While combos of 3 or more cards are possible, unless one of these is a base card in every game (or at least one of the cards needed is simply a card archetype, e.g. a village or +Buy/gainer) rather than a specific card, it's unlikely that you will encounter all three of those cards in a real game.

The term "combo" has been used historically to refer to two cards which merely have synergy with each other without constituting a game-winning strategy by themselves, however, as more game-winning combos became available, this usage has fallen out of favor.

[edit] Strategy

[edit] Examples

Some of the strongest combos in the game include (not an exhaustive list!):

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