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Royal Carriage / Bridge
Royal Carriage.jpg Bridge.jpg
Set(s) Adventures / Intrigue
Type Megaturn

Royal CarriageRoyal Carriage.jpg and BridgeBridge.jpg is a fast combo that takes advantage of Royal Carriage's Reserve nature to stockpile a bunch of them, calling them all on a single Bridge in one turn to buy out the ProvincesProvince.jpg.


[edit] Article

Original article by aku_chi.

This combo is similar to Native Village and Bridge; the goal is to end the game with a megaturn where you play and replay Bridge several times to buy out the remaining Provinces (and perhaps some DuchiesDuchy.jpg). Multiple Royal Carriages can replay the same Bridge. The condition for the megaturn is 6+ Royal Carriages in reserve and a Bridge and an additional $1 in hand. If some Provinces are gone, you can also end the game with 5 Royal Carriages in reserve, a Bridge and sufficient coin in hand ($6 for 6 Provinces, $4 for 5 Provinces).

Unassisted, this combo can obtain 6+ Royal Carriages in 8-10 turns (usually turn 9), and pair up 6+ Royal Carriages with a Bridge on turn 12-16 (usually turn 13 or 14). If Royal Carriages are contested, it is important to get at least 6. However, 5 Royal Carriages are enough to buy the majority of Provinces and several Duchies. Bridges are not heavily contested with this strategy. 1 is sufficient; 3 is plenty.

This strategy is moderately affected by attacks. Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg is the most debilitating; it makes it harder to reach 5 coins to buy Royal Carriage, and it reduces the speed at which you can play and use Royal Carriages. Other handsize attacks are an inconvenience; invest in more SilverSilver.jpg. Junking attacks slow this combo down a little; sifting becomes extraordinarily valuable. Trashing attacks can hurt if they hit Royal Carriage; buy more copies than you need and keep them on your Tavern mat longer.

[edit] Strategy

  • Open with Bridge and Silver.
  • Buy Royal Carriage whenever you can.
  • Buy Silver with $3 or $4 coins. Buy an extra Bridge or two if the opportunity presents itself and you aren't worried about collisions.
  • When you have 2+ Royal Carriages on your Tavern mat and an opportunity to buy 3+ Royal Carriages, call Royal Carriages on Bridge to buy more Royal Carriages (at least 6 total, if you can manage it).
  • Once you have 6+ Royal Carriages on your Tavern mat (or 5 with the $ to buy out Provinces), play a Bridge and re-play it 5+ times. Buy out the Provinces and as many Duchies as you can.

(Some supporting cards can be purchased in place of Silver and Bridge at $3 and $4.)

[edit] Synergies

  • Non-terminal Sifting (find your Royal Carriages faster to set up the megaturn)
  • EstateEstate.jpg trashing that doesn't slow you down
  • FerryFerry.jpg (make it trivial to get Royal Carriages)
  • SaveSave.jpg (save your Bridge until the last turn before your shuffle to maximize the impact of your Royal Carriages)
  • ColonyColony.jpg games (your opponent is less likely to compete over Provinces, and you can end the game with your megaturn before your opponent can get 5+ Colonies)

[edit] Anti-Synergies

  • Ghost Ship
  • EmbargoEmbargo.jpg (an early embargo on Royal Carriages kills the strategy absent a powerful gainer such as ArtisanArtisan.jpg or any gainer in conjunction with Bridge)

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