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The Adventures tokens (first edition), in all six player colors.

Adventures tokens are those that come with the AdventuresAdventures.jpg expansion. There are 10 different kinds, each in 6 colors (one for each player).


[edit] List of cards and Events that use tokens

The red player's +1 Card token.
The red player's +1 Action token.
The red player's +1 Buy token.
The red player's +$1 token.
The red player's $2 cost token.
The red player's Trashing token.
The red player's –1 Card token.
The red player's $1 token.
The red player's Journey token.
The red player's Estate token.
Vanilla bonus tokens:

$2 cost token:

Trashing token:



Penalty tokens:

Journey token:

Estate token:

[edit] Official Rules

  • Adventures has 10 tokens in each of 6 player colors.
  • These are used with some Kingdom cards and Events.
  • Tokens are counter-limited; there is just one of each per player, and players can never have more.
  • Some tokens go on Action Supply piles. When gaining a card from a pile with a token on it, just tilt the card being taken to slide the tokens back onto the pile.
  • The tokens still function on empty piles, and may be placed on empty piles. You can track what the empty pile was with its randomizer card.
  • Multiple tokens may be on the same pile; for example the green player might have a +1 Action and +1 Card token on a pile, while the blue player had a +1 Action token on the same pile.
  • When multiple tokens are on a pile, they all function; the green player in that example would get both +1 Action and +1 Card when playing a card from that pile, in addition to the card's normal effects.

[edit] Other rules clarifications

  • If there is more than one differently named card in a pile, tokens on that pile still affect all cards in it.

[edit] Preparation

  • If any tokens are being used, get them out of the box and keep them handy.

[edit] Vanilla bonus tokens

  • Four tokens give +1 of something: +1 Action, +1 Buy, +1 Card, +$1.
  • These tokens go on Action Supply piles. When the player whose token it is plays a card from that pile, that player first gets the bonus.
  • For example a player with their +1 Action token on the Ranger pile will get +1 Action every time they play a Ranger.
  • These tokens are used by TeacherTeacher.jpg and four Events: Lost ArtsLost Arts.jpg (+1 Action), SeawaySeaway.jpg (+1 Buy), PathfindingPathfinding.jpg (+1 Card), and TrainingTraining.jpg (+$1).

Other rules clarifications

  • Drawing a card due to the +1 Card token happens before anything else that that card does; for example, if you play an Attack with the +1 Card token on its pile while UrchinUrchin.jpg (from Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg) is in play, you draw a card before trashing Urchin and gaining a MercenaryMercenary.jpg.

[edit] –2 cost token

  • The –$2 cost token also goes on an Action Supply pile.
  • It reduces the cost of cards from that pile on a particular player's turn.
  • The –$2 cost token lowers costs for all purposes; for example with a $2 cost token on GearGear.jpg, a player could TransmogrifyTransmogrify.jpg CopperCopper.jpg into Gear.
  • The –$2 cost token does not lower costs below $0.
  • This token is placed with FerryFerry.jpg.

[edit] Trashing token

  • The Trashing token (the one showing a tombstone) also goes on an Action Supply pile.
  • This token lets a player trash a card from their hand when gaining a card from that pile.
  • Trashing a card is optional and only happens when buying a card from that pile or otherwise gaining one.
  • This token is placed with PlanPlan.jpg.

[edit] –1 Card token

  • The large –1 Card token is placed onto a player's deck by RelicRelic.jpg, BorrowBorrow.jpg, or RaidRaid.jpg.
  • It causes the player to draw one less card the next time they draw cards, and remove the token.
  • This will reduce a regular draw of a new hand of 5 cards to 4 cards, or reduce the drawing from playing Actions or other effects.
  • The token only has that effect once; then it is removed, and the player draws normally until the next time they have the token on their deck.
  • The token only applies to draws; it does not affect revealing cards, nor does revealing cards remove the token (reveal the cards, then replace the token).
  • The token applies to every card that says "+Cards" or "draw" and to no other cards; except, the promotional card Envoy says "draw the restEnvoyOld.jpg" when it should say "put the rest into your handEnvoy.jpg;" it is not affected by the token.
  • The token can go on an empty deck; it still applies.
  • There is only one token per player; a player who already has the token on their deck is not further affected by being instructed to put the token there.
  • Cards that draw up to a number of cards, such as WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg from ProsperityProsperity.jpg, skip a draw, removing the token, and then keep going, so that the token essentially did nothing.

Other rules clarifications

  • If your deck and discard pile are empty and you are instructed to draw a card, you will still remove this.
  • If you have no cards in your deck and you are instructed to draw one card, you remove this and you don't shuffle.
  • If you draw 0 cards (e.g. you play WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg with 8 cards in hand), you don't remove this.

[edit] –1 Coin token

  • The large –$1 token is placed in front of a player by Bridge TrollBridge Troll.jpg and BallBall.jpg.
  • It causes the player to get $1 less the next time they get $; for example if the next $ the player gets is from playing a GoldGold.jpg, instead of $3 they would have $2.
  • It is not removed by getting +$0, such as by playing MiserMiser.jpg and choosing +$ but having no CoppersCopper.jpg on the Tavern mat.
  • It applies to any source of $, such as Treasures, Action effects, and other effects like BorrowBorrow.jpg.
  • It only applies once and then is removed, until the next time the player is given the token.
  • There is only one token per player; a player who already has the token is not further affected by being instructed to take the token.

[edit] Journey token

  • The Journey token (the one showing a boot) is face up at the start of a game.
  • It can be turned over by RangerRanger.jpg, GiantGiant.jpg, and PilgrimagePilgrimage.jpg.
  • They turn over the token and then check to see if it is face up or not, and do something based on that.
  • The token can be turned face down with one effect and then face up with another.

Other rules clarifications

  • You don't flip this token like a coin; you just deliberately turn it over. It tracks that you get an effect every other play; it doesn't randomize when you get the effect.

[edit] Estate token

  • The Estate token (the one showing a house) is used by InheritanceInheritance.jpg to mark the card that a player's Estates have turned into.
  • Once Inheritance is used, the token sits on a card near a player's play area (but not in play).

[edit] Trivia

The pictures on three of the tokens (Trashing, Journey, Estate) were changed for later reprints of the expansion.

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