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To exchange a card is to return it to its pile (Supply or otherwise) and put another card in the discard pile in its place. The card returned is not considered trashed, and the card received is not considered gained. Most cards that exchange themselves are in the two Traveller sequences in AdventuresAdventures.jpg: chains of cards of increasing cost and power, where each one may be exchanged for the next stronger one when discarded from play (though the top two cards in these chains, ChampionChampion.jpg and TeacherTeacher.jpg, are not Travellers themselves).

Aside from Travellers:


[edit] Official Rules

[edit] From Adventures

  • When a player discards a Traveller from play, they may exchange it for the card indicated; they return the card being exchanged to its pile, take the card they are exchanging it for, and puts that card into their discard pile.
  • For example when exchanging PeasantPeasant.jpg for SoldierSoldier.jpg, they put Peasant back into its pile and takes a Soldier and puts it into their discard pile.
  • Exchanging is not trashing or gaining, and so does not trigger abilities like Travelling Fair'sTravelling Fair.jpg.
  • It is optional.
  • It only happens when the card is discarded from play; discarding it from hand, such as due to not playing it, will not trigger it.
  • It only happens if the card being exchanged for has any copies available; if there are no Soldiers in the pile, Peasant cannot be exchanged at that time.
  • If multiple cards do something when discarded from play, the player picks the order; for example, with no Soldiers left in the pile, a player with Peasant and Soldier in play could first exchange Soldier for FugitiveFugitive.jpg, then exchange Peasant for that Soldier.

[edit] From Nocturne

  • Nocturne has three cards that tell a player to "exchange" a card for another card. The card being exchanged is returned to its Supply pile, or non-Supply pile, and the card being exchanged for is taken and put into the player's discard pile. This does not count as gaining a card. The exchange only happens if both cards can be exchanged; if the pile is empty, the cards are not exchanged.

[edit] Other rules clarifications

  • Unlike gaining, exchanging can happen with a non-Supply pile without special instructions. For instance, you can use TraderTrader.jpg to exchange a HorseHorse.jpg for a SilverSilver.jpg even though the Horse pile is not part oft the Supply.
  • The card being returned as part of the exchange must have a pile to go back to. Therefore cards that don't have piles of their own anywhere, such as Shelters, Heirlooms, or Zombies, cannot be involved in an exchange.
  • The Black MarketBlack Market.jpg deck is not considered a pile; so for example if a Traveller, VampireVampire.jpg, or HermitHermit.jpg is bought using Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, there is no pile to return it to and therefore it cannot be exchanged.

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