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Calling is a mechanic in the AdventuresAdventures.jpg expansion. To call is to put a Reserve card into play from your Tavern mat. Calling is not considered playing; for example, calling two GuidesGuide.jpg at the start of your turn will not activate your ConspiratorsConspirator.jpg. However, called cards are considered to be in play, and will, for example, reduce the cost of PeddlerPeddler.jpg.

[edit] Official Rules

  • Most Reserve cards have an ability that "calls" the card. This moves the card into play at a certain time, optionally, and causes it to do something then.
  • Playing a Reserve card does the part of the card's text that's above the dividing line, which includes putting it on the Tavern mat; then it sits on the Tavern mat for as many turns as desired, doing nothing; then it is called into play at the time stated below the dividing line, to do whatever it says.
  • For example RatcatcherRatcatcher.jpg gives +1 Card +1 Action when played, and goes on the Tavern mat; on some future turn, at the start of the turn, the player can move Ratcatcher into play to trash a card from his hand.
  • Calling a card does not repeat the abilities on the card above the dividing line; that part only happens when the card is played. Reserve cards are discarded during Clean-up normally on the turn they are called.
  • Calling Reserve cards is not playing an Action, and does not reduce how many Actions the player may play on his turn; for example, a player could start a turn by calling two Ratcatchers, then continue his turn by playing a RangerRanger.jpg from hand.

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