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The green player's Exile mat.

Exile is a place to put cards that was introduced in MenagerieMenagerie (expansion).jpg. If there are any cards in the Kingdom that use Exile, give an Exile mat to each player. When you Exile a card, you put it on your Exile mat. Exiling a card is not gaining it or trashing it. Cards on your Exile mat are yours, regardless of whether the card was yours before it was put there (e.g. Exiling a card from the Supply makes that card yours). When you gain a card, you may discard all the other copies of it you have in Exile. You cannot discard only some of the copies; you must either discard all of them, or none of them.


[edit] List of cards, Events and Ways

Sanctuary, a card associated with Exile.

There are 8 Kingdom cards and 6 landscapes that use Exile:

[edit] Official Rules

[edit] Preparation

  • In games using cards that refer to Exile, give each player an Exile mat.

[edit] Exile

Menagerie has Exile mats that cards can go on. Each player gets one.

  • "Exile a card" means, put it on your Exile mat.
  • "Cards in Exile" are the cards on your mat.
  • Cards on your mat are yours; at the end of the game, include them when scoring.
  • The cards on Exile mats are face up and public.
  • When you gain a card, you may discard the other copies of it from your mat. For example, if you have two SilversSilver.jpg on your mat, and gain a SilverSilver.jpg, you may discard the two SilversSilver.jpg from your mat - they go to your discard pile. You can leave them on the mat instead. You cannot discard just one of them.
  • Exiling a card from the Supply is not "gaining" the card, and will not cause "when you gain this" abilities to happen.
  • Discarding a card from your Exile mat is not gaining it either.
  • Discarding a card from your Exile mat is discarding a card; if it happens other than in Clean-up, it can trigger TunnelTunnel.jpg (from HinterlandsHinterlands.jpg) or Village GreenVillage Green.jpg.

[edit] Gallery of cards, Events and Ways that use the Exile mat

[edit] Kingdom cards

Camel Train.jpgStockpile.jpgBounty Hunter.jpgCardinal.jpgCoven.jpgDisplace.jpgGatekeeper.jpgSanctuary.jpg

[edit] Events


[edit] Ways

Way of the Camel.jpgWay of the Worm.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: Verbannen
  • German : Exil ExileGerman.jpg

[edit] Donald X.'s comments

[edit] Secret History

There were two ideas waiting to be used, from when working on RenaissanceRenaissance.jpg. First, the Jail mat. This was a mat cards could put cards onto, and then it had a built-in rule that let you get the cards back when gaining another copy of whichever card. This mat and the associated cards had been good, but I didn't want more mats in Renaissance. At one point it had four mats; in the end it has one that does double duty. So I saved this for next time, and well, it was next time. So this went right into the set and had good cards right away. Eventually I renamed it to Exile, because I wasn't looking to make a wild west expansion, which is what "jail plus horses" sure suggested. "Exile" was nice because you can use it as a verb too, and it made at least some sense for a medieval game.

[edit] Exiling Victory cards

The experience of not getting to exile VP is an experience you get in every game without those cards. Now we also get to have the experience of exiling VP. For me Exile was a slam dunk, an excellent mechanic. It created some really novel cards.

Complaints about "you can exile VP" are just like when people said "nothing should ever cost $7." The game hasn't lost "there's nothing that costs $7"; most games, there isn't. You still get the joy of "oh no I'm drawing Victory cards" in most games; now you also get another experience sometimes. If the experience of "you can exile VP" sucked then sure it would be bad for whatever those reasons are. But it is not made bad just because it changes something sacred-looking. And yet some people view it that way. At this point a lot of ProvinceProvince.jpgs have been exiled, and the loud voices on the internet have been pretty positive. If I want to please those players, for sure Exile was the move. You can't please everyone, and it's great if you ever manage to please as great a percentage as Exile does.

[edit] Exiling isn't gaining

They were never gained (in Menagerie or Renaissance). It's not gaining so I didn't make it gaining. I don't want something to "count as" something else if I can avoid it. The cards could have said "gain it and exile it" but then a lot of effects can squeeze in there and make off with the card. So they don't.

[edit] No card type for Exile

There are reasons to use types: to tie rules to the type; to refer to the type on a card; to give the cards a color so they draw your attention. These reasons didn't exist here so they don't have a special type.

Cards $2 Black CatBlack Cat.jpgSleighSleigh.jpgSuppliesSupplies.jpg $3 Camel TrainCamel Train.jpgGoatherdGoatherd.jpgScrapScrap.jpgSheepdogSheepdog.jpgSnowy VillageSnowy Village.jpgStockpileStockpile.jpg $3star HorseHorse.jpg $4 Bounty HunterBounty Hunter.jpgCardinalCardinal.jpgCavalryCavalry.jpgGroomGroom.jpgHostelryHostelry.jpgVillage GreenVillage Green.jpg $5 BargeBarge.jpgCovenCoven.jpgDisplaceDisplace.jpgFalconerFalconer.jpgGatekeeperGatekeeper.jpgHunting LodgeHunting Lodge.jpgKilnKiln.jpgLiveryLivery.jpgMastermindMastermind.jpgPaddockPaddock.jpgSanctuarySanctuary.jpg $5star FishermanFisherman.jpg $6star DestrierDestrier.jpgWayfarerWayfarer.jpg $7star Animal FairAnimal Fair.jpg
Events $0 DelayDelay.jpgDesperationDesperation.jpg $2 GambleGamble.jpgPursuePursue.jpgRideRide.jpgToilToil.jpg $3 EnhanceEnhance.jpgMarchMarch.jpgTransportTransport.jpg $4 BanishBanish.jpgBargainBargain.jpgInvestInvest.jpgSeize the DaySeize the Day.jpg $5 CommerceCommerce.jpgDemandDemand.jpgStampedeStampede.jpg $7 ReapReap.jpg $8 EnclaveEnclave.jpg $10 AllianceAlliance.jpgPopulatePopulate.jpg
Ways ButterflyWay of the Butterfly.jpgCamelWay of the Camel.jpgChameleonWay of the Chameleon.jpgFrogWay of the Frog.jpgGoatWay of the Goat.jpgHorseWay of the Horse.jpgMoleWay of the Mole.jpgMonkeyWay of the Monkey.jpgMouseWay of the Mouse.jpgMuleWay of the Mule.jpgOtterWay of the Otter.jpgOwlWay of the Owl.jpgOxWay of the Ox.jpgPigWay of the Pig.jpgRatWay of the Rat.jpgSealWay of the Seal.jpgSheepWay of the Sheep.jpgSquirrelWay of the Squirrel.jpgTurtleWay of the Turtle.jpgWormWay of the Worm.jpg
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