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To reveal a card is to show it publicly for all other players to see. This can be done from your hand, your deck, or your discard pile; any area whose contents are not public knowledge. Once revealed, there is usually an instruction given for what to do with the card; if there is none, it is assumed that you put it back where it came from. Many cards reveal for different reasons; Digging cards reveal cards until revealing one meeting their condition, and Reactions are usually revealed when they are activated. One card. PatronPatron.jpg, has a special effect that is triggered when it is revealed by some other card.

However, if a card says to look at another card, you explicitly do not show it to other players, but you similarly put it back where it came from if no other instruction is given.

[edit] Official Rules

"Reveal a card" - All players get to see the card.
  • After revealing it, return it to wherever it was (unless otherwise instructed).

[edit] Other rules clarifications

  • If you have to reveal more cards than are left in your deck, first shuffle your discard pile and put it under your deck, then reveal the cards. If there still are not enough cards to reveal, you just reveal as many as you can.

[edit] List of cards and Events which instruct the players to "reveal"

Cards in italics have been removed. Cards with no specified restriction (in parentheses) might result in revealing any cards.

Dominion Game Mechanics
Turn Phases ActionBuyNightClean-up
Vanilla Bonuses +Card • +Action+Buy • +Coin
Tokens AdventuresCoin (Coffers, Villager, Favors) • DebtVictory
Other mechanics CallCost reductionDiscardExchangeExileGainOverpayPassPayRevealRotateSet asideTrash
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