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Type Small Expansion
Icon Guilds icon.png
Cards 150
130 (13 sets)
Additional Material(s)  
Release June 2013
Cover artist Matthias Catrein
Official Rulebook PDF

Guilds is the eighth expansion of Dominion. It was released in June 2013. The box contains 13 sets of Kingdom cards. The set has two main themes—cards that give Coffers, and cards that you can overpay for, which are signified by a "+" in their cost. There are also two cards that name cards, several very wordy cards, and several cards whose art features bald people. It is no longer sold as a separate item, instead being paired with CornucopiaCornucopia.jpg in a larger boxGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg.

Early printings of Guilds used the wording "take a Coin token" where the revised edition of the combined expansion Guilds & CornucopiaGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg has +X Coffers as a vanilla bonus.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards

[edit] Additional materials



[edit] Additional rules (2017)

[edit] Coffers

  • Some cards in Guilds put tokens on a player's Coffers. "+1 Coffers" means "add a token to your Coffers mat." In a player's Buy Phase, before buying anything, that player may remove tokens from their Coffers for +$1 each.
  • Coin tokens are provided for this. They are not component-limited; players may use a substitute if they run out. The same tokens are provided in Dominion: SeasideSeaside.jpg and Dominion: ProsperityProsperity.jpg; they can all be mixed together.
  • Coin tokens being used in other ways, such as on the Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg mat for Dominion: Seaside, cannot be removed for +$1; just the Coin tokens on a player's Coffers mat.
  • Coin tokens come from the supply of Coin tokens, and return there; they are not taken from other mats or other players.
  • Coin tokens can only be removed from a player's Coffers in that player's Buy Phase (or when instructed by a card such as ButcherButcher.jpg); they cannot be used when buying a card via the promotional card Black MarketBlack Market.jpg.

[edit] Overpay

  • Some cards can be "overpaid" for. The costs for these cards have a "+" next to the coin symbol. A player may pay any additional amount for such a card, and then gets an effect based on how much extra was paid.
  • PotionsPotion.jpg (from Dominion: AlchemyAlchemy.jpg) may be used in overpaid amounts if desired, although this is not always meaningful.
  • Debt (from Dominion: EmpiresEmpires.jpg) cannot be overpaid.
  • Players may choose not to overpay, even if they have extra coins, but cannot choose to overpay $0; to overpay, a player has to actually pay more than the cost.
  • The coins used to overpay are gone after spending them to overpay; they cannot be then used to buy something else.
  • Overpaying happens when a card is bought, which is before it is gained.
  • Players can only overpay for a card when buying it, not when gaining it some other way.
  • The "+" is just a reminder; a card with "+" in the cost still has its normal cost for all purposes. For example if a player plays HagglerHaggler.jpg (from Dominion: HinterlandsHinterlands.jpg), then buys Masterpiece, overpaying, Haggler will still gain them a card costing less than $3, the cost of Masterpiece. Similarly, Masterpiece could be the Bane card for Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg, since it costs $3.
  • Reducing the costs of cards via BridgeBridge.jpg (from Dominion: IntrigueIntrigue.jpg) does not interact with overpay; for example, if you play five Bridges and have $5 total to spend, Herald would cost $0, but if you bought one the most you could overpay for it would still be $5.

[edit] Flavor text

Jobs, everyone’s worried about jobs. Whatever happened to tilling the fields in obscurity? The economy is just a trick, like stealing someone's nose, but lately people seem to have seen through it, like when you realize someone hasn’t really stolen your nose. So now everyone’s joining a guild, learning a craft, and working on a masterpiece - a painting so beautiful it blinds you, or a cheese grater so amazing that you never eat cheese again. The only people left tilling the fields are the ones doing it ironically. The guilds cover everything - ironic tilling, butchering, baking, candlestick making, shoemaking, cheesemaking, cheese destruction. Your advisor is convinced that somehow, control of the stonecutters is key to world domination. Very well. You will have stone handled so expertly that the world trembles before you.

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Candlestick Maker.jpgStonemason.jpgDoctor.jpgMasterpiece.jpgAdvisor.jpgHerald.jpgPlaza.jpgTaxman.jpgBaker.jpgButcher.jpgJourneyman.jpgMerchant Guild.jpgSoothsayer.jpg

[edit] Impact

Guilds is well-liked, but given its small size and the fact that it is the eighth expansion, the odds of even just one Guilds card being in any random Kingdom are low, making its impact rather minimal. However, the Coffers and overpay mechanics give Guilds a rather unique flavor, and even just one card from this set in a Kingdom can broaden a player's strategic options significantly.

[edit] Big Money

In general, the Coffers mechanic replaces Big Money strategies in games in which it is present, as $ can now be kept separate from your deck, but Guilds does offer these cards:

[edit] Engines

Since Coin token cards can remove the need for buying Treasures, those cards in general help with engines.

  • StonemasonStonemason.jpg - allows you to pick up multiple engine pieces at once (particularly with Border VillageBorder Village.jpg), and is a decent trasher
  • DoctorDoctor.jpg - one of the best trashers in the game, it can trim your deck down for a perfect engine
  • AdvisorAdvisor.jpg - in certain decks, can be an engine unto itself
  • HeraldHerald.jpg - it requires high Action density, but when it has it, it excels
  • JourneymanJourneyman.jpg - one of the best terminal draw cards in the game

[edit] Metagame and complexity of strategy

Coffers and the overpay mechanic add further layers to Dominion strategy. Most Guilds cards are also quite complicated, not just in terms of what they do or how much text they have, but in how to play (or buy) them effectively.

  • AdvisorAdvisor.jpg requires your deck to be constructed in a certain way
  • DoctorDoctor.jpg, HeraldHerald.jpg and JourneymanJourneyman.jpg require the player to have an intimate knowledge of their deck in order to be played most effectively
  • BakerBaker.jpg completely changes the opening two turns, allowing for a completely different game of Dominion

[edit] Theme

All names of Guilds cards have something to do with jobs. Most simply describe a job; apart from them, a Masterpiece is the pinnacle of someone's career, and a Plaza is typically surrounded by shops or businesses.

  • 5 cards produce Coffers: Candlestick Maker, Plaza, Baker, Butcher, Merchant Guild
  • 4 cards can be overpaid for: Stonemason, Doctor, Masterpiece, Herald
  • 2 naming cards: Doctor, Journeyman
  • 4 cards depict bald people: Advisor, Taxman, Butcher, Soothsayer

[edit] Trivia

Guilds is notable in that its first edition rulebook exclusively used feminine pronouns; this was in contrast to all previous rulebooks, and all official cards (prior to the second edition), which exclusively used masculine pronouns, before changing to the neutral "they" after the release of Empires. It is also the only set with a curser that does not match any of its main themes. During development, the set's placeholder name was Tokens.

The first spoiler was unintentionally revealed by the release of a Dominion Set Generator by playtester Wei-Hwa Huang on 7th of December, 2012.[1][2] It was revealed that this expansion would have 13 cards and the abbreviations of all cards and their cost were visible. The abbreviations were of names of the cards from early in development that had been shifted one letter down in the alphabet to hide their meaning.

The cards were available on Dominion Online a few days before the physical expansion was released.[3]

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: De Gilden
  • Finnish: Killat
  • French: Guildes
  • German: Die Gilden
  • Japanese: ギルド (pron. girudo)
  • Korean: 길드를 위하여 (pron. gildeuleul wihayeo)
  • Russian: Гильдии (pron. gil'dii)

[edit] Development timetable

I started working on Guilds in July 2010. The last change to Guilds cards was February 2011. I was working on the rulebook in November 2012. Dark Ages was going to come out afterwards and was finished later card-wise.

[edit] Secret History

Right around when Prosperity was due, the powers-that-be decided that they wanted small expansions too. Products that seemed more expansion-like than these giant game-sized expansions I was doing. The ideal time to do one would be next, and so Prosperity got pushed back, and Alchemy came out in its stead. I got Alchemy by breaking off a thematic chunk from a large set, and eventually reshaped the remains of that large set into Cornucopia.

I had two large expansions left after Prosperity, so this left me one small expansion short. I had to make one more small expansion to go in between Hinterlands and the last large expansion. Well I didn't have to, but you know. It was expected. So I made one. Guilds is thus the only expansion with no roots in Dominion as it existed prior to the main game being published. As it happens, the Base Cards product came out instead of Guilds, and then Dark Ages came out so we'd have a large expansion that year, so now the last expansion to be made is also the last to come out.

On my list of possible future mechanical themes, "tokens" was the easiest-sounding, so I went with that. There are a bunch of things you can do with tokens. My initial idea was to use them as money you could hang onto for later. This was simple and meant that any one card that used the tokens was useful by itself; there was no reason for anyone to insist on more than one token-involving card in the game at once, thus avoiding an issue that Alchemy had. The initial idea worked out and so there it is.

To supplement the tokens, I added the overpay cards. Overpay was a natural extension of the when-gain cards in Hinterlands, and was a good match for the tokens, since you could save up tokens for a big overpay. Two sub-themes is plenty for a small expansion, but I also flirted with a "name a card" sub-theme. In the end there's just a hint of it.

Before picking the tokens and overpay themes, I considered revisiting duration cards. I asked Jay what he thought, and he said that something new would be better than more of an old thing. Some of you are reading this and wishing I'd gone with the duration cards, but man, I have no regrets there, I am pleased with what Guilds offers up instead.

When I first made cards for this set, I hadn't picked out flavor for the set. So I gave some cards silly names, including ButcherButcher.jpg, BakerBaker.jpg, and Candlestick MakerCandlestick Maker.jpg. It turned out people really liked those names, so that ended up determining the set theme. There's a lesson there for all of us.


I tried overpay for coin tokens, that was pretty obvious. It was predictably crazy. Another overpay card was a VP card that was a twist on Island - shuffle all but 2 cards per $1 overpaid from discard to deck. That direction hadn't worked out in Hinterlands and still didn't here. I had a VillageVillage.jpg for $2 with a penalty, and per $2 you overpaid, you got another one. Foosh, a pile of VillageVillage.jpgs. It sounded good but was not exciting enough. StonemasonStonemason.jpg does a better job there.

What about granting overpay to other cards, so to speak? There was a VillageVillage.jpg with, while this is in play, when you buy an action card, you may pay $2 for another copy of that card. I liked it, but there was only so much space, and again, I had StonemasonStonemason.jpg.

I tried +$1, take a coin token per card the player to your right gained on their previous turn. Then I flipped it - take a coin token, get +$1 per card they gained. Both were too random in an unfun way. I also tried +$1, take two coin tokens, everyone else gets a coin token. As is sometimes the case with such cards, people just did not want to hand out presents to the other players. And I tried +1 buy, discard cards for coin tokens.

For the name-a-card sub-theme that I didn't so much end up with, I had a CellarCellar.jpg version of JourneymanJourneyman.jpg, also from Dark Ages. You named two cards, discarded two cards, and drew two you didn't name, with +1 action. It was fine, it was totally fine. A little more memory-rewarding than some players like but whatever. But again, there's only so much space, it did not make the cut.

There is a card with a long history that had its last stand trying to get into this set. Once, the main set had a card, look at your top four, put one in your hand, discard the rest. I dropped it from the main set for being too boring. It resurfaced in Prosperity with +1 Action, and well it was crazy powerful. It cost $4 and I thought it might work out kind of like Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, but it was way better. It really wanted to cost $4, so I tried several versions of it with different tweaks before giving up on it. Then I brought it back in other sets a few times and tried to get a good one. The version in Guilds was +1 action, could only get actions, but played the action it got. Anyway I did HeraldHerald.jpg instead, hooray.

For a bit I kind of wanted a new action-victory card, and tried +1 Action, reveal a card from your hand for the corresponding Ironworks bonus, 2 VP, for $4. It was fine but I mostly just liked that it was an action-victory card.

Walled VillageWalled Village.jpg is an outtake from this set. As a village you can keep around until you need it, it sort of fits in with the coin tokens. I couldn't actually give you something like action tokens because that would have been another kind of token to include. I also couldn't put coin tokens on piles, because Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg ate up that space.

Two cards used SpoilsSpoils.jpg, which I stole briefly from Dark Ages but then gave back to it. Wandering MinstrelWandering Minstrel.jpg got worked on some here before moving to Dark Ages.

I hope this has been informative!

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Guilds & Dominion

Arts and Crafts [images]
Laboratory Cellar Workshop Festival Moneylender
Laboratory.jpg Cellar.jpg Workshop.jpg Festival.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Stonemason.jpg Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Journeyman.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Stonemason Advisor Baker Journeyman Merchant Guild
Clean Living [images]
Bandit Militia Moneylender Gardens Village
Bandit.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Gardens.jpg Village.jpg
Butcher.jpg Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Doctor.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker Doctor Soothsayer
Gilding the Lily [images]
Library Merchant Remodel Market Sentry
Library.jpg Merchant.jpg Remodel.jpg Market.jpg Sentry.jpg
Plaza.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Taxman.jpg Herald.jpg
Plaza Masterpiece Candlestick Maker Taxman Herald

[edit] Guilds & Intrigue

Name That Card [images]
Baker Doctor Plaza Advisor Masterpiece
Baker.jpg Doctor.jpg Plaza.jpg Advisor.jpg Masterpiece.jpg
Courtyard.jpg Harem.jpg Nobles.jpg Replace.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Courtyard Harem Nobles Replace Wishing Well
Tricks of the Trade [images]
Stonemason Herald Soothsayer Journeyman Butcher
Stonemason.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Journeyman.jpg Butcher.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Masquerade.jpg Mill.jpg Nobles.jpg Secret Passage.jpg
Conspirator Masquerade Mill Nobles Secret Passage
Decisions, Decisions [images]
Merchant Guild Candlestick Maker Masterpiece Taxman Butcher
Merchant Guild.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Taxman.jpg Butcher.jpg
Bridge.jpg Pawn.jpg Mining Village.jpg Upgrade.jpg Duke.jpg
Bridge Pawn Mining Village Upgrade Duke

[edit] Guilds & Seaside

Island Builder [images]
Island Native Village Salvager Sea Chart Treasury
Island.jpg Native Village.jpg Salvager.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Treasury.jpg
Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Plaza.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Advisor Baker Merchant Guild Plaza Stonemason

[edit] Guilds & Alchemy

Illuminati [images]
Butcher Herald Masterpiece Merchant Guild Stonemason
Butcher.jpg Herald.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Apprentice.jpg Golem.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg Scrying Pool.jpg University.jpg
Apprentice Golem Philosopher's Stone Scrying Pool University
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Tonics & Toxins [images]
Baker Candlestick Maker Doctor Plaza Soothsayer
Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Doctor.jpg Plaza.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Alchemist.jpg Familiar.jpg Herbalist.jpg Transmute.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Alchemist Familiar Herbalist Transmute Vineyard
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Guilds & Prosperity

Quarrymen [images]
Charlatan City Expand Grand Market Quarry
Charlatan.jpg City.jpg Expand.jpg Grand Market.jpg Quarry.jpg
Baker.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg Taxman.jpg
Baker Merchant Guild Soothsayer Stonemason Taxman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg

[edit] Guilds & Cornucopia

Misfortune [images]
Advisor Candlestick Maker Doctor Fairgrounds Farming Village
Advisor.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Doctor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg
Fortune Teller.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Taxman.jpg
Fortune Teller Horse Traders Jester Soothsayer Taxman
Baking Contest [images]
Baker Farming Village Harvest Herald Journeyman
Baker.jpg Farming Village.jpg Harvest.jpg Herald.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Masterpiece.jpg Menagerie.jpg Remake.jpg Stonemason.jpg Tournament.jpg
Masterpiece Menagerie Remake Stonemason Tournament

[edit] Guilds & Hinterlands

Exchanges [images]
Butcher Herald Masterpiece Soothsayer Stonemason
Butcher.jpg Herald.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Border Village.jpg Cauldron.jpg Develop.jpg Stables.jpg Trader.jpg
Border Village Cauldron Develop Stables Trader

[edit] Guilds & Dark Ages

Stoneground [images]
Hunting Grounds Ironmonger Procession Marauder Rogue
Hunting Grounds.jpg Ironmonger.jpg Procession.jpg Marauder.jpg Rogue.jpg
Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Plaza.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Advisor Baker Candlestick Maker Plaza Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Ruins Shelters
Abandoned Mine.jpg Shelters.jpg
Class Struggle [images]
Feodum Fortress Knights Market Square Poor House
Feodum.jpg Fortress.jpg Knights.jpg Market Square.jpg Poor House.jpg
Butcher.jpg Doctor.jpg Journeyman.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Taxman.jpg
Butcher Doctor Journeyman Merchant Guild Taxman
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Guilds & Adventures

Spendthrift [images]
Artificer Gear Magpie Miser Storyteller
Artificer.jpg Gear.jpg Magpie.jpg Miser.jpg Storyteller.jpg
Doctor.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Doctor Masterpiece Merchant Guild Soothsayer Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Lost Arts
Lost Arts.jpg
Queen of Tan [images]
Coin of the Realm Duplicate Guide Ratcatcher Royal Carriage
Coin of the Realm.jpg Duplicate.jpg Guide.jpg Ratcatcher.jpg Royal Carriage.jpg
Advisor.jpg Butcher.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Herald.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Advisor Butcher Candlestick Maker Herald Journeyman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pathfinding Save
Pathfinding.jpg Save.jpg

[edit] Guilds & Empires

Cash Flow [images]
Castles City Quarter Engineer Gladiator Royal Blacksmith
Castles.jpg City Quarter.jpg Engineer.jpg Gladiator.jpg Royal Blacksmith.jpg
Baker.jpg Butcher.jpg Doctor.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Baker Butcher Doctor Herald Soothsayer
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Baths Mountain Pass
Baths.jpg Mountain Pass.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Nocturne

The Endless Fair [images]
Devil's Workshop Exorcist Monastery Pixie Shepherd
Devil's Workshop.jpg Exorcist.jpg Monastery.jpg Pixie.jpg Shepherd.jpg
Baker.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Fortune Teller.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Baker Fairgrounds Farming Village Fortune Teller Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Happy Chaos [images]
Blessed Village Changeling Fool Faithful Hound Sacred Grove
Blessed Village.jpg Changeling.jpg Fool.jpg Faithful Hound.jpg Sacred Grove.jpg
Doctor.jpg Harvest.jpg Herald.jpg Jester.jpg Masterpiece.jpg
Doctor Harvest Herald Jester Masterpiece
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Renaissance

Combo Corner [images]
Ducat Experiment Hideout Sculptor Seer
Ducat.jpg Experiment.jpg Hideout.jpg Sculptor.jpg Seer.jpg
Herald.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Herald Horn of Plenty Horse Traders Jester Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Filling the Coffers [images]
Priest Recruiter Spices Swashbuckler Treasurer
Priest.jpg Recruiter.jpg Spices.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg Treasurer.jpg
Baker.jpg Butcher.jpg Menagerie.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Plaza.jpg
Baker Butcher Menagerie Merchant Guild Plaza
Landscapes and Additional Cards
City Gate Star Chart Key Treasure Chest
City Gate.jpg Star Chart.jpg Key.jpg Treasure Chest.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Menagerie

Living in Exile [images]
Gatekeeper Hostelry Livery Scrap Stockpile
Gatekeeper.jpg Hostelry.jpg Livery.jpg Scrap.jpg Stockpile.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Hamlet.jpg Jester.jpg Journeyman.jpg Taxman.jpg
Fairgrounds Hamlet Jester Journeyman Taxman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Enclave Way of the Mule
Enclave.jpg Way of the Mule.jpg
Thrill of the Hunt [images]
Black Cat Bounty Hunter Camel Train Mastermind Village Green
Black Cat.jpg Bounty Hunter.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Village Green.jpg
Butcher.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Tournament.jpg
Butcher Horse Traders Hunting Party Menagerie Tournament
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pursue Way of the Rat
Pursue.jpg Way of the Rat.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Allies

Huge Collections [images]
Clashes Contract Forts Galleria Sentinel
Clashes.jpg Contract.jpg Forts.jpg Galleria.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Advisor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Plaza.jpg
Advisor Fairgrounds Hunting Party Menagerie Plaza
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Woodworkers' Guild
Woodworkers' Guild.jpg
Forest Scouts [images]
Augurs Emissary Innkeeper Royal Galley Sentinel
Augurs.jpg Emissary.jpg Innkeeper.jpg Royal Galley.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Farming Village.jpg Jester.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Baker Candlestick Maker Farming Village Jester Journeyman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Forest Dwellers
Forest Dwellers.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia/Guilds & Plunder

Of Heralds and Hunters [images]
Cabin Boy Flagship Fortune Hunter Pendant Pickaxe
Cabin Boy.jpg Flagship.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Pendant.jpg Pickaxe.jpg
Doctor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Doctor Fairgrounds Herald Soothsayer Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Fortune Hunter
Through the Swamp [images]
Cage Pilgrim Swamp Shacks Taskmaster Tools
Cage.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg Taskmaster.jpg Tools.jpg
Baker.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Menagerie.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Baker Hamlet Horn of Plenty Menagerie Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Pilgrim
Patient.jpg Journey.jpg

[edit] References

  1. Dominion Set Generator, Official homepage
  2. Dominion Set Generator Release Thread, Dominion Strategy Forum
  3. Guilds on Goko immediately after physical release, Dominion Strategy Forum

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