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Cornucopia & Guilds
Guilds & Cornucopia.jpg
Guilds & Cornucopia2.jpg
Type Combo Expansion
Icon Cornucopia & Guilds icon.png
Cards 300
262 (26 sets)
6 (1st only)
Other Card(s)
5 Prize cards (1st only)
1 Bane Marker (1st only)
12 Reward cards (2nd only)
Additional Material(s)  
  • 6 Coffers mats
Release June 2015 (1st) / March 2024 (2nd)
Cover artist Matthias Catrein & Alayna Danner (1st)
Jessi J (2nd)
Official Rulebook PDF

Dominion: Cornucopia & Guilds is a Dominion expansion that contains the expansions Cornucopia and Guilds, which are no longer printed separately. See their individual pages for information on their first editions. The revised edition of this combined expansion, released in 2018, included three new items. First, it came with a special Bane cardBane.jpg to act as a marker for Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg. Second, it included 6 Coffers matsCoffersOld.jpg for use with certain cards that mention Coffers. And third, it included a new combined rules for both expansions, which also reflects changes made in the revised edition of the game.

The Second Edition of this box received new box art, and replaced certain first edition cards with new ones, like other Second Editions, and includes updated Coffers matsCoffers.jpg.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards, second edition

Cards with an asterisk (*) were added in the second edition.

Joust gives access to the Reward pile, 6 unique cards (though 2 copies of each are used in 3+ player games):

[edit] Removed first-edition Kingdom cards

These cards were included in the first edition, and removed from the second edition.

Tournament gives access to the Prize pile, 5 unique cards:

[edit] Additional materials



[edit] Additional rules

[edit] Preparation

  • In games using Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg, choose an additional Kingdom card costing $2 or $3, and put its pile into the Supply. This is the "Bane" pile referred to by Young Witch; cards that start the game in this pile are "Bane cards." You may choose the card any way you like; for example using the randomizers. Cards from this pile are in the Supply and can be gained like other cards. Do any setup the Bane card requires.
  • In games using FerrymanFerryman.jpg, choose an additional Kingdom card costing $3 or $4, and put its pile near the Supply. This pile is not part of the Supply, and these cards can only be gained via gaining a Ferryman. Do any setup the chosen card requires.
  • In games using JoustJoust.jpg, set the Rewards out near the Supply. Use one of each for 2 players, or two of each for 3-6 players. These are not in the Supply, and can only be gained via Joust.
  • In games using BakerBaker.jpg, ButcherButcher.jpg, Candlestick MakerCandlestick Maker.jpg, FootpadFootpad.jpg, JoustJoust.jpg, Merchant GuildMerchant Guild.jpg, or PlazaPlaza.jpg, put the Coin tokensCoins.jpg in a pile near the Supply, and each player takes a Coffers matCoffers.jpg. In games using Baker, each player starts the game with a single Coin token on their Coffers mat. Otherwise, each player starts with no tokens on their mat.

[edit] Coffers

Cornucopia & Guilds has mats for tracking Coffers, which let you save $ for later.

  • Cards say "+1 Coffers" to mean, add a tokenCoins.jpg to your Coffers matCoffers.jpg. A token there can be removed at any time during your turn, for +$.
  • Any number of tokens can be removed at once, each giving +$1.
  • Coin tokens are provided. They are not component-limited; players may use a substitute if they run out. The same tokens are in some other Dominion expansions; they can be mixed together.
  • Tokens being used other ways cannot be removed for +$1; just tokens on the Coffers mat.
  • Tokens come from the supply of tokens, and return there; they are not taken from other mats or other players.

[edit] Overpay

Some cards can be "overpaid" for. The costs for these cards have a "+" next to the coin symbol. A player may pay any additional amount for such a card, and then gets an effect based on how much extra was paid.

  • Potions (from Dominion: AlchemyAlchemy.jpg) may be used in overpaid amounts if desired, although this is only meaningful with StonemasonStonemason.jpg.
  • Debt (from Dominion: EmpiresEmpires.jpg) cannot be overpaid.
  • Players may choose not to overpay, even if they have extra coins, but cannot choose to overpay $0; to overpay, a player has to actually pay more than the cost.
  • Players can only overpay for a card when buying it, not when gaining it some other way.
  • Overpaying itself happens when a card is bought; however "overpay" abilities happen when the card is gained, and are timed with other such abilities.
  • The "+" is just a reminder; a card with a "+" in its cost still has its normal cost for all purposes. For example, InfirmaryInfirmary.jpg costs $3, so it can be the card set aside for FerrymanFerryman.jpg.
  • Reducing the costs of cards via cards like RenownRenown.jpg does not make overpaying cheaper; for example if you had $5 and two Renowns in play and bought FarrierFarrier.jpg, Farrier would cost $0, and overpaying with your $5 would still only give you +5 Cards at end of turn.

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Candlestick Maker.jpgHamlet.jpgFarrier.jpgStonemason.jpgMenagerie.jpgShop.jpgInfirmary.jpgAdvisor.jpgFarmhands.jpgHerald.jpgPlaza.jpgRemake.jpgYoung Witch.jpgBaker.jpgButcher.jpgCarnival.jpgFerryman.jpgFootpad.jpgHorn of Plenty.jpgHunting Party.jpgJester.jpgJourneyman.jpgJoust.jpgMerchant Guild.jpgSoothsayer.jpgFairgrounds.jpg

[edit] Rewards

Coronet.jpgCourser.jpgDemesne.jpgHousecarl.jpgHuge Turnip.jpgRenown.jpg

[edit] Removed cards

Fortune Teller.jpgDoctorOld2.jpgMasterpieceOld2.jpgFarming Village.jpgHorse Traders.jpgTaxman.jpgTournament.jpgHarvest.jpg


Bag of Gold.jpgDiademOld2.jpgFollowers.jpgPrincessOld2.jpgTrusty Steed.jpg

[edit] Trivia

The official Rio Grande Games website lists it as "Cornucopia & Guilds", in contradiction of the title on the box of the first edition.

[edit] Other Languages

[edit] References

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds only

Misfortune [images]
Advisor Candlestick Maker Carnival Fairgrounds Farmhands
Advisor.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Carnival.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Farmhands.jpg
Horn of Plenty.jpg Infirmary.jpg Jester.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Horn of Plenty Infirmary Jester Merchant Guild Soothsayer
Baking Contest [images]
Baker Farrier Hamlet Herald Hunting Party
Baker.jpg Farrier.jpg Hamlet.jpg Herald.jpg Hunting Party.jpg
Joust.jpg Menagerie.jpg Remake.jpg Shop.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Joust Menagerie Remake Shop Stonemason

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Dominion

Bounty of the Hunt [images]
Ferryman Horn of Plenty Hunting Party Joust Menagerie
Ferryman.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Joust.jpg Menagerie.jpg
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Smithy.jpg
Cellar Festival Militia Moneylender Smithy
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pile for Ferryman
Underlings [images]
Candlestick Maker Footpad Plaza Remake Young Witch
Candlestick Maker.jpg Footpad.jpg Plaza.jpg Remake.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Library.jpg Merchant.jpg Remodel.jpg Market.jpg Sentry.jpg
Library Merchant Remodel Market Sentry
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Intrigue

The Spice of Life [images]
Fairgrounds Horn of Plenty Joust Remake Young Witch
Fairgrounds.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Joust.jpg Remake.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Courtier.jpg Courtyard.jpg Diplomat.jpg Mining Village.jpg Replace.jpg
Courtier Courtyard Diplomat Mining Village Replace
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Wishing Well
Wishing Well.jpg
Tricks of the Trade [images]
Butcher Herald Journeyman Stonemason Soothsayer
Butcher.jpg Herald.jpg Journeyman.jpg Stonemason.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Masquerade.jpg Mill.jpg Nobles.jpg Secret Passage.jpg
Conspirator Masquerade Mill Nobles Secret Passage

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Seaside

Collecting [images]
Blockade Fishing Village Monkey Smugglers Tide Pools
Blockade.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Monkey.jpg Smugglers.jpg Tide Pools.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Farmhands.jpg Farrier.jpg Footpad.jpg Hunting Party.jpg
Fairgrounds Farmhands Farrier Footpad Hunting Party
Island Builder [images]
Island Native Village Salvager Sea Chart Treasury
Island.jpg Native Village.jpg Salvager.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Treasury.jpg
Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Plaza.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Advisor Baker Merchant Guild Plaza Stonemason

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Alchemy

Clown College [images]
Candlestick Maker Carnival Jester Herald Infirmary
Candlestick Maker.jpg Carnival.jpg Jester.jpg Herald.jpg Infirmary.jpg
Menagerie.jpg Familiar.jpg Golem.jpg Apothecary.jpg University.jpg
Menagerie Familiar Golem Apothecary University
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Prosperity

Detours [images]
Clerk Crystal Ball Forge Hoard Magnate
Clerk.jpg Crystal Ball.jpg Forge.jpg Hoard.jpg Magnate.jpg
Farmhands.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg Joust.jpg
Farmhands Horn of Plenty Jester Remake Joust
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg
Quarrymen [images]
Baker Butcher Candlestick Maker Merchant Guild Soothsayer
Baker.jpg Butcher.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Charlatan.jpg City.jpg Expand.jpg Grand Market.jpg Quarry.jpg
Charlatan City Expand Grand Market Quarry
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Hinterlands

Blue Harvest [images]
Ferryman Farrier Hamlet Horn of Plenty Joust
Ferryman.jpg Farrier.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Joust.jpg
Fool's Gold.jpg Trail.jpg Tunnel.jpg Weaver.jpg Witch's Hut.jpg
Fool's Gold Trail Tunnel Weaver Witch's Hut
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pile for Ferryman
Guard Dog
Guard Dog.jpg
Blue Harvest [images]
Butcher Herald Soothsayer Stonemason Young Witch
Butcher.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Border Village.jpg Cauldron.jpg Develop.jpg Stables.jpg Trader.jpg
Border Village Cauldron Develop Stables Trader
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Dark Ages

Dark Carnival [images]
Cultist Death Cart Hermit Junk Dealer Knights
Cultist.jpg Death Cart.jpg Hermit.jpg Junk Dealer.jpg Knights.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Ferryman.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Menagerie.jpg
Fairgrounds Ferryman Hamlet Horn of Plenty Menagerie
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pile for Ferryman
Ruins Shelters
Fortress.jpg Abandoned Mine.jpg Shelters.jpg
Stoneground [images]
Hunting Grounds Ironmonger Procession Marauder Rogue
Hunting Grounds.jpg Ironmonger.jpg Procession.jpg Marauder.jpg Rogue.jpg
Advisor.jpg Farrier.jpg Plaza.jpg Shop.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Advisor Farrier Plaza Shop Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Ruins Shelters
Abandoned Mine.jpg Shelters.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Adventures

The Hero's Return [images]
Artificer Miser Page Ranger Relic
Artificer.jpg Miser.jpg Page.jpg Ranger.jpg Relic.jpg
Carnival.jpg Farmhands.jpg Footpad.jpg Menagerie.jpg Shop.jpg
Carnival Farmhands Footpad Menagerie Shop
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Travelling Fair
Travelling Fair.jpg
Queen of Tan [images]
Duplicate Guide Transmogrify Ratcatcher Royal Carriage
Duplicate.jpg Guide.jpg Transmogrify.jpg Ratcatcher.jpg Royal Carriage.jpg
Advisor.jpg Herald.jpg Journeyman.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Advisor Herald Journeyman Merchant Guild Young Witch
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Coin of the Realm
Pathfinding Save
Coin of the Realm.jpg Pathfinding.jpg Save.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Empires

Zookeepers [images]
Groundskeeper Overlord Sacrifice Settlers Wild Hunt
Groundskeeper.jpg Overlord.jpg Sacrifice.jpg Settlers.jpg Wild Hunt.jpg
Ferryman.jpg Menagerie.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg Shop.jpg
Ferryman Menagerie Jester Remake Shop
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pile for Ferryman
Annex Colonnade
Villa.jpg Annex.jpg Colonnade.jpg
Cash Flow [images]
Castles City Quarter Engineer Gladiator Royal Blacksmith
Castles.jpg City Quarter.jpg Engineer.jpg Gladiator.jpg Royal Blacksmith.jpg
Baker.jpg Carnival.jpg Herald.jpg Infirmary.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Baker Carnival Herald Infirmary Soothsayer
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Baths Mountain Pass
Baths.jpg Mountain Pass.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Nocturne

The Endless Fair [images]
Devil's Workshop Exorcist Monastery Pixie Shepherd
Devil's Workshop.jpg Exorcist.jpg Monastery.jpg Pixie.jpg Shepherd.jpg
Baker.jpg Carnival.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Farmhands.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Baker Carnival Fairgrounds Farmhands Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Happy Chaos [images]
Blessed Village Changeling Faithful Hound Sacred Grove Secret Cave
Blessed Village.jpg Changeling.jpg Faithful Hound.jpg Sacred Grove.jpg Secret Cave.jpg
Carnival.jpg Infirmary.jpg Herald.jpg Jester.jpg Shop.jpg
Carnival Infirmary Herald Jester Shop
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Boons Hexes
Leprechaun.jpg Boon-back.jpg Hex-back.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Renaissance

Combo Corner [images]
Ducat Experiment Hideout Sculptor Seer
Ducat.jpg Experiment.jpg Hideout.jpg Sculptor.jpg Seer.jpg
Farrier.jpg Ferryman.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Farrier Ferryman Horn of Plenty Jester Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pile for Ferryman
Mountain Village
Mountain Village.jpg Canal.jpg
Filling the Coffers [images]
Priest Recruiter Spices Swashbuckler Treasurer
Priest.jpg Recruiter.jpg Spices.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg Treasurer.jpg
Baker.jpg Butcher.jpg Farrier.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Plaza.jpg
Baker Butcher Farrier Merchant Guild Plaza
Landscapes and Additional Cards
City Gate Star Chart Key Treasure Chest
City Gate.jpg Star Chart.jpg Key.jpg Treasure Chest.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Menagerie

Living in Exile [images]
Farmhands Footpad Hamlet Infirmary Journeyman
Farmhands.jpg Footpad.jpg Hamlet.jpg Infirmary.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Gatekeeper.jpg Hostelry.jpg Livery.jpg Scrap.jpg Stockpile.jpg
Gatekeeper Hostelry Livery Scrap Stockpile
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Enclave Way of the Mule
Enclave.jpg Way of the Mule.jpg
Thrill of the Hunt [images]
Butcher Carnival Hamlet Hunting Party Joust
Butcher.jpg Carnival.jpg Hamlet.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Joust.jpg
Black Cat.jpg Bounty Hunter.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Village Green.jpg
Black Cat Bounty Hunter Camel Train Mastermind Village Green
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pursue Way of the Rat
Pursue.jpg Way of the Rat.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Allies

Huge Collections [images]
Clashes Contract Forts Galleria Sentinel
Clashes.jpg Contract.jpg Forts.jpg Galleria.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Advisor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Shop.jpg Plaza.jpg
Advisor Fairgrounds Hunting Party Shop Plaza
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Woodworkers' Guild
Woodworkers' Guild.jpg
Forest Scouts [images]
Augurs Emissary Innkeeper Royal Galley Sentinel
Augurs.jpg Emissary.jpg Innkeeper.jpg Royal Galley.jpg Sentinel.jpg
Butcher.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Farmhands.jpg Footpad.jpg Journeyman.jpg
Butcher Candlestick Maker Farmhands Footpad Journeyman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Forest Dwellers
Forest Dwellers.jpg

[edit] Cornucopia & Guilds & Plunder

Of Heralds and Hunters [images]
Fairgrounds Herald Infirmary Soothsayer Stonemason
Fairgrounds.jpg Herald.jpg Infirmary.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Cabin Boy.jpg Flagship.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Pendant.jpg Pickaxe.jpg
Cabin Boy Flagship Fortune Hunter Pendant Pickaxe
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Fortune Hunter
Through the Swamp [images]
Baker Hamlet Horn of Plenty Menagerie Merchant Guild
Baker.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Menagerie.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Cage.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg Taskmaster.jpg Tools.jpg
Cage Pilgrim Swamp Shacks Taskmaster Tools
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Pilgrim
Patient.jpg Journey.jpg

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Cards $2 Candlestick MakerCandlestick Maker.jpgHamletHamlet.jpg $2plus FarrierFarrier.jpgStonemasonStonemason.jpg $3 MenagerieMenagerie.jpgShopShop.jpg $3plus InfirmaryInfirmary.jpg $4 AdvisorAdvisor.jpgFarmhandsFarmhands.jpgPlazaPlaza.jpgRemakeRemake.jpgYoung WitchYoung Witch.jpg $4plus HeraldHerald.jpg $5 BakerBaker.jpgButcherButcher.jpgCarnivalCarnival.jpgFerrymanFerryman.jpgFootpadFootpad.jpgHorn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpgHunting PartyHunting Party.jpgJesterJester.jpgJourneymanJourneyman.jpgJoustJoust.jpg (Rewards: CoronetCoronet.jpgCourserCourser.jpgDemesneDemesne.jpgHousecarlHousecarl.jpgHuge TurnipHuge Turnip.jpgRenownRenown.jpg) • Merchant GuildMerchant Guild.jpgSoothsayerSoothsayer.jpg $6 FairgroundsFairgrounds.jpg
Removed cards $3 Fortune TellerFortune Teller.jpg $3plus DoctorDoctor.jpgMasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg $4 Farming VillageFarming Village.jpgHorse TradersHorse Traders.jpgTaxmanTaxman.jpgTournamentTournament.jpg (Prizes: Bag of GoldBag of Gold.jpgDiademDiadem.jpgFollowersFollowers.jpgPrincessPrincess.jpgTrusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg) $5 HarvestHarvest.jpg
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