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These are cards that are not used for gameplay, but other uses.

[edit] Randomizers

Randomizer card back

Randomizers are cards that can be used during the setup of a game to choose a random Kingdom. They have backs with blue borders to differentiate them from deck cards that have a tan border.

[edit] Blank cards

Blank card

Blank cards are provided for creating your own Kingdom card.

These can easily be re-used, by writing on sets of ten something like "A" or "B" and then having a reference nearby as you play to tell you what exactly "A" and "B" mean in this game.

As cards are printed in sets of 50, sets where the amount of cards doesn't add up to an even multiple of 50 have a few blank cards. When possible, the number of cards in a set is generally adjusted to use up all space so no black cards are needed. This is notable from the sometimes odd number of Landscape cards in recent sets, the 5 Prizes in CornucopiaCornucopia.jpg, and the 16 PotionPotion.jpgs in AlchemyAlchemy.jpg.

Blank cards are available in the following sets:

[edit] Trash pile cards

Trash pile card
Base Cards card art

Trash pile cards are provided in the Base (First Edition)Dominion.jpg, Intrigue (First Edition)Intrigue.jpg, and Base CardsBase Cards.jpg to mark the trash pile.

Donald X. has stated that he should have made the trash a mat instead of a card, which he did in the Second Edition (2016) of the BaseDominion.jpg set.

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